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As at Monday December 1, 2014.
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OFFSHORE: Wow! There were heaps of reports from the offshore brigade this week, so much so that we found it hard to satisfy all the calls for fish photos. Conditions were pretty good most days. Light to moderate north easterlies and an easterly swell in the 0.5m to 1.0m range was the norm earlier in the week with the swell only getting into 1.2m to 1.8m zone over the weekend with the arrival of the the stronger (15 to 20 knot) south easterlies on Friday afternoon.
Snapper Red Emperor
The more distant locales were again on the agenda for those with the bigger boats. Peter Wells from Davo's Tackle World Noosa and his son Douglas fished wide of Double Island Point on Wednesday for moses perch, teraglin jewfish and you can see by the photos above, quality snapper and red emperor.
The Barwon Banks really fired, rewarding the faithful with a wide variety of species such as snapper, pearl perch, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, moses perch, hussar, gold band snapper, samson fish, amberjack, cobia, spangled emperor and rosy jobfish. Jason Doerr from the Gold Coast (above) is pictured with a couple of snapper from Thursday's Cougar One charter while Katy Lamgevin (below left) boated a humongous pearl perch on Tuesday's Trekka 2 charter.
Pearl Perch Maori Cod
And from that same Trekka 2 charter, we have Emily Sung from Canada (above right) with a quality Maori cod. There were also lots of flying fish out there.
Snapper Mulloway or Jewfish
The Hards also produced a few good fish. On the capture list from there were; amberjack, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, moses perch, goat fish and quality snapper. David Cave from North Brisbane (above) did a great job presenting these two knobbies from Wednesday's Trekka 2 charter. They tipped the scales at 4kg and 4.5kg respectively. Closer in, North Reef was good for sweetlip. moses perch, pearl perch, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, teraglin jewfish, mowong, gold spot cod, hussar, bonito and quality mulloway. Local angler Dave Nettleton (above right) motored out that way on Wednesday with one thing in mind; pick up a couple of jewies and head home. He did just that and his quality fish earned him the bonus of the $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize as well.
Gold Spot Cod
Cougar One targeted North Reef a few times this week. Ryan Williams from Melbourne (above) is pictured with a 7kg gold spot cod from Friday's charter.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
Chardon's Reef wasn't quite as dynamic but for those prepared to put in the time, it yielded hussar, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, black marlin, moses perch, snapper and the odd mahi mahi or dolphin fish. Marc Dowse from Beachmere (above) boated his standout dolly on Tuesday's 3/4 day Wild Thing 2 charter.
Coral Trout Coral Trout
Not far from home, Sunshine Reef was the spot for cobia, moses perch, Maori cod, hussar, bonito, mowong, sweetlip, Spanish and spotted mackerel and, as you can see by the photos above, coral trout. Dave and Mary-Ann McLoughlin from Brisbane fished there on Tuesday morning with Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World and were very pleased with their catch of Maori cod, spotted mackerel, sweetlip and the two quality coral trout they're pictured with.
Pearl Perch Cobia Gold Band Snapper Maori Cod Pearl Perch Spanish Mackerel
As sometimes happens, we didn't have room for all the offshore photos but if you click on any of the small pix directly above, you can view the slideshow.
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