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As at Monday 8th December 2003

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Wilson SureCatch and Live Fibre

OFFSHORE: It wasn't an exciting week for the offshore brigade by any stretch of the imagination with anglers having to take advantage of whatever windows of opportunity came their way. Best days were last Tuesday (15 knot North Easterlies), Sunday and today (10 to 15 knot variable Southerlies) with the rest of the week hammered by either Spanish Mackerelmoderate to strong Nor' Nor' Easterlies (Wednesday to Friday) or strong to gale force variable Southerlies (Saturday). The swell? Well, that was very much a feature of the week as you can imagine, with the 2.5m mark breached on more days than not and the driven seas not far off that mark as well. Having said that, there were still a number of determined boaties prepared to tackle the bar and venture out to to the reefs and on the fishable days the commonly boated species were Squire and Parrot Fish. For those with the bigger boats capable of handling the conditions (yes there was one brief opportunity), Chardon's 'Wide' produced Yellowtail Kingfish, Cobia, Snapper, Pearl Perch and Amberjack. Closer in, North Reef was the best of the bunch yielding Sweetlip, Red Emperor, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Cobia and Moses Perch. Laguna Bay was pretty lumpy but was still a good option for those anglers wanting to work the bait school boils with small Mackerel Tuna in numbers within 1km of the bar, Little Halls' Reef, the Shark nets and out around Granite Bay and Jew Shoal. And the first Spanish Mackerel of the season was taken on a 'hard body' lure out near Jew Shoal early on Saturday morning, not long before the 'big blow' hit. Young Andrew Vines (above), out there with family and friends, was given the honour of playing and landing this 8kg 'Spaniard' after it monstered one of their trolled C-Lures Huntsmans. He was armed with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a SureCatch 'Blue Stinger' reel loaded with 30lb line and 60lb trace.

ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches were lightly patronised this week as the strong winds made life way too difficult for all but the die-hards. Those who persevered found the going tough but a feed was certainly possible with a bit of time and effort. Dart and Whiting were the predominant catch on the North Shore while on Main Beach; Chopper Tailor were on the bite at the river mouth groyne. The Choppers were also active off the rocks of National Park headland, as were Jewfish, as you can see by the photo below. Local angler Steve Dawson landed this 6kg specimen yesterday morning using a Mullet fillet on 4x4/0 ganged hooks as his draw card. Steve was kitted out with a 15ft surf rod and a Mitchell threadline reel loaded with 30lb line and 75lb trace. Apart from that, Castaways Beach produced mostly Dart. In the river, there were some good size Trevally on the bite around Noosa Sound, Munna Bridge and up between the lakes where Mangrove Jack were also on the bite. The standout Flathead spots were around Harbourtown and Lake Doonella and (along with the better Whiting) down around the river mouth.
Jewfish or Mulloway

And it was from the banks down at the river mouth that Brisbane angler Philip Thomson (above right) nailed these 1.6kg and 1.4kg 'Lizards' late on Friday afternoon. Armed with a Jarvis Walker threadline combo Philip tempted these fish using whole Frogmouth Pilchards on No.4 ganged hooks. On the freshwater scene, beetlespins and spinnerbaits worked well on the Bass in the upper Everglades and around the weed beds at Lake MacDonald where the odd Saratoga also made a splash. Trolled C-Lures Borer extra deep divers were another option in the deeper waters. At Borumba Dam the Bass and Saratoga action came mostly from the upper Yabba Arm where well cast flies and spinnerbaits were the main attraction.

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