The Noosa  Fishing Report

As at Monday 15th December 2003

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Wilson SureCatch and Live Fibre
OFFSHORE: There wasn't a day this week that could be classified as unfishable with light to moderate 5 to 15 knot winds (South East and North West) a standout feature. An almost total lack of swell was another blessing for the offshore brigade although there was still a bit of chop to contend with from the Nor' Westers and the regular 15 knot+ afternoon North Easterly sea breezes. Perhaps the only negative that crept into the picture occurred towards the end of the week with a massive Southerly running current making life a little difficult for the bottom bashers. There were absolutely no complaints, however, with Squire, Moses Perch, Pearl Perch, Maori Cod and Parrot Fish common to most of the visited reefs.
Coral Trout
Maori Cod
In addition, for those prepared to go the distance, the Barwon Banks produced Snapper, Amberjack and Spangled Emperor, 'The Hards' yielded rosy Jobfish, Hussar, Red Emperor and Snapper while on Chardon's 'Wide' the extras were Coronation Trout, Southern Fusilier, Hussar, Mowong and Snapper. Closer in, North Reef was the spot for Snapper, Bonito and Spotted Mackerel and Chardon's Reef produced Mahi Mahi, Hussar and Tailor. Even better still, the close-in reefs fired well with Hancock's Reef a good option for Spotted Mackerel and Sweetlip while Sunshine Reef featured Red Emperor, Cobia, the odd Marlin hook-up and, as you can see by the photo above left, Coral Trout. Cougar Too had an excellent half day charter out there on Wednesday morning with a group from Sunshine Beach High School. It was the school group's end of year excursion and with this 5kg specimen, young Tyson Lloyd boated the standout of the trip. He was kitted out with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a Shimano TLD20 reel loaded with 25lb line. Maori Cod were in good numbers at most of the reefs and the 3.5kg 'Bro' that Brisbane angler Don Blansjaar (above right) is pictured with is a good example of the quality. Don boated this fella while on a full day Cougar One charter to the 'Banks' on Friday. He was armed with a Gary Howard rod and an Alvey 725C reel loaded with 35lb line. Apart from that, anglers working Laguna Bay picked up the odd Spanish Mackerel on the outer side of the Shark nets and small Mackerel Tuna in close.

ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches were certainly a better option this week with very little 'Weed' in evidence and wind Trevallyconditions more conducive to wetting a line. Top performer on the North Shore was the area below the camping grounds where Tailor and Dart were the target species. The river mouth groyne was well worth a look when it came to Chopper Tailor while Bream and Dart were on the bite over at Marcus Beach. In the river, quality Trevally were in good numbers in the Woods Bays and around the Munna Point Bridge (along with Chopper Tailor and Tarpon) and there were some thumper Mangrove Jacks on the bite around the Sheraton Bridge (cast bib lures), Harbourtown (live fish baits) and at Jew Hole near the mouth of Lake Cooroibah early in the morning. Apart from that; Flathead were active down towards the river mouth, Whiting were on the bite on the sand flats and Bream were best targeted around the mangroves on the run-in tide. Top weight Trevally of the week, incidently, went to young Tom Ingram (above) with this excellent 3kg fish. Tom boated this thumper in the Woods Bays late yesterday afternoon while casting a metal slug at the boils. He was lightly armed with a Micro-Lite rod and an Abu reel loaded with 4lb Platinum line. On the freshwater scene, the Bass and Saratoga were chasing beetle-spins and spinner-baits in the Yabba Arm of Borumba Dam while the Lake MacDonald fish responded well to trolled lures around the 'Bubble Trail' and cast beetle spins around the weed edges of the spillway.




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