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As at Friday December 22, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Wow! Fantastic conditions on the local reefs this week with light to very moderate variable easterlies and just a nominal swell. Not much current run either so it was light lead and mostly tangle free conditions for the bottom bashers. There wasn't a lot of swell on the bar either, but the small sets, when they came through, packed a mean punch, resulting in a few wet ones and the odd spectacular aerial. Click here to view a couple of videos.
Scarlet Sea Perch and Pearl Perch
All reef locations were on the agenda with Double Island Point again producing some good fish. Report and photos from
Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished D.I. on Tuesday in beautiful conditions. Wind was 5 knots NNE and current to the south. We caught moses perch, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, slate bream, snapper, frypan snapper, scarlet sea perch, skipjack tuna, some thumper pearl perch and a black marlin that was hooked on the troll." Pictured above, from that nine hour charter, is Dwayne Homan from Caboolture with a quality scarlet sea perch and pearl perch.
Green Jobfish Red Throat Emperor
And the lads from Wild Thing 2 fished The Banks earlier in the week. Report and photos from skipper Paul Glover... "We fished the Barwon Banks on Friday. The wind was about 5 knots easterly and a fair current to the south. We caught Moses perch, tusk fish, fox fish, coral bream, mackerel tuna, snapper, red throat emperor and a very agro green jobfish. We did notice a fair few sharks out that way too so no messing about or the tax man will get it." Above we have Richard Stephens from Noosa Heads with a green jobfish and Damien Massingham from Twin Waters with a nice red throat emperor.
Small Mouth Nannygai Snapper
And they targeted North Reef the next day. "Hey mate. We ran a five hour charter to North Reef on Saturday morning. Wind was 10 to 15 knots easterly and no current. We caught moses perch, venus tusk fish, tailor, snapper, snapper heads, and small mouth nannygai. And in the arvy we ran a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef in very similar conditions. We caught venus tusk fish, moses perch, grassie sweetlip, tarwhine, spangled emperor and cobia." Above, from that charter, David Rawson from Buderim is pictured with a small mouth nannygai while young Leo lost most of his knobby to the tax man.
Spanish Mackerel
And this report and photo (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Brooke Wignall... "Hi Bill. We fished North on a five hour on Tuesday. Conditions were good with light variable winds and a slight current to the south. We caught snapper, moses perch, hussar, iodine bream, pearl perch, Venus tusk fish, Spanish mackerel and grassy sweetlip. Pictured is Erich Van Zyl from Gympie with his Spaniard." Maori cod and skipjack tuna were also on the bite out that way.
Maori Cod and Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef really started to fire as the week progressed. Lots of surface activity from the mackerel and the odd wahoo but also lots of hungry sharks making a nuisance of themselves. The bottom bashers did well too. Report and photos from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish..."We did a seven hour trip to Sunshine on Sunday. Conditions were great with a light easterly breeze and no current. We caught coral trout, pearl perch, Maori cod, gold spot cod and venus tusk fish. An epic day all round." Pictured above is Bruce Nix and Bruce Hewish (Theo's dad) with some nice Maori cod and a coral trout.
Spanish Mackerel
Laguna Bay had small tuna in close near the bar and mackerel in numbers in the cleaner waters. Greg Warren from Buderim (above) did well in his kayak along the North Shore/Hall's Reef stretch on Sunday morning, landing three Spaniards on trolled whole garfish. Having bagged out, as did a few other local yak anglers, he headed in for an early mark and a quick pic at Davo's Tackle World. He's seen here with his 14kg standout. Greg's quality capture heralded the arrival of the Spaniards in numbers and earned him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Spotted Mackerel
And from Dave Reynolds... "Crossed the bar at 12 noon on Thursday with my mum Liz (above) who was visiting from Wahroonga, Sydney. We trolled a purple 17cm Rapala X-Rap for 30 min on Halls Reef and it got crunched by this 83cm spotty mackerel. Inward crossing at 13:30. Fresh fish for dinner!" 

The winner of the $20,000 Boat Package was drawn on Sunday... And Mick Erceg from Traveston picked up his prize on Thursday...

COASTAL: Mackerel were in close on some of the open beaches this week with Yaroomba Beach in the south and the waters north of Teewah on the North Shore providing some good action. Whiting and flathead were active near the river mouth and, along with dart and permit, up towards the top end.

ESTUARY: The lower estuary continued to fish well. Lots of mangrove jacks were out and about with some good quality fish on the prowl down towards the river mouth after dark. Trevally, barred and spotted javelin fish, flathead, whiting and some good bream were active there during the daylight hours.
This report from Carolyn Rimmer Selwood... "Thought you might like this photo of our young fisherman's effort on Sunday morning. Zac (above) caught these whiting while out in his tinnie in front of the bar. He caught a nice flathead and about 10 more nice whiting. All on live beach worms. Thank you."
And this report and a couple of photos from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hi Bill. Pix from Monday's charter. Above is Summer Brady from Brisbane with a 53cm flathead which she caught and released near the mouth. And on that same morning charter, Reagan Martin from Brisbane (below left) boated this 33cm bream. Both fish went for whole prawn baits. Good to see the cleaner water getting pushed further up river each day."
Bream Flathead
Some thumper mangrove jacks and trevally were also on the bite off the Sand Bags and, along with school jewfish, javelin fish and trevally (goldens, GT's and the odd tea leaf) in the stretch from the outer Woods Bay to the Coast Guard station at Munna Point. Dusk till dawn worked best there. From Mark Greentree... "Hey Bill. My boy Jacob (above right) caught this nice 58cm flatty on a ChaseBait soft plastic near Munna Point on Sunday afternoon."
And another report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. Here is a pic (above) from Wednesday arvo. This is Tim Gilbert from the 'Today Show' and his daughter Bridget and sons Louis and Joseph. Bridget got this 58cm flathead in the Woods Bays on a whole prawn and young Louis managed a 53cm specimen as well." Both bays were also good for bream, javelin fish and along the jetty pylon stretch, mangrove jacks.
Trevally and Flathead
The back of Noosa Sound produced javelin fish (both spotted and barred), tarpon, bream, GT's, golden trevally and, after dark, more mangrove jacks. From Bailey Boyce, above... "Hey guys. Hooked this GT on Monday morning while trolling though Noosa Sound. Got it on a ChaseBaits Pearl Prawn curly tail soft plastic. It measured 50cm. Also boated two nice size flathead around 45cm out from Munna Point. All released." The upper estuary was a tad quiet with the Tewantin ski runs being the best option. Moses perch, catfish and trevally were the main species reported on the bite there.

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