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As at Monday August 3, 2015.
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OFFSHORE: Apart from losing Tuesday and Wednesday to the fresh to strong south easterlies, it was pretty much all systems go for the offshore brigade. Conditions, in fact, just got steadily better as the weekend approached and the light westerlies kicked in, with Saturday being an almost total glass out.
Jewfish or Mulloway
Even better, the swell dropped back to less than half a metre over the weekend so it was pretty much 'as good as it gets' for this time of the year. The reef fish, unfortunately, played hard to get at times but on the better days there were some healthy catches reported. The lads from Wild Thing 2 ran a nine hour charter to Double Island Point on Thursday and came back with moses perch, pearl perch, venus tuskers, gold spot wrasse, squire, snapper, fusilier and jewfish. It was a good representation of the species reported from there this week, apart from hussar, Maori cod and red emperor, so they did well. It was a bit sloppy and choppy due to the 15 knot variable winds on the day, but the customers (pictured above with part of their catch) were more than happy.
The Barwon Banks were definitely a popular out-wide destination this week. The longish trip was certainly worth the effort, with amberjack, lots of standout pearl perch, yellowtail kingfish, moses perch, squire, venus tusk fish, snapper, hussar, coral bream, gold spot wrasse and the odd spangled emperor on the bite on the better days. Chris Lee from Peregian Springs (above) boated his thumper amberjack out there on Monday's full day Cougar One charter.
Amberjack Yellowtail Kingfish
While Mitchell Fredericks from Davo's Tackle World (above) nailed his amberjack on a deep jigged soft plastic at The Banks on Saturday. Also out there with Mitchell, Cooper Lau (above right) is pictured with a yellowtail kingfish. As you can see by the photos, it was pretty much glassed out most of the day.
Gold Spot Cod
On the middle reef belt, North Reef produced a lot of pan sized reefies. Great for a feed but not so good for the camera. On the capture list were; squire, grass sweetlip, snapper, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, moses perch, mowong, coral bream, teraglin jewfish, hussar and gold spot cod. Sherry Sanderson from Helensvale (above) boated her gold spot on Friday's Trekka 2 charter to North. Massoud's Reef yielded lots of quality pearl perch and juvenile red emperor.
Knobby Snapper
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was the spot for quality snapper, pearl perch, moses perch, mowong, teraglin jewfish, sweetlip, venus tusk fish, Maori cod and the odd coral trout. And here's a great fishy tale... Scott 'Scooter' Cochrane and his ten year old son Owen were bottom bashing the northern end of Sunshine Reef on Saturday afternoon when the young fella's rig was hit by a serious fish. Scott handed his rod to his wife Jade (who was out there on her first ever offshore trip) and then had to watch as she hooked up with, and landed, the 6.4kg, 82cm knobby pictured above,while he was otherwise occupied. Her excellent fish, lovely photo, Colgate smile and great story ticked all the boxes for us and won Jade this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Apart from that, Laguna Bay was very quiet with just the odd grass sweetlip on the bite at Hall's Reef and (along with squire) around 'The Pin' at Jew Shoal.
As is often the case, we couldn't fit all of the great photos on the page. To view the 'Lightbox Gallery', simply click on the thumbnails below...
Pearl Perch Snapper Pearl Perch and Venus Tusk Fish Maori Cod Snapper and Jewfish Spangled Emperor
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