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As at Monday August 16, 2010

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OFFSHORE: With moderate to strong winds forecast for the first half of the week, most of the blue water brigade put off their planned offshore excursions, only to that find that some of the so called blustery days were often quite do-able. Unfortunately, many of the reefs (when fishable) were thick with juvenile red emperor, pearl perch and Maori cod although when the winds blew from the south the cooler water temps drew the larger snapper in as far as the middle reef belt.

When reachable, the Barwon Banks produced teraglin jewfish, parrot fish, hussar, quality pearl perch and snapper to 6kg.
Closer in, North Reef was the most popular and productive destination, yielding moses perch, venus tusk fish, teraglin jewfish, bonito, iodine bream, Maori cod, pearl perch and, as you can see by the accompanying photos, most of the weeks better quality snapper. Craig Lamb and his two boys Riley and Taylum (above) really blitzed it there on Sunday, coming back with three standout 'Knobbys' that tipped the scales at 7kg and 7.5kg. Their baits? Whole pilchard floaters.
And on Saturday afternoon, Russelo Rattison from Brisbane (above) was out at North Reef on a half day Cougar One charter and was more than happy to pose for a quick pic of his 3kg snapper. He was using a pilchard/squid combo
Cobia or Black Kingfish
Sunshine Reef was fairly quiet with mostly squire and sweetlip making the grade as keepers, plus the odd cobia on the prowl just to make things interesting. Danny Rodger (above) was out there on Saturday when his live yakka bait was taken by the 12kg black kingfish he's pictured with. Laguna Bay showed signs of pelagic activity earlier in the week with mackerel tuna and bonito working the baits schools all over the bay. Over the weekend the shiny and spotted mackerel schools moved in on the Halls' Reef stretch although the spotties showed little interest in baits, soft plastics or cast metal slugs. As a consolation, however, sweetlip and snapper from 2kg to 4kg were also active in that area and at Jew Shoal.

ONSHORE: With the North Shore surf line as flat as it gets there were no reports from that neck of the woods this week.
Across the bay, the National Park headland was a bit more interesting with yellowtail kingfish on the prowl. Slugs and soft plastics got best results with that species. Further down the coast, Sunrise Beach produced bream and whiting as did the rocks at the northern end of Sunshine Beach but with the added bonus there of tarwhine and the odd chopper tailor. The only other report of interest was of tarwhine and dart at north Peregian Beach.
Frying Pan
In the river, luderick were back on the bite in the lower estuary with both the car park rocks and the platform stretch down at the river mouth producing the goods. Black weed worked particularly well with this vegetarian species over the weekend as Johnny Cobb (below) found on Saturday morning when he landed four quality fish during a patient three hour session.
Flathead were on the bite from the Lake Cooroibah to the river mouth (where the really big fish were caught and released) and, as per the photo below, in the Woods Bays. Connor Jones from Pomona used a whole prawn bait on a No.4 hook to attract the attention of the 1.3kg specimen (and a few bream) that he's posing with. He was armed with an Abu Cardinal combo loaded with 10lb line.
The back of Noosa Sound and the Woods Bays saw most of the pelagic activity with mackerel tuna (yes, crazy but true) active around top of the tide plus tailor and trevally chasing surface poppers, slugs and flies.

Chris Lacey from Davo's Compleat Angler was fly fishing there last Wednesday and managed to get some good footage of a trevally he caught and released using a Crazy Charlie fly as his draw card.

Tailor were also on the prowl at the mouth of Lake Cooroibah, bream were active near the Yacht Club and whiting were biting along the 'Snags'.

On the freshwater scene, the Borumba Dam report was pretty vague but, for what it's worth, it is apparently "fishing well".

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