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As at Monday April 4, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Great weather. Great conditions. And the icing on the cake... Great reef and pelagic fishing. This would have to be one of the best Easter holiday breaks we've had in a very long time and the locals and visitors have certainly been making the most of it. Rolling over from last week, we again had predominantly light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) south easterly winds and 0.5m to 1.0m swells. Another plus... the bar crossing was without serious incidents.
A number of boats made the long run to Double Island Point and although the reports were mixed, those who put in the time or had the better marks came back with a good range of species such as quality snapper, venus tusk fish, northern bluefin tuna, grass sweetlip, coral bream, pearl perch, hussar, brown line sea perch, frying pan snapper, Maori cod, moses perch, amberjack, mowong and Spanish mackerel. Zac Jagger from Pacific Paradise (above) picked up a thumper knobby snapper there on a squid bait on Saturday's Trekka 2 charter and took out the Davo's $50.00 Fish of the Week prize into the bargain.
Pearl Perch Maori Cod
And on that same nine hour charter, local angler Nathan Kime (above left) tempted his quality pearl perch deep down with whole pilchard baits. While from Tuesday's Wild Thing 2 charter we have Jodie Otley (above right) with a couple of nice Maori cod. See the thumbnails further down the page for more pix.
Yellowfin Tuna
Back along the middle reef belt, The Coffees produced gold spot cod, Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, moses perch, venus tusk fish, hussar, gold spot wrasse and grass sweetlip, as did North Reef but with the added bonus there of cobia, scarlet sea perch, Maori cod, yellowfin tuna, school mackerel, squire, mowong, striped tuna, coral bream and reef shark. Morgan Jackson and Troy Miller from Sunshine Beach and Lisa Squires from Newcastle (above) are pictured with the yellowfin tuna boated on Wednesday's Wild Thing 2 charter to the back of North. They went for well cast and jigged metal slug lures.
While Hisham Mansour from Melbourne (above) tempted nice cobia with a live yakka on Friday's five hour Wild Thing 2 charter to the top of North Reef.
Gold Spot Cod Wahoo
Local angler Anthony Brown (above) sent in this report and pix from Sunday's outing... "Hi Bill. Just a quick update from North Reef. Managed this nice gold spot cod on a live yakka. Rest of catch was pearlies and sweetlip. Conditions were good." And, above, from Tim Bailey... "Hi Bill. Went out early Saturday headed for Chardons, but gave up at Sunshine wide. Sounded around for little, but only found a few juvie red emperors. Then this wahoo grabbed a ganged pilly. I was sure he was going to spool my Saltist 4500 on his first run. Not a lot else on offer though, think I should have gone to North Reef. Cheers, Tim."
Spanish Mackerel and Yellowfin Tuna
Also on the bite at Chardon's were jewfish, amberjack and snapper out wide, plus wahoo, snapper, moses perch, tusk fish, gold spot wrasse and pearl perch in close. Spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna and spotted mackerel were on the prowl as well. Shane Hackett sent in the photos above and brief report... "Hi. Danny, Dave and I got these mackerel and a yellowfin tuna from the middle reefs off Noosa on Tuesday morning on trolled tailor and tuna. Shane Hackett."
Coral Trout Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef was the spot for many lined sweetlip, coral bream, grass sweetlip, spangled emperor, spotted mackerel, longtail tuna, mackerel tuna, venus tusk fish, coral trout and gold spot cod. Tom Brown from Davo's Tackle World (above left) picked up a coral trout there on a live yakka on his first drop on Sunday. And Mike Barnes from the Noosa Offshore Fishing Club (above right) sent in this pic and report from his Tuesday morning outing... "Hey fishos. Went fishing with Trevor to Chardon's then to Sunshine Reef where we caught tuskfish, sweetlip, tuna and a standout coral trout which went 72.5cm."
Laguna Bay really fired as the week unfolded with northern bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and mackerel tuna in numbers and hammering the baitfish schools throughout to bay. In addition to that, the Hall's Reef stretch was good for the odd Spaniard while at Jew Shoal it was snapper, spotted mackerel and cobia.
Amberjack Jewfish or Mulloway Gold Spot Cod Spanish Mackerel Gold Spot Cod
As is often the case, we couldn't fit all of the great photos on the page. To view the 'Lightbox Gallery', simply click on the thumbnails above...
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