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As at Friday April 15, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Ah well, can't really complain. We had a dream run for the last three weeks so a few days of fresh to strong (20 to 25 knot) south easterlies and 2m+ seas (as of Wednesday) shouldn't rock the boat too much. Prior to that it was pretty much all systems go with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable easterlies and a 0.5m to 1.0m swell. Note: even though the sets were quite small the bar crossing was a bit tricky an hour or so either side of low tide, especially on the re-entry. There were no incidents (well, maybe a few minor ones) to our knowledge but you should never take the bar for granted.
Large Mouth Nannygai or Scarlet Sea Perch
The outer reefs drew a lot of boats earlier in the week and rewarded those prepared to work through a couple of tide changes or, better still, spend the night. The Hards produced Maori cod, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, gold spot wrasse, hussar, squire, moses perch and snapper, as did Double Island Point but with the added bonus of red emperor, grass sweetlip, frying pan snapper, mahi mahi, amberjack, yellowtail kingfish and large mouth nannygai. Joe Whittle from Shell Harbour (above) hooked up with his thumper 12kg large mouth or scarlet sea perch there about 4.00am on Tuesday morning while on a Wild Thing 2 overnighter. It gave him a real run for his money and when it finally came to the surface about five metres from the boat, promptly spat the hooks. The totally exhausted fish was out of reach of the net and gaff so skipper Paul started the motors, unlocked the anchor winch and gently motored back close enough for deckie Alex to lean out and net the fish before it realised it was free. There were high fives all around, although there was much argument amongst the group as to who actually caught it. Needless to say, Joe staked his claim and was pleased to pose with his trophy fish back at the jetty.
Pearl Perch Amberjack and Yellowtail Kingfish
And from that same 24 hour charter, local anglers Gavin Watts and Tony Kebblewhite (above right) are pictured with an amberjack and yellowtail kingfish. While Kate Pollock from Port Macquarie (above left) did the honours with two quality pearl perch, boated there on Saturday's nine hour Trekka 2 charter.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
Local pro fisho Bob Jeynes sent in the above photo and report: "G'day Bill. How have you been buddy? Cousin Fred and I did a trip to D.I over the weekend and had a ball catching snapper, red emperor, mahi mahi, moses perch and parrot. It's going to be a great snapper season up there this year as the large fish have already moved in onto the gravel areas early. We were too busy to take photos but took a coupla quick pics on the phone. Cheers, Bob Jeynes."
Gold Spot Cod
Along the middle reef belt, The Coffees were good for gold spot cod, moses perch, squire, venus tusk fish and hussar, as was North Reef, but with a few extra species in the mix such as school mackerel, snapper, slate bream and Maori cod. Laurie Meyer from Noosa Waters (above) boated his gold spot cod around the middle of North on Monday morning's five hour Trekka 2 charter. Further south Chardon's Reef yielded squire, pearl perch, moses perch, slate bream, venus tusk fish and hussar. Below left we have Paul Shulp with a couple of quality venus tusk fish from Sunday's Trekka 2 charter to Chardon's.
Venus Tusk Fish Bar Cheeked Trout
Closer in, Sunshine Reef really fired with grass sweetlip, cobia, Spanish mackerel, mack tuna, bonito, yellowfin tuna, the odd keeper red emperor, sail fish (caught and released), coral trout, Maori cod and spangled emperor all on the bite. Chris Walter from the Noosa Offshore Fishing Club (above right) hit the jackpot there on Tuesday... "Hi Bill. After having to miss out on a 24 hr charter on Monday with a bad back I was still keen to get out. A good day of rest and some painkillers and some encouragement from my neighbour Travis, we had a quick trip to Sunshine on Tuesday morning. The supposedly calm seas were way lumpier than predicted, but we hung out for a few hours for this thumper bar cheeked trout (my first ever coral trout) and some good Spanish mackerel, plus some mixed reefies and a 9kg yellowfin tuna. All caught on ganged pillies. Not a bad couple of hours work! Cheers, Chris."
Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel
And Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World has been at it again... "Hi Bill. My good mate Gary Millard from Noosa Waters (above) needed to christen his new boat so I took him out to Sunshine Reef in the most beautiful conditions on Monday afternoon. No waves on the bar, no current, bugger all sea breeze, shite load of fish on the chew, bait from top to bottom. So we exchanged them for some fat sweetlip, a large barrelled cobia, slender succulent Spanish and the 'piece de resistance', a U Beaut coral trout. What a place we live in... Chicko." And to quote Gary Millard... "Just an amazing day. Thanks Chicko."
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna and  Coral Trout
Plus, from a bit further down the coast, a couple of photos (above) and a brief weekend report from Chris 'Fella' Arnold from Noosa River Fishing Safaris: "Hi Bill. Couple of pics from Saturday morning of a longtail tuna and coral trout I caught down near Coolum. The longtail ate a slug and the trout a pilly."
Frying Pan Snapper Grass Sweetlip Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Gold Spot Cod Snapper
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