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As at Friday April 6, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: What a bummer! No joy for the offshore brigade over Easter with fresh to strong south easterlies and a 2.0m to 3.0m swell again the norm rather than the exception. As per last week, Monday was the pick of it. Fishable, if a tad marginal, and hard work for those anglers who made the effort.
Coral Trout
Very few boats went out and we only received a couple of reports. One from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Monday. Conditions weren't so great when we got out, same for the fishing, but we stuck in there and towards the end of the trip the fishing came good. We caught coral trout, grass sweetlip, pearl perch, coral cod and venus tusk fish. Pictured (above left) is Darbi from Brisbane with his first ever trout. Pretty good for a young fella. And myself (the hairy one) with a trout which I boated after everyone was done for the day. Cheers, Theo."
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna.
And from further down the coast, this report and photos (above) from Dave McGregor... "Hi Guys. Frustrated with the weather all weekend, my son James and I loaded our yaks late on Monday arvo and launched at Coolum Main Beach to chase the birds working wide, straight out the front. We were back on land by sunset with a few nice longtails. James' fish went 95cm and I landed two at 85cm. James trolled up his fish with a floating pilly and mine were spun out of the boils on a 3" ZMan Paddle Tail soft plastic on a 1oz jighead. It was a bit lumpy out there but we had loads of fun. Cheers, Dave."

ESTUARY: Bream, whiting and flathead were active at the river mouth, around the Dog Beach and in the Frying Pan this week with the top of the tide and the start of the run-out producing some quality fish. For the larger lizards live baits were working well and trolled hard body lures were catching good numbers of smaller fish. Mullet strips, whitebait and whole prawns were good for the bream while the whiting were responding well to live worms, prawns and yabbies. From Robyn Isele... "Following the tips from the Davo's Weekly Fishing Report we headed down to the river mouth to see Clare (below left) catch her first fish ever at 20 years old! A nice bream of 38cm! We come up and stay at Noosa every year at this time for four days. My husband, son and my son’s partner Clare went fishing in a tinny. It was one of four fish she caught that were around that size. All four were released. She was very proud of her first ever fishing experience thanks to the Noosa River. It was caught late on Tuesday afternoon around 4:30pm on a whole prawn bait!"
Bream Shovel Nose Ray
And this river report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. We had a bit of a up and down week in the river with a couple good days where we did manage to land a few. We tried tucking out of the wind and bigger tides from the moon on Saturday and managed to get some pretty good flathead and the odd trevally. Bream and whiting did not seem to be fussed by the weather. Still plenty of moses perch around most structures, and the odd estuary cod hanging under a few boats up and down the river. I didn't worry about fishing up past the yacht club this week, with the consistent rain we have had there is still a fair amount of fresh water around. Hopefully we see some sunshine for the weekend. Pictured (above right) is James who caught and released this shovel nose ray around the back of Noosa Sound on Friday's charter. It went for a whole whitebait. Cheers, Jimmy."
Tea Leaf Trevally Flathead
Mangrove jacks were on the prowl around the Sand Bags after dark while in the early morning and late afternoon the current line and the Woods Bays produced some good tailor (to 70cm) and trevally. Surface poppers like the Storm Chug Bugs, Nomad Chug Norris, Nomad Dart Wings and Jackson R.A Pops have been working well, as were 3" ZMan GrubZ soft plastics. Mangrove jacks were also active at night around the back of The Sound while Weyba Creek yielded some good mud crabs. Moving up, flathead and trevally were on the bite from Munna Point to Tewantin. From Paul Fox... "Hi guys. My son Morrison (above left) caught this 57cm tea leaf trevally on Easter Sunday in the Noosaville stretch. He fought it for a while in front of an eagerly massing number of Easter Sunday spectators all out for a fantastic morning on the river. The crowd all cheered when he finally landed it. He released it back into the river after a couple of photos. It was caught on a live herring bait. Cheers, Paul Fox." And from Sharon Towle, above right... "Went to my favourite tackle shop 'Davo's ' at Noosaville on Monday to get some pilchards then later caught this 60cm flathead under the Doonella Bridge. Woo woo!"
Diamond Trevally Bass
And from Steve Down... "Good Friday became 'Great Friday' for three year old Harry Down (above left). With the weather being wet and windy the boys Isaac and Harry still wanted to make the most of the dusk rising tide. So a quick trip to Davo's to pick up some bait on the way to upper Gympie Terrace to target a few bream turned into a memorable day for young Harry. Fishing a very basic running ball bream rig, Harry had his prawn bait picked up by this impressive Diamond Trevally. The initial drag peeling run of about 40m sent him into panic and he held on calling out to dad for help. We let him stay the course and he finally landed this very solid Easter Diamond which he will remember for a long time. Fish was released after this quick pic." Young Harry's impressive effort won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize. Goodonya Harry! Happy Easter!

Saratoga and bass were being caught in the upper reaches of Lake Borumba on surface walkers in the early morning. Bass were also active in the trees, at the start on the Kingham Arm and below the spillway in Yabba Creek. From Peter Spittal... "Hi Bill. Update from Borumba, Easter Saturday. Bass were on the chew around the steep rocky drops. Parker (above right) got into some on his Samaki Zing Gen 2 rod with 8lb Fireline and 10lb Vanish FC leader. Jackall 3/8oz spinner baits did the trick. We also hooked a number of large toga but dropped all after jumps and head shakes."
Lake Macdonald produced a few good saratoga this week.

Small poppers and blades cast at snags in the early morning and late afternoon have produced some outstanding fish.

Nice size bass were also responding well to 3" soft plastics in curly tail.

These plastics worked deep have been successful in finding the schooling fish.

Report from Mitch Neuwirth, right... "Hey Bill. It was around 8.00am on Friday morning. I was out on my kayak flicking an 8.5gm Savage Gear blade along a submerged tree.

I was not too far from the scout camp boat ramp at Lake MacDonald when this 63cm Saratoga smashed the blade.

Screaming the drag, it jumped out of the water at least five times trying to lose my lure before I quickly grabbed the net to land him.

I was only using 6lb Sunline FC Rock leader and was lucky to land him. I'm stoked to finally tick this species off the bucket list!"

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