As at Friday April 12, 2019.

OFFSHORE: It wasn't a bad week for the offshore boys. A bit lumpy at the start but a steadily reducing swell and light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) south easterlies set the scene for the odd glass out as the week progressed. The arrival of the blustery south easterlies late Wednesday, however, put a damper on proceedings for a few days. The fishing, unfortunately, was also a bit patchy at times. Report and photo (below left) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "We did a nine hour trip to Double Island Point on Monday in perfect conditions. We had a light easterly wind and little current. At our first couple of spots we hooked a few big amberjack that we could not stop. Also got sharked. Our next few spots sure came through with the goods catching black spot estuary cod, tusk fish, hussar, pearl perch, sweetlip, snapper, moses perch and a unexpected sail fish that managed to go between every line on board.

Cougar One fished there on the same day (good forecast) and we received this report from skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a nine hour trip to Double Island Point on Monday in glass out conditions, but there was plenty of current. We caught gold spot wrasse, venus tusk fish, hussar and gold spot cod. Pictured (above right) is David Canevie with a horse of a gold spot wrasse. Cheers, Theo."

The middle reef was a bit hit and miss but was worth the effort for those with good marks and skills. Report and photos (above) from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a seven hour trip to North Reef on Sunday morning in grey conditions. Bit bumpy early but glassed off later in the day. We caught scarlet sea perch, Maori cod, red emperor, grass sweetlip, snapper, gold spot cod and pearl perch. Pictured is Jong Taksom with a cracker 65cm red emperor and Dan Lee with a scarlet sea perch and Maori cod."

And from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey mate. We fished North Reef on Tuesday morning's five hour charter. We had 5 knots of wind from the south and no current making for pleasant conditions. We caught tusk fish, pearl perch, small snapper, moses perch, grass sweetlip in good numbers and spotted mackerel. Pictured (above) is Daniel from Mt Eliza in Victoria with a good size spotty."

From further south, we have eleven year old Oliver Dredge from Yea in Victoria (above left) with a Maori cod and gold spot cod, boated on Sunday's Wild Thing 2 charter to Chardon's Reef. And this report from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "The week started with a bang. I couldn't let Monday go by, so took Jeff Wise and his daughter Annas (above right) out for a fish. Tricky wave on the bar with the low tides. From there North Halls was bubbling with longtails. Move to Sunshine for a Spanish but they were absent so focused on reefies. Boated a few nice trout and tusk fish. Light winds but not enough current. Scored a spotty mackerel with a few follow ups."

And from Sunshine Beach lad Sacha Dillan, above... "Dad's mate Mike took me out to Sunshine Reef on Tuesday morning. After being seasick I recovered enough to wet a line. Caught this monster trout and a couple of smaller ones on live yakkas." Sacha's persistence in the face of adversity, quality fish and beaming smile earned him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

And we received this from Craig McCarthy, above... "Hi Bill. Called in to Davo's Tackle World on the weekend and Adam and Chicko sorted me out with the right tackle and some intel on where they were biting. Just take a look at the results. Thanks heaps to the boys at Davo's. The Spaniard went for a bucktail jig on Monday and the trout swallowed a live yellowtail on Wednesday. Regards, Craig."

After last week's blustery conditions, Laguna Bay was full of baitfish and tuna with the odd mackerel in amongst them. Local yak angler Dave McGregor (above left) was trolling a whole garfish behind his kayak along the Halls Reef stretch on Sunday morning when this 19kg Spanish mackerel tried, unsuccessfully, to run off with it. And Anthony Collet (above right) was cruising the bay in his jet ski on Saturday morning when he spotted a bit of surface activity on the North Shore side of the bar. One slug, one cast, one longtail tuna.

COASTAL: Although the weather was ideal it was pretty quiet on the open beaches with just legal size school jewfish reported on the bite south of Yaroomba rocks. Best baits there were local squid and fresh mullet. Further north, tuna and cobia were on the prowl within easy slug casting distance from the rocks at Hells Gate on the National Park headland. Apart from that, the surf gutters around Teewah Village on the Noosa North Shore produced a few quality dart while the rocks on the Rainbow Beach side of D.I. yielded good GT's.

ESTUARY: Whiting were very much the standout species down around the river mouth and in the Frying Pan although a good berley was required to get them to come on the bite. There were also a few small, keeper size flathead on the prowl there on the runout tide.

Moving along, there were a few better size flathead on the bite in the Woods Bays while the back of Noosa Sound was the spot for the odd mangrove jack after dark. From Mark Knox, above left... "Hi Bill. My daughter Sydnee caught this 69cm flathead near the Noosa Harbour Resort on Sunday night. Many thanks, Mark." And Daniel Trenfield... "Hi guys. Sam Trenfield (above right) caught his very first jack late Sunday afternoon behind The Sound, on a Zerek live mullet lure. Definitely worth waking up early for. Cheers and tight lines..." Whiting were also biting in Weyba Creek (around top of the tide) and were responding well to surface lures opposite the Yacht Club.

River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Got some good fish this week, and some great weather to go with it. We caught flathead, bream and goldens in the Woods Bays, got busted off heaps around there most days but never found the culprit. Along Gympie Terrace we found some whiting amongst the sand banks and good bream around the structures, heaps of surface action. We fished around Hilton Terrace a fair bit as we found heaps of fish on the surface hitting through the bait. We caught fringe fin trevally, blue fin trevally, giant trevally and tea leaf trevally. Got a few small mangrove jacks around the Noosa Marina and Lake Cooroibah with the odd whiting, flathead and bream. Pictured (above) is Kelda from London who caught and released this nice mangrove jack above Tewantin on Saturday's charter. It went for a piece of chopped pilchard. Measured 50cm to the dot on the tape."

And a couple of days later... "Hey Bill. Pictured is Dan Penny from Melbourne (above left) with a 65cm flatty which he caught and released on a silver biddy in Tewantin on Monday morning. And on Tuesday afternoon's charter, young Matty (above) caught this 45cm mangrove jack. He's pictured with his dad Peter holding the fish as Matty didn't like the look of those teeth. He actually caught a catfish that didn't make a mess of his bait (a whole whitebait) so I told him it was good luck, chucked his line back out with the same bait on and a few minutes later he was ripping in this jack across the surface. It was released successfully after a couple of quick pix." Apart from that, whiting were going for live worms and yabbies around the top of Lake Cooroibah at the beginning of the runout tide. Further up, jewfish were active between the lakes, Cooloothin Creek yielded cod and jacks while tarpon were prowling Kin Kin Creek.

FRESHWATER: Fish of the Week entry from Jed Hamblin... "Gidday Bill. I had a cracker of a day during the ChaseBaits Noosa Fish Headz ‘All About the Bass and Toga’ fishing competition on Saturday. The comp at Lake Macdonald went from 5:30am to 2.00pm in the afternoon. This whole time I couldn't manage to get a single nibble from a bass and instead I just kept hooking and losing saratoga (I lost six of them throughout the day). It wasn't until the last hour when the wind picked up, clouds started to cover the sky and many of the competitors started to give up. This didn't stop my Dad and I as we were absolutely determined to catch at least one bass.

I tied on a Nories Laydown Minnow and it wasn't long until I got smashed on the pause along the edge of the Lillie Pads. It was the most nerve-racking moment with my dad struggling to scoop the fish into the net. I was sooo stoked when I landed this fish, definitely my Lake Macdonald personal best! After grabbing a few pictures and trying to get some pictures on the brag mat we released this beauty in perfect condition. It managed to sneak me the win for the Saratoga side of the competition. Thanks heaps, Jed Hamblin."