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As at Friday August 5, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Not a bad week on the offshore scene. A bit of a blowout from yesterday onwards (with 25 to 30 knot southerlies) but not the end of the world. The rest of the week was pretty much as good as it gets with light to moderate variable winds, a 0.5m-1.0m swell and a predominantly light current run on most of the reefs.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
The bar crossing was quite straight forward as long as you avoided low tide and Laguna Bay looked a treat. So much so that there were numerous small river punts and even a couple of pontoon boats spotted out having a play in the calm conditions. Laguna Bay was relatively quiet this week with just the odd snapper on the bite before first light and tuna (mack and longtail) on the prowl at Jew Shoal and along the Halls' Reef stretch. Local angler Bob Major (above) hit the jackpot there on Friday. Out early, he worked his way along the Hall's Reef stretch and then north of there, slow trolling under electric motor. On the way he picked up a juvenile red emperor which he released then jigged up a live yakka which he rigged on a Davo's stinger rig. Soon after, he was jigging a soft plastic when the rod with the yakka on bent double and the reel started spooling out at a rate of knots. He chased the hard running fish under electric motor and after a hard tussle, boated this personal best 13kg+ northern bluefin. Considering he was by himself it was a great effort, certainly good enough to win him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Pearl Perch
Apart from the odd snapper, Sunshine Reef was also pretty quiet. Chardon's Reef was a bit more lively, producing pearl perch, moses perch and plate size snapper in reasonably good numbers. Liam Kleinschmidt from Peregian (above) boated a couple of thumper pearl perch out there on Sunday's seven hour Cougar One charter.
Further up, North Reef was good for pearl perch, moses perch, squire, scarlet sea perch, Maori cod, grass sweetlip and some standout snapper. Lucas Hearn (above right) sent in these pix and report on Monday from his two trips out that way... "Hey Bill. Fished North Reef with my old man and his mate on Saturday and again this morning. Fishing was a bit slow today but we ended up with a few squire and (above left) Duncan Patrick's 88cm knobby. All went for whole pillies on the drop."
Snapper Pearl Perch
Wild Thing 2 fished The Coffees ahead of the blow on Wednesday and came back with brownline sea perch, snapper, moses perch and pearl perch. Howard Pattern from Sunrise Beach (above) boated a thumper snapper and Matt Sinclair from Peregian Springs (above right) nailed a quality pearl perch on that seven hour charter.
Samson Fish
Out wide, The Barwon Banks really fired up, producing amberjack, snapper, gold band snapper, pearl perch, cobia, venus tusk fish, hussar, Maori cod, moses perch, yellowtail kingfish, red throat emperor, samson fish, grass sweetlip, gold spot wrasse, teraglin jewfish and mowong. Phew! Paul and Colin Peak (above) teamed up to boat this thumper samson fish on Sunday's Trekka 2 charter to The Banks. Colin also caught and released a nice snapper. See thumbnails at the bottom of the page.
Snapper Snapper
And 'House Rules' winners Luke and Cody did well on their first ever offshore fishing trip on Friday. They had a bit of help, of course, with expert guidance from Scotty Hillier from the 'Creek to Coast' television program (above) and the Trekka 2 crew. Plus we received a brief report and photo from local angler Geoff Stirzaker...
"Hey Bill , I took my girlfriend Faye on her first ever offshore trip to The Banks on Sunday and she landed this nice snapper (above right) on a pilly floater. Great day."
Snapper Maori Cod
Last but not least, Wild Thing 2 fished Double Island Point on Sunday for pearl perch, hussar, venus tusk fish, snapper, moses perch, Maori cod, northern bluefin or longtail tuna, amberjack and scarlet sea perch. Sorry, we didn't get the above anglers' details but you can see they were very happy with their snapper and Maori cod.
Samson Fish Snapper Gold Band Snapper Spotted Mackerel Maori Cod
As is often the case, we couldn't fit all of the great photos on the page. To view the full size pix, click on the thumbnails in the Lightbox Gallery above.
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