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Now that you have your outfit tuned to optimum, the next thing to master is the cast technique.
Press down the Thumb Bar and 'thumb' the spool in preparation for the cast, with the reel facing in as shown.
The starting point for the cast should be with the rod back over your shoulder, roughly in the two o'clock position.
The whole action is from the elbow to the wrist. Short, sharp and sweet.

The release point (thumb off spool) should be approximately at the ten o'clock point, enabling the lure to be cast in an arc.
If you have set the reel brakes correctly there should be no need to thumb or feather the spool during the lure's flight.
As the lure makes contact with the water, thumb the spool to a dead stop to prevent over-run, then crank the handle to engage the retrieve mechanism. That wasn't too difficult was it?
Of course, nothing beats practice so the more time you spend on the water, or even dry casting in the park, the more adept you'll be.
Note: It's much easier to get a quick result side-casting but while this is a useful technique to get around overhanging tree branches, it won't endear you to your companions when you're in a group, casting from a boat.

Even the best anglers will at some time experience an over-run and its associated and much dreaded birds-nest. If it happens to you, don't panic, and whatever you do, don't attempt to pull the birds-nest out while the spool is still disengaged. This will only create an even bigger problem.
If you follow our advice you'll be back in business in no time, and with a smile on your face. Turn the crank handle just enough to engage the retrieve mechanism then back off on the drag tension (left). This prevents the spool rotating too freely, which will create more loops and tangles.
You can now pull the line out. Nine times out of ten you'll have no dramas.

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