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As at Monday April 18, 2011

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OFFSHORE: It was a great leadup to an otherwise fairly ordinary weekend with light variable southerlies and a nominal 1.2m swell setting the scene for some excellent days on the local reefs. By late Saturday afternoon, unfortunately, the stronger, squally 20-25 knot south easterlies had settled in, limiting offshore activity to the relative shelter of Laguna Bay.
Red Emperor While the going was good, however, anybody with a seaworthy boat and a hunger for a fresh feed of fish headed out over a fairly benign Noosa river bar and made the most of the often TGO conditions.
Trips out wide were definitely a worthwhile option as young Kade Kimlin (above) found on Saturday morning when he and his dad made the long run to 'The Muds'.
There were heaps of quality snapper on the bite out there plus the extra bonus of the thumper 12.5kg red emperor that Kade is doing extremely well to hold up for the camera.
The Barwon Banks produced cobia, Maori cod, sweetlip, venus tusk fish and mowong, as did Double Island Point but with the added bonus there of snapper, moses perch, Spanish mackerel, gold band snapper and the odd scarlet sea perch. Noosa Blue Water Charters did a night fish there on Wednesday and during the nine hour NYRC Fishing Club charter they pretty much boated all the aforementioned species. Club member Bruce Bate (above) was very happy to pose with his 4kg+ 'Knobby, although Richard Briten's 9kg scarlet sea perch (below) was the standout.
Scarlet Sea Perch Chardon's Reef fired well this week with the odd sailfish catch and release reported plus pearl perch, cobia, moses perch, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, greasy cod, the odd mangrove jack and, as per the photo below, heaps of Spanish mackerel.
Fishing Offshore Noosa did a few trips out there and while they got onto the usual reefies, they did even better on the Spaniards. Jenny from Ballarat (below) is pictured with just one of the many 7kg-8kg fish they boated during the week.
Spanish Mackerel
North Reef was fairly quiet but still managed to produce moses perch, pearl perch and quite a few school cobia. Trekka 3 spent Thursday morning there with a couple of family groups and during the half day trip the young guns cleaned up. Harry and Tom (below left) and Ben and Sam (below right) from Wagga Wagga were very happy to show off their catch.
Cobia, Moses Perch and Pearl Perch Cobia

Closer in, Sunshine Reef fished really well for snapper and coral trout in the late evening and, during the day, for sweetlip, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, jewfish, red throat emperor and the odd quality cobia.
Cobia or Black Kingfish
Ian Broadfoot and his mate Woody (above) fished Sunshine Reef on Tuesday morning and while they were more than happy with their catch of reefies and a 9kg cobia, were over the moon when its 17kg big brother took their live yakka bait.
Spotted Mackerel
Laguna Bay was alive with baitfish, birds and pelagics this week. It ran a bit hot and cold, though, and the fish, especially the longtail and yellowfin tuna were a bit fussy on some days. Having said that, at other times they'd hit on anything that moved so it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Ben Purnell and Harry Fry (above) were in the bay with Harry's folks on Tuesday when the bluefins were on the boil but were not interested in lures. Fortunately they came across a school of spotted mackerel and very quickly boated a number of these silver speedsters using Raider slugs. With the full moon peaking tonight the prawns were running over the weekend and there was some good Spaniard action just outside the bar towards the bottom of the runout. The Little Hall's area also produced a few Pedros, as did Jew Shoal.

ONSHORE: Even though conditions were quite idyllic before the weekend blow there were surprisingly few beach anglers out and about. The North Shore stretch got most of the attention and rewarded the faithful with some good whiting plus chopper tailor (to 1kg) around the First Cutting and (mostly tailor) around the Third Cutting. The stretch of water from about 5kms to 10kms north of Teewah fired quite well, producing thumper dart, whiting to 400gms, more chopper tailor and a number of tarwhine around the 1kg mark. Jewfish and squire were on the bite off the rocks at Double Island Point.
Golden Trevally
In the estuary, there was plenty of action down around the Frying Pan and the river mouth where bream, whiting, flathead and, as you can see by the photo above, trevally were on the bite. Andrew Cowie and Peter Andreakos were fishing there on a Noosa River Fishing Safaris charter late on Thursday afternoon when they hooked up with this 2.5kg golden trev.
Mangrove Jack The Woods Bays were worth a look for whiting, flathead, tailor and trevally (on live worms, surface lures and live herring) plus the odd mangrove jack. Adam Grady (above) worked the 'Bays' on Friday night and about 7pm was rewarded when his pilchard floater was taken by the 2.3kg 'Jack' he's posing with.
Mangrove Jacks were also on the prowl around the Sheraton Bridge (chasing mullet fillet) and along the back of the sound (together with bream and school jewfish) while the Weyba Creek bridges were good for flathead, javelin fish and bream. Apart from that, trevally, bream, tailor and mangrove jacks were found working the dirty water line up around Tewantin.

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