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As at Monday December 8, 2014.
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OFFSHORE: Well, the early birds may not have got the worms but they definitely got the better fish and the better conditions, with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable northerlies dominating the morning sessions. The more blustery 15 to 20 knot+ north easterlies kicked in like clockwork most afternoons but the majority of boaties, if they had any sense, were well and truly their way home by then. The much forecast weekend rain storms were a bit of a non event but unfortunately they were just delayed, hitting the coast late this morning and pushing the seas and swell up over the 2.5m mark by early this afternoon.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
Trekka 2 scheduled a full day excursion to Double Island Point for Thursday and while the southerly running current was running hard out wide, closer in they found it was quite modest and they came back with a good catch of venus tusk fish, pearl perch, mowong, gold band snapper, moses perch and, as per the photo above, dolphin fish or mahi mahi. Adelle Fotheringham from Perth (above) nailed the day's standout 'dolly' which tipped the scales at 7.1kg.
Gold Band Snapper Pearl Perch
And from the same charter we have Josh Burr, Buderim (above) with 4.6kg gold band snapper and Peter Watson from Beechmont with a 4kg+ pearl perch.
Venus Tusk Fish
The lads from Noosa Charters fished D.I. twice this week. On Tuesday's charter they boated lots of average size reefies such as hussar, teraglin jewfish (in numbers), tuskers and moses perch in close while on Friday they fished out wide (in a southerly running current that was so strong they need 3lb of lead to get to the bottom) for more of the same plus snapper and gold spot wrasse. Tim Taylor (above) is pictured with two quality tuskers from that charter.
Snapper Gold Spot Wrass and Venus Tusk Fish
Also from that full day charter; Caleb (above) boated the day's standout snapper while Ben Robson nailed a gold spot wrasse and a quality venus tusk fish.
Mulloway or Jewfish
North Reef was well patronised and certainly delivered the goods. Topping the capture list from there were; teraglin jewfish, grass sweetlip, moses perch, coral trout, hussar, mulloway, cobia and (chasing the numerous flying fish) juvenile black marlin. Professional golfer Boo Weekley, from Florida in the USA (above) boated this quality mulloway at North Reef on Friday morning. He was on a half day Cougar One charter. Amazing bronze colouration on that fish.
And Boo's buddy, Australian pro golfer Steven Bowditch from Peregian Beach (above), did well too, as you can see by the quality cobia he's posing with.
Black Marlin Pearl Perch
As already mentioned, there were lots of juvenile black marlin chasing the schools of flying fish along the middle reef belt this week. Holgar Shaefer from Pyrmont in Sydney (above left in photo) was out on North Reef on Saturday morning's Trekka 2 charter when his squid/pilchard bait combo was taken down deep by this black. When they got it to the back of the boat this fish speared out of the water twice and collided with one of the outboard cowlings on its third launch before coming on board. The boys did get a photo of it being released but the camera was set to high exposure and it didn't come out very well.
Further south, Chardon's Reef produced mowong, venus tusk fish, moses perch, mahi mahi, squire, black marlin, estuary cod and quality pearl perch. Local lass Maddie (above right) is pictured with a couple of nice pearlies from her trip out that way on Wednesday afternoon with Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World. He called it as; "a little bit choppy, but fishable". Closer in, Sunshine Reef was good for yellowtail kingfish, moses perch, pearl perch, amberjack, venus tusk fish, coral trout, mahi mahi and heaps of juvenile red emperor. In Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal was the spot for the odd grass sweetlip and snapper.
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