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As at Monday December 26, 2011

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Boats crossing the Noosa Bar on Tuesday morning, December 27, 2011. Photos taken around 9.30am, thirty minutes before a 2.03m high tide.
OFFSHORE: With wet, moderate to fresh south easterlies settling in on Thursday and then stronger winds and a solid easterly swell hitting the 3.5m+ mark by Saturday, the lead up to Christmas was less than ideal this year. Fortunately the much predicted showers on Christmas Day didn't eventuate but offshore was essentially a no go from Friday onwards.
Cobia or Black Kingfish
Under the circumstances it was very much a 'get it while you can' situation with Tuesday through until Thursday afternoon at least offering a window of opportunity. When fishable, conditions were good enough for trips to the outer reefs although the only reports were from the Barwon Banks where mahi mahi, cobia, snapper and red throat emperor were on the bite.
The middle reef belt was the most popular stretch of water with North Reef producing moses and pearl perch, scarlet sea perch, hussar, Maori cod, sweetlip, venus tusk fish and cobia. Russell Blair from Pomona (above) fished 'The Hill' on a Trekka 2 charter at the beginning of the week and hooked up with a 7kg cobia when he cast a metal slug into a bait ball.
Pearl Perch
And on the same full day charter, Shane Treagus from Doonan (above) nailed this 3.6kg pearl perch on a pilchard bait.
While Andrew McAtamney from Morayfield (above) boated his 5.0kg cobia while there on a half day Cougar One charter.
Scarlet Sea Perch
Chardon's Reef was also a good option, yielding teraglin jewfish, Maori cod, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, yellowfin tuna and scarlet sea perch. Josh Hawson from Hobart is pictured with a couple of the scarlets that made up part of Cougar One's catch on Tuesday's 3/4 day charter. On the way back they picked up yellowfin tuna at Sunshine Reef.
Grass Sweetlip
Apart from heaps and heaps of small yellowfin tuna, Sunshine Reef was good for coral trout, Maori cod, sweetlip and the odd spotted mackerel while down at Castaways and Victor Baileys the standouts were sweetlip and jewfish. Laguna Bay was starting to look a bit more interesting with lots of bait schools and plenty of bird activity. Yellowfin tuna and northern bluefin tuna were the main culprits, hammering the balled up bait fish around Big Hall's and further north. Apart from that, Jew Shoal was the spot for sweetlip; Young Leila and Ned Jacobs (above) are pictured with just two of the numerous 2kg fish they boated there while fishing north of 'The Pinnacle' with their dad earlier in the week. Their baits? Davo's pilchards.
Munna Beach, Boxing Day.
ONSHORE: By the time most anglers got their Christmas shopping done the coastal surf beaches were pretty much a no go zone with strong south easterlies and a serious swell hammering the coastline from Friday onwards. The only reports of fishy activity, in fact, came from Marcus Beach where some good water produced dart and whiting earlier in the week.
In the estuary, the river mouth produced bream, flathead and moses perch, as did the Frying Pan but with the added bonus there of quality whiting (in numbers) which were responding well to small SugaPen surface lures and live baits. Maddison Kickert (above) fished the Frying Pan around Tuesday lunchtime on the incoming tide and was very pleased to land the 600gm elbow slapper whiting she's pictured with. She was using live Davo's beach worms as her draw card.
And three year old Jack McAvoy from Sydney (below left) caught a 55cm flathead down at the river mouth on Wednesday morning while on a Noosa River Fishing Safaris charter. He was drifting with small pillies at the time.
Flathead were also on the bite in Weyba Creek (as were bream, moses perch and, at night, tailor) and in the stretch from the Woods Point to T-Boats where trolled hard body (3m diving) lures got plenty of action.
Flathead School Jewfish
The Woods Bays were full of small bait from Laguna Bay which in turn attracted tailor in good numbers around dawn and dusk. Further up river, quality bream were active just out from the Gympie Terrace boat ramp and around the Boat House restaurant while up at the Noosa Harbour Marina the standout species were mangrove jacks and trevally. Apart from that, flathead, bream and school jewfish were on the prowl around Makepeace Island and the first ski run. Angus Bloe from Brisbane (above right) caught and released a 'soapie' at the ski run while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari on Tuesday.
On the freshwater scene, bass and yellowbelly were on the bite (going for live shrimp baits) along the Bubble Trail at Lake MacDonald while at Borumba Dam the only reports to hand were of bass (caught and released) around the Eagles Nest.




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