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As at Friday August 12, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: The weekend warriors didn't even get a look in this time around with 20 to 30 knot south easterlies and 2m to 3m seas and swell shutting the exposed reefs down until Monday. It was pretty much full steam ahead from then on, however, with light to moderate winds and a 0.5m to 1.0m swell dominating most days.
The only report from Double Island Point was from Jackson Ross, above, but it was a good one... "Hey Bill. Dave Reynolds, James Morehead and I towed the boat up the beach to 'D.I.' on Tuesday night. Weather was perfect and the fishing was on again at my spot X. Bagged out on 4-5kg snapper and pearl perch. Dave got a radical looking snapper on a soft plastic and you can see me working in the background on another 5kg snapper. James' standout (below left) was just under 6kgs."
Snapper Snapper
Trekka 2 fished The Barwon Banks on Monday and came back with jewfish, snapper, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, teraglin jewfish, moses perch and mowong. From that charter we have Russell Whitehead from Wodonga, Victoria (above right) with a snapper and below, Jack Schute from Port Pirie, South Australia with a jewfish.
Jewfish or Mulloway
And Tuesday they fished The Hards for snapper, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, jewfish, moses perch, gold spot wrasse, teraglin jewfish and, below, lots of amberjack.
Snapper and Amberjack
While some top quality snapper were caught on soft plastics on Wednesday's nine hour charter. Pictured below are Ash Cooper and Tom Baker with their standouts.
Snapper Snapper
Back in along the middle reef belt, North Reef produced moses perch, snapper, squire, pearl perch, northern bluefin or longtail tuna and heaps of teraglin jewfish.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
Young Sam Lothian (above) boated his quality northern bluefin at North (his biggest fish ever) on Wednesday's five hour Trekka 2 charter. And Brett Bambling (above) wasn't having much luck fishing North Reef with baits on Thursday morning but hit the jackpot eventually when this 10kg northern bluefin tuna came to the party. A Z-Man Jerk Shadz 'Sexy Mullet' soft plastic, bobbing gently about a metre off the bottom on an untended rod, was too much of a temptation for this hungry longtail.
Pearl Perch Snapper
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was relatively quiet with just the odd pearl perch, moses perch snapper and mowong to keep the faithful coming back. Agnete Sterling from Denmark (above) is pictured with a pearl perch from Tuesday afternoon's five hour Wild Thing 2 charter to Sunshine while Dave Byrne's snapper (above) went for a 7 inch Gulp Jerk Shad just on daylight at Sunshine on Wednesday morning. He was on a 'Light Line and Lure' charter with Noosa River Fishing Safaris.

By the way, the very latest bar crossing video (as at Tuesday August 9, 2016) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it, simply... CLICK HERE.

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