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As at Monday August 10, 2015.
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OFFSHORE: Amazing! This week was almost a carbon copy of last week. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much ruled out as far as the exposed reefs were concerned due to strong wind warnings but after that it was light to moderate variable southerlies and a decreasing swell. Conditions steadily improved as the week progressed with Sunday and Monday the standouts. There was little or no current to contend with either, which kept the bottom bashers happy.
Moses perch, coral bream, venus tuskers and squire were common to most of the outside reefs. In addition to those species, Double Island Point rewarded the faithful with good catches of snapper, scarlet sea perch or large mouth nannygai, amberjack, spangled emperor, red throat emperor, grass sweetlip and thumper pearl perch. Steve Talbot from Corowa in New South Wales (above) boated his quality amberjack there on Friday's full day Wild Thing 2 charter.
Venus Tusk Fish and Moses Perch Venus Tusk Fish and Squire
And from that same nine hour charter, Chris Stankey from Croydon in Victoria (above left) is pictured with a nice venus tusk fish and a quality moses perch. By the way, Trekka 2 has had motor problems and will be out of action until the end of this week when it will reappear sporting two brand new Yamaha outboards. In the meantime, Paul Glover, skipper of Wild Thing 2, wanted Saturday off so Mick 'Chuck' Norris, skipper of T2, took WT2 out with a mix of customers from both boats. With me so far? Anyway, they targeted The Hards on Saturday and, apart from the common species already mentioned, came back with snapper, thumper fusilier, amberjack and frying pan snapper. Todd Ossendryver from Victoria Point (above) is seen here with a good example of the venus tuskers and squire they boated on the full day charter. Incidentally, it was a nice day out there with 10 knot variable southerlies and a 1.0m swell.
Above, Nathan O'Doherty from Ipswich and Kane Norman from Victoria Point are pictured with a couple of the standout snapper from that same charter.
Snapper Grass Sweetlip
Along the middle reef belt, The Coffees yielded jewfish, cobia, snapper, sweetlip, hussar and pearl perch, while North Reef was the spot for sweetlip, cobia, pearl perch, snapper, gold spot cod and red emperor. James Aylward from Middlemount (above left) boated his snapper on the first drop on Thursday's Cougar One charter to the bottom of North. And Jason de Wever from Emerald (above right) was first cab off the rank with a sweetlip on this morning's trip.
Red Emperor
Not to be outdone, Janelle Bell from New Zealand (above) nailed this keeper red emperor ten minutes later. As you can see, it was looking good out there.
Snapper Coral Trout
Massoud's Reef was pretty quite with just the odd moses perch, squire and teraglin jewfish on the bite while closer in at Sunshine Reef the standouts were coral trout and quality snapper. Chris 'Fella' Arnold from Noosa River Fishing Safaris (above left) boated his snapper at Sunshine before work on Saturday morning. It went for a pilchard floater around first light. While local angler Mark Bisman (above right) picked up his coral trout (and lots of squire) there this morning. It too went for the ever reliable, deep floated pilchard. Snapper were also active in Laguna Bay around first and last light periods. Lightly weighted baits on light line got best results with Big Hall's Reef and Jew Shoal both producing the goods, although not in any real numbers or size at the moment.

By the way, the latest bar crossing video (as at Monday August 10, 2015) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it, simply CLICK HERE
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