The Noosa  Fishing Report

As at Monday 16th December 2002

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OFFSHORE: Rough weather greeted offshore fisherman at the start of the week, which made getting outside an impossibility due to seas which were up to 3 m and winds which topped 30 knots. As quickly as the rough weather came Rosy Job Fish and Red soon abated to a much smaller 1 m swell with 5 - 10 knot winds in the morning, which then picked up to afternoon North Easterlies which gusted up to 20 knots. The overall excellent morning conditions meant that everyone had the perfect opportunity to get into some offshore action. Double Island Point was the most distant reef traveled to over the week, and as usual produced a quality bag of tasty species which included, Rosy Jobfish, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Moses Perch, Parrot Fish and Squire. Other popular reefs; Sunshine, Chardon's and North, all had a number of common species which included, Snapper, Squire, Maori Cod, Sweetlip Pearl Perch and Moses Perch. Just to make things more interesting Chardon's Reef was also the spot for a few tackle busting Samson Fish, with North and Sunshine Reefs also producing Coral Trout and Estuary Cod. The three happy guys in this photo (above) are Troy, Dave and Shaun, the trio recently made the trip up to Double Island Point with the team from Noosa Blue Water Charters. The fish the guys are holding are just some examples of the quality of the fish available at Double Island Point. The largest of these 'Emperor' weighed 9.5 kg while the biggest 'Rosy' weighed 8 kg, well done guys.

ONSHORE: The festive season is all ready in full swing as can be seen by the number of enthusiastic anglers hitting the water each day. As is often the case at this time of year those who hit the water early morning and from dusk into dark, Mangrove Jack and Trevallyare being rewarded with some excellent results. The local 'Jack' population have started to come out of hibernation and have been giving keen lure and live bait fishermen a real thrill. The majority of the Mangrove Jack have been coming from Johns Landing and Tewantin, along with a few bonus fish near Noosa Sound. Local angler Jason Hogan (near right) was one angler lucky enough to hook into an early season Mangrove Jack. The fish Jason is holding weighed in at a very solid 2.160 kg. Jason tempted the 'Red Terror' with a live Mullet and fought it to the boat on a Shimano Calcutta reel and Wilson rod. Trevally and small Queenfish have finally started to make an appearance and have been terrorizing anglers from Tewantin down to Noosa Sound. Both of these silver rockets have been ambushing flies such as Clousers and Crazy Charlies and have also been smashing poppers and Rio's Prawns. Richard Brown (extreme right) was one such angler who had a great thrill with one of the local Trevally population. The fish Richard is holding weighed 1.150 kg and was caught on a Wilson Surecatch Black Jack 430 reel and was matched to a Barra Buster rod. Flathead have been a regular treat for those fishing the Lake Cooroibah, especially those who troll lures around the channel markers on a run out tide. Don't forget that regulations for Flathead have now changed with a bag limit of 5 fish being implemented along with an increase in the minimum size from 30 cm to 40 cm and a new maximum size of 70 cm. For those who prefer the tranquillity of the Everglades, there are still opportunities to wet a line for one of the aggressive Noosa Bass. These little olive terrors generally fire best at dusk and dawn and will happily latch onto a small soft plastic, fly or surface lure. The freshwater scene is still producing the goods with Lake MacDonald fishing best at dusk and dawn for Bass, while Borumba Dam is still fishing well throughout the day for Saratoga in the timber and Bass and Yellowbelly in the lower reaches for those who prefer to troll.



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