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As at Monday December 19, 2011

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Trekka 1 crossing the Bar, Sunday December 18, 2011.
OFFSHORE: Light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable easterlies dominated the beginning and the end of the week, with Thursday to Saturday's fresh southerlies a tad blustery for the smaller boats, certainly beyond the shelter of Laguna Bay.
Yellowtail Kingfish
There were no reports of any out-wide excursions this week. Most of the focus, in fact, was on the middle reef belt with North Reef producing sweetlip, snapper, cobia, hussar, moses perch, pearl perch, mowong, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, scarlet sea perch and yellowtail kingfish. Bryce Comer from Canada (above) was out there on Tuesday on a three quarter day Trekka 2 charter when his pilchard bait attracted the attention of the 13kg yellowtail kingfish he's pictured with.
Scarlet Sea Perch
And on Thursday, Reece Major from Quakers Hill in New South Wales (above) joined a half day Cougar One charter to North Reef where he picked up this 2.5kg scarlet sea perch. Apart from that, 'The Coffees' were good for yellowfin tuna.
Coral Trout
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was alive with baitfish and bird sign but had little or no pelagic action. The reef fish were active, however, with snapper, good grass sweetlip (in the 2kg to 4kg range) and coral trout from 3kg to 5kg+ on the bite. Sonnie Stevens (above) fished Sunshine on Tuesday afternoon and came back with grass sweetlip, a couple of squire and one thumper 5.5kg trout which went for his whole pilchard bait. Other reports to hand were of mackerel tuna on the boil about 300m to 400m off the National Park headland and, at Jew Shoal, snapper to 4kg, sweetlip to 2kg and Maori cod. Yellowfin and mackerel tuna were on the boil about 500 metres out from the river mouth and out around Little Hall's Reef.
Jewfish or Mulloway
The east side coastal surf beach stretch seemed to have most of the action this week. At the southern extremity, jewfish (on live worms), tarwhine and some quality bream were on the bite at Yaroomba Beach. Further north, Marcus Beach produced whiting and quality dart while bream and the odd tarwhine were taken around the rocks at the northern end of Sunshine Beach. Hell's Gates on the National Park saw some good chopper tailor action with fish to 1.5kg in excellent numbers. Last but not least the rock groynes on Main Beach were well worth a night fish for the odd quality jewfish.
Chris Lacey from Davo's Compleat Angler fished that area last Wednesday night and apart from a decent shovel nose, caught and released the 7kg+ mulloway he's pictured with. His bait of choice? A whole pilchard on 2/0 ganged hooks.
Boat traffic off Muna Beach Monday December 19, 2011
ONSHORE: With the recent increase in boat traffic (early holiday arrivals) the daytime fishing in the river system slowed quite markedly, especially in the lower estuary. Under the circumstances, bream were the most prevalent and widely spread of the bread and butter species with the Gympie Terrace jetty stretch harbouring most of the better quality fish.
Flathead were also out and about but were down in numbers and in size. Best returns for the lizards came from the Hilton Terrace/Gympie Terrace stretch, Weyba Creek and down at the river mouth where trevally were also a target species.
Golden Trevally Blue Tongue Lizard
Ben Trenerry from Griffith in New South Wales (above left) was fishing the river mouth with Noosa River Fishing Safaris on Tuesday morning around top of the tide when his floated pilchard bait proved to be too much of a temptation for this golden trevally. And what about this unusual catch and release! Chris Arnold from NRFS spotted the blue tongue lizard in the photo (above right) swimming frantically in the middle of the river the other day so he scooped him up in his landing net and dropped him safely off on dry land. Blue tongues aren't particularly good swimmers so it was a very timely rescue.
Mangrove Jack
Some quality whiting were taken in the the Munna Flats area, and in the Frying Pan, where barracuda and tailor were also on the prowl. Mangrove jacks were still making their presence felt with the hottest spots being around the back of Noosa Sound (where tarpon, trevally and small jewfish were also active), Weyba Creek (as well as flathead, moses perch and tailor), the outer Woods Bay on the incoming tide (along with trevally and jewfish at night) and the Noosa Harbour Marina. Jacks were also on the prowl at the mouth of Lake Cooroibah and the stretch between the lakes, which also yielded a few bream and flathead, lots of catfish and the odd barra strike. And the jacks were sometimes where you'd least expect them. Ten year old Owain Ritson (above) was fishing for bream near the Big Pelican on Gympie Terrace with his dad on Saturday night when his bait, a small strip of mullet flesh, was monstered by the 2kg mangrove jack he's pictured with.
On the freshwater scene, 'The Bubble Trail' and Fry's Run at Lake MacDonald were good options for bass and yellowbelly.
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