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As at Monday August 2, 2010

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OFFSHORE: An extended run of warm, moderate to fresh variable northerlies lifted up the average temperatures to the Venus Tusk Fishpoint that you'd have thought it was spring, but the warmer weather was the only upside to an otherwise mediocre week.

The weekend was forecast to provide more moderate conditions as the winds eased and took on a southerly flavour, but Sunday, which was tipped to be the pick of the offshore week, could at best be described as 'fishable'.

Nobody ventured beyond the middle reef belt this week but those boaties who went even that far reported thin catches of pretty average fish.

Chardon's Reef and North Reef were fairly lackluster, producing the odd squire, moses perch, striped sea perch and, as you can see by the photo on the right, venus tusk fish.

Grant Atkins caught this 3kg specimen on a strip of mullet flesh at North Reef while on a half day Trekka 3 charter.

Closer in at Sunshine Reef the catch was squire, moses perch, parrot fish, Maori cod, sweetlip and, as per the photo below, the odd quality snapper.

Local angler Jamie Nelson fished Sunshine Wide early yesterday morning but decided to call it quits after he attracted then boated this 4kg 'Knobby with a well jigged Gulp soft plastic.

In Laguna Bay there was no pelagic activity but Jew Shoal was the spot for snapper and, would you believe, flathead.

ONSHORE: The North Shore coastal beach stretch was chokka block with beach worms this week. The waters were flat so there weren't as many beach gutters in close. As a result, most of the action came from the deeper water behind the breakers where bream, dart, tarwhine and flathead were on the bite. The top end of Teewah Beach near Double Island Point saw most of the tailor action with plenty of 2kg+ fish responding well to bonito flesh baits. Over on the east side, Sunshine Beach was the only producer of note with some good gutters yielding average size bream in numbers.
In the estuary the luderick were on the bite in numbers over the weekend with 'black weed' getting a lot of attention from these feisty vegetarian sportfish. John Cobb (above) did well along the 'Platform' stretch on Sunday with the hottest bite coming on from mid tide to the top of the tide. Tailor were on the bite further down towards the river mouth.
Soft plastics worked well on the school jewfish this week with best results coming from the Tewantin ski run and along the back of Noosa Sound. Hugh Mills (above) caught and released the 75cm specimen he's pictured with last night in the Sound around dusk, and pretty much bang on low tide. The lure that did the deed was a clear Gladiator Prawn.
Apart from that, trevally (although rather sporadic) were also active in the back of the Sound and in the Woods Bays and quality bream were responding well to pilchard baits off the beach around the Munna Point caravan park area.
On the freshwater scene the Lake MacDonald leg of the ABT Bass Electric Competition was held on Sunday. Most of the fish weighed in came from the 'Three Ways' area but the better quality fish, though in fewer numbers, were taken along the Botanical Gardens stretch. This was where Matt Smith (above) caught the two standouts (combined weight 2.56kg) that won him First Place in the competition. Matt's dog 'Muttley' gave them a lick and kiss before they were released.

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