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As at Friday December 23, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Not a bad lead-up to Christmas. Light to moderate variable easterlies dominated and the swell hovered in the 0.75m to 1.5m range. The current was a bit fearsome beyond the middle reef belt at times but on the plus side, there was a wide range of reef fish looking for a feed. And, the pelagics were back on the bite.
Monday was pretty much a no go this week when a wet, squally 20 to 25 knot south easterly blow hammered the coast. But it was short lived and soon forgotten in the race to get back out there and get amongst them before the holiday crowds arrived. The longish trip to Double Island Point proved worthwhile for the bigger boats this week with squire, pearl perch, amberjack, jewfish, mahi mahi, slate bream, Maori cod, hussar, brown line sea perch, grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish and teraglin jewfish all making their presence felt. Nick Goureaud from Noosaville (above) jigged up this nice amberjack in that area on Wednesday's nine hour
Trekka 2 charter.
Grass Sweetlip Grass Sweetlip
Report and photos from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished D.I. on Sunday. Wind was 10 to 15 knots NW to NE. We got moses perch, brown line sea perch, hussar, gold spot cod, squire and a few nice lipper like the ones Lee Grainger from Gympie and Jacob Greentree from Cooran (above) are pictured with."
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish Snapper
The only report from The Hards was from Trekka 2 skipper Kelly Mills... "Hi Bill. We fished The Hards on Sunday. Small group booking with Norm and the boys from Sea-Queen Bait Wholesalers (except Adam, who never showed up with the food and beers) nice one Ads. But they did well anyway with snapper, pearlies, tuskies, moses, fusiliers and mahi mahi. Swell 1.5m, with a 1.5 knot current to the south." Above, Jason with a solid mahi mahi and Matty hooked this snapper mid water.
Maori Cod Maori Cod and Grass Sweetlip
Back in along the middle reef belt, North Reef produced Maori cod, grass sweetlip, coral trout, moses perch and teraglin jewfish while Chardon's Reef yielded teraglin jewfish, sweetlip, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, gold spot cod, Maori cod, hussar and squire. Above left we have Foa Tuialii from Double Bay in Sydney with a Maori cod and above right, Trevor Latham from Wamuran, Queensland with a Maori cod and grass sweetlip from Friday's Wild Thing 2 charter to Chardon's.
Large Mouth Nannygai or Scarlet Sea Perch Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
Not much on the way of reef fish activity on Sunshine Reef or in Laguna Bay this week. Spanish mackerel, however, made the odd appearance, as did longtail tuna, while keeper size spotted mackerel and mackerel tuna were reported schooling in numbers. Some good bird sign showed the way there. Cougar One was drifting the headland and outer Laguna Bay on Wednesday morning, targeting the numerous mackerel and tuna schools, when (above left) Leith Johnstone's deep floater was taken by a quality large mouth nannygai. Not a typical catch by any means. And Tom Daley (above right) caught his longtail in the bay on a 45 gram jig on Thursday.
Spanish Mackerel
Tim Nixon from Tinbeerwah (above) has been trying for four years to catch a Spanish mackerel on his kayak and on Sunday he finally succeeded. Tim, who'd heard on the grapevine that the Spaniards had been on the prowl along the Halls Reef stretch the day before, set out early on his kayak and trolled a whole slimy mackerel in that area until he hit pay dirt around 7.00am. At 1.24m and 10.8kg, his quality debut capture won him one of this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prizes.

ESTUARY: The pelagic activity in the lower estuary cranked up a notch this week with the influx of bait schools attracting the attention of a variety of predators. The river mouth, of course, was still good for bream, flathead and the odd moses perch but it was the Woods Point, Woods Bays and Munna Point area that really fired up with trevally (GT's on surface lures early in the morning and big-eye trevally on soft plastics at night), tailor (on unweighted pilchards and live herring baits), mangrove jacks in excellent numbers and on the chew in the middle of the day, bream, flathead, javelin fish and even the odd cobia making a splash. Wow! What a mouthful!
Tailor Flathead
Sabine Bos from the UK (above) was playing this 64cm tailor off the Woods Point on Thursday afternoon's Noosa River Fishing Safari when it took a hit from a larger, even toothier critter. Sabine didn't let the extra attention faze her, but it did encourage her to crank up the pace and boat her catch asap. And Jack Morton from Brisbane (above right) caught and released a thumper 78cm lizard in the Outer Woods Bay on Sunday morning's charter. It went for a lightly weighted whole whitebait.
Mangrove Jack
Kye Turnbull from Mount Pleasant, Queensland (above) and his father Nathan fished the Woods Bays on Friday afternoon and struck gold on the latter half of the run-out tide when the mangrove jacks came on the bite in numbers. A prawn head and shell berley kicked things off and pilchard floaters got the results. The father and son duo dropped three fish but netted one each before calling it a day. Kye's 51.5cm fish won him the second of this week's Fish of the Week prizes. Well done!
Cobia Mangrove Jack
A few anglers reported getting smoked on light gear around the Woods Point and outer Woods Bay last week. We were thinking cobia, and looks like we were right, because Chelsea McDonald from Roma (above) boated this 85cm specimen while fishing the outer Woods Bay on Saturday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole prawn bait. And from local angler Ed Wright... "As promised here's a photo of the mangrove jack I caught on Saturday. A family day on the river and not really a fishing trip but expect the unexpected! I throw a live bait out while we had our picnic lunch on the beach in the outer Woods Bay and this 58cm jack fancied a bit of lunch too!" Dave Crothers from Davo's Tackle World says he's never seen so much daytime mangrove jack activity as we've experienced this week.
Javelin Fish or Grunter Bream
Shelley Andrews (above) caught this snodger 60cm (2.5kg) grunter bream or javelin fish on a live biddy in the Munna Beach area late on Tuesday afternoon. It was her first cast and took nearly 15 minutes to land. She also hooked and landed a good jack in the same spot a few days earlier. Talk about full on! Not far from there, the Munna Point Bridge area continued to produce GT's and the odd tea leaf trevally on surface lures around first light while bream, flathead, small jacks and big eye trevally were active around the back of The Sound. Further upriver, the Gympie Terrace stretch was good for b ream and quality whiting. Ivan Deserio from Tewantin (below) boated this elbow slapping 41cm whiting not far out from the Noosa Yachtie on Friday afternoon. It went for a live yabby on the last of the run-out tide. At Tewantin the GT's were responding well to surface lures waters opposite the Council Chambers while the ski runs yielded flathead and bream on the run-out tide.
Whiting Bass
On the freshwater scene, the Lake Macdonald bass were hitting everything from surface lures, weedless soft plastics and Vibes on the edges of the weed beds. Mitch Neuwirth (above right) celebrated his 14th birthday on Saturday... at Lake Macdonald, in his fishing kayak. He got an early (3.30am) start and was rewarded for his efforts just on daybreak when this quality 46cm bass tried, unsuccessfully, to run off with his Atomic Hardz surface popper. Happy Birthday mate and well done!

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