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As at Friday December 21, 2018.
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Below left. After the 'Pig on the Spit' was consumed on Saturday the winner of the Boat/Motor/Trailer package was drawn...
Above right. Lloyd Rosser picked up his prize from Davo's Tackle World on Monday morning and boy, was he a happy man!

COASTAL: Not a lot happening on the open beaches this week with just the bread and butter species making a show. Bream were out and about though, with some good fish on the bite in Alexandria Bay and, together with flathead and whiting, at Sunshine Beach. Whiting were also biting at First Point and around the Middle Groyne on Main Beach and opposite the Camp Grounds on the North Shore. Bream and flathead were also active there, while up at Double Island Point, spotted mackerel and trevally were on the chew.

River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We had a pretty productive week. Saw some pretty good fish. The queenfish certainly ramped up between the mouth and the cable ferry. We lost a 90cm one right at the boat. The river mouth fished pretty well for flathead and big bream. The Woods Bays had a few longnose trevally and bream. We got a couple cobia up Weyba Creek this week, only small ones about half a metre. Heaps of bream, whiting and flathead along Gympie Terrace and the odd trevally. Tewantin fished well for flathead, jacks, bream and trevally. Pictured (below) from Wednesday morning's charter, are Sanjay Dhupelia, Claudia and Finn who caught and released this 71cm flathead in the lower estuary. It went for a whole prawn bait."
Mangrove jacks were on the prowl along the Dog Beach snags and around the Sand Bags while the Frying Pan was good for whiting and bream. The Woods Bays were a good option for trevally (big eye and GT's) and more mangrove jacks. From Jed Hamblin, below left... "G'day Guys. On Thursday I headed out real early (around 4.00am) for a pretty awesome fishing session in the Woods. It was the last of the run out tide. I noticed tons of bust ups and swirls so I rigged an MMD Splash Prawn on my light rod and a 110mm BassDay SugaPen on my heavier setup. After pulling in tons of big eye and releasing them back I noticed heaps of mullet movement on the sand flat point between the bays. I quickly raced up and started throwing around my 110mm SugaPen. As the lure was paused in the water while I was grabbing a drink I hooked up to my first decent late 40cm trevally! After grabbing a quick snap on my camera I shot him back in the water. Next cast, boom... I hooked up to this 40cm Jack on the sand flats around no structure. He put up an awesome fight and was released healthy as ever. Best day on surface with tons of action! All the fish were released back with none harmed at all."
Mangrove Jack Flathead
The back of Noosa Sound yielded the odd mangrove jack (after dark), queenfish, big eye trevally and flathead. Sam from Nambour (above right) caught this 60cm flathead in that area using a whole prawn bait. He was on a Noosa River Fishing Safari at the time.
Bream Flathead
Bream and whiting were biting in Weyba Creek. From Rhys Harris... "Hi guys. This may not be your typical fish of the week entry but my boy Ruckus (above) was pretty stoked with his catch. He caught this fella on a prawn tail in Weyba near the bridge. Cheers, Rhys." Upriver, the Noosa Marina area at Tewantin produced more jacks and the odd flathead. From Tom Cooke... "Holly (above right) caught this 65cm beauty on a Penn Warfare rod and Fierce II reel (a birthday present purchased from Davo's) just in front of the Marina at Tewantin. Monday morning on a incoming tide. Bait was whitebait, also plenty of bream biting and being landed using prawn and whitebait. She hasn't stopped smiling and wanted this picture sent straight too you! Many thanks, Tom Cooke." Flathead were also active around the top of Lake Cooroibah while the stretch between the lakes continued to produce mangrove jacks and school jewfish.

FRESHWATER: The lakes continued to provide some great fishing. Lake Macdonald is on fire at the moment with schooled bass taking hard blades like EcoGear ZX45 and Entice Assault Vibes worked back through the school. The early morning surface bite has been quieter with the fresh water but saratoga and bass are still present and showing interest especially on a paused surface frog style lures.
And from Craig McCarthy, above... "Hi Bill. With the weather a bit hit and miss I snuck up to Borumba and was rewarded with an early Christmas present by way of a 76cm toga. Caught on an unweighted plastic thrown way up into the lilies. Released after a couple of quick pix. Regards, Craig." Craig's quality catch and release won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

Below left. Dull and overcast at the river mouth on Sunday but nothing like the media forecasts of mayhem and destruction...
Above right. Thursday was the pick of the litter so we took the opportunity to fly the drone over the bar and lower estuary...

OFFSHORE: It was a bit ordinary offshore most of the week with moderate to fresh variable easterlies dominating. It certainly wasn't very exciting on the exposed reefs for the smaller boats and those who made the effort found it hard yakka in rather marginal conditions.
Gold Spot Cod Venus Tusk Fish
Nobody fished wide, which was understandable, so the middle reef belt marked the outer extremities. Report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We fished North Reef on Friday's five hour charter. With no pelagic or bird activity on the way up we collected a few live baits and anchored up. We caught pearl perch, tusk fish, snapper, moses perch and (above left) gold spot cod."
Yesterday was probably the pick of the week. A nice little window there and those who could, made the most of the improved conditions.
From Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a seven hour to North Reef on Thursday. Conditions were great. Swell had dropped off and light winds. We started off with a bit of a troll in hope for a mackerel or two but no luck. We soon after dropped the anchor In search of the usual critters. First couple of spots we had plenty of action but mostly undersize fish... plenty of reds to the 50cm mark. After a couple more hangs we found what we were after with cobia and pearl perch coming over the side before the sharks moved in. Our next hang found us connected to gold spot cod, pearl perch, moses perch, tusk fish (as above right), lippers and hussar."
Yellowfin Tuna
And from closer in, this report and photo (above) from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "Merry Xmas everyone. Having the family over for fresh fish, so I went out on the hunt today with Peter Chapman. Searched for mahi mahi out wide in the glass off. No luck, so had a stop on Sunshine Reef. Caught a trout and snapper. Then a largish mackerel snipped my 80lb wire trace after a solid run. The consolation prize was plenty of jellybean yellowfin tuna smashing into the baitfish in Laguna Bay. They are fun and made our day!!"

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