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As at Monday April 7, 2008

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OFFSHORE: Ah well. The good weather carried over from last week but didn't hang around long enough for the weekend warriors to have another shot at the reefies. It wasn't all bad, though, as there were some excellent fish to be had on the good days, and when the moderate to fresh (15 to 25 knot) south easterlies settled in, Laguna Bay still remained fishable.
Northern Bluefin Tuna The relative shelter of the bay was a godsend, in fact, as there were plenty of bait boils and associated pelagic schools Sweetlipin close enough to keep most offshore anglers happy.
The longtail tuna, mackerel tuna, queenfish and bonito were in good numbers in close, and the stretch from the river mouth to Little Hall's Reef (where a few spotted and Spanish mackerel were also active) was a dead set hot spot, followed closely by the area either side of the shark nets, Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay, and when conditions permitted, off the National Park headland and around at Alexandria Bay.
For those looking for a bit of sport, the mack tuna and bonito were responding well to 15gm metal slug lures while a quick change to a 40gm or 50gm slug most often attracted the attention of any northern bluefins that were cruising under the boils.
Trolled hard bodied lures were also effective as local yak angler Bill 'Billybob' Watson (above) found on Tuesday morning.
Bill launched his Swing Angler kayak on Main Beach and, working his way from First Point to Alexandria Bay trolling a Gold Bomber and casting Halco Twisties, boated five mackerel tuna (good tailor baits) a number of 'Pretty Boy' bonito (great Spanish mackerel troll baits) and the 10kg 'Longtail' he's pictured with. He was armed with a Shogun Barrier rod and a Shimano Baitrunner 3500 reel loaded with 14lb Fireline and 30lb mono leader.
Those who hit the outer reefs earlier in the week found the pickings a bit patchy with the Barwon Banks yielding trevally and quality parrot fish, as did North Reef, but with the added bonus of squire, pearl perch, moses perch, small cobia and, as you can see by the photo above right, quality Sweetlip.
Matt Hall, using live fish baits as his draw card, boated this 4kg 'Lipper' while bottom bashing at North Reef on Thursday.
Coral Trout
Apart from the tuna and bonito boils, Sunshine Reef was fairly quiet this week. Those anglers who dropped the pick there for any length of time, however, nearly always managed a feed with Sweetlip and Parrot Fish in quite good numbers.
A coral trout capture, of course, would be considered a bonus in anyone's book as local angler 'Woody' (above) can testify. Woody was out at Sunshine Reef on Thursday morning when his floated yakka fillet was monstered by the 5.5kg 'Trout' he's pictured with. He was armed with a 50lb handline.

ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches were a pretty good option this week with the North Shore stretch being the pick of the bunch. Dart were in good numbers if not in size and were pretty much everywhere you dropped a line.
WhitingMore specifically, however, the waters around Teewah produced bream, tarwhine and whiting, as did the surf gutters about 4km's north of there, but with the added bonus of chopper tailor to 1.5kg.
Tarwhine and bream were also active around Freshwater while up at Double Island Point the catch was mostly whiting.
Local angler Russell (right) was over there on Wednesday morning and as you can see by the photo, did well on whiting with many up around the 400gm mark.
Russell was armed with a light action 9' surf rod and an Okuma Baitfeeder reel loaded with 2kg line. His baits? Pippies and live beach worms.
Across the other side of the bay, the mackerel tuna, queenfish (to 4kg) and longtails were within slug casting distance of the rocks at Hell's Gate while bream were chasing soft plastics there.
Further south, the only other report was of dart and tarwhine at Castaways Beach.
In the river, flathead were active up around Tewantin and, together with whiting and trevally, along the Gympie Terrace stretch. Whiting were also biting from Munna Point to the river mouth.
Apart from that, flathead, whiting and bream were on the bite in Weyba Creek, tailor and trevally were chasing surface poppers in the Woods Bays at first light, and in the Noosa Waters canals; trevally and mangrove jacks were responding to live baits, surface poppers and soft plastics.



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