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As at Monday December 29, 2014.
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OFFSHORE: What a fantastic Christmas! The offshore scene was pretty much dominated by light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable easterlies. The 0.75m to 1.2m swell was up on last week but it was no real hardship. The icing on the cake, though, was the fact that the reef fish and pelagics were on the bite.
Spangled Emperor
The odd bit of rain didn't do much to dampen the enthusiasm of the bluewater brigade although the bar crossing caught a few unawares and, on Saturday morning, accounted for one rollover. The last few curlers out the back weren't much in size but they sure packed a punch and there were a few boaties wishing they'd packed a lot more dry towels for their day on the reefs. Some of the lads from the Noosa Boat Fishing Club targeted the outer reefs with mixed results. The Barwon Banks fished well earlier in the week, producing mulloway, mahi mahi (to 1.45m) and snapper in the 64cm to 75cm range. Glenn and Graham from the club worked The Hards on Saturday and while they bombed out on the snapper, still managed half a dozen quality venus tusk. Their standout capture, the thumper 5.5kg spangled emperor that Graham's pictured with above, also took out this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Mulloway or Jewfish
Cougar One scheduled a late afternoon and night fish to Double Island Point on Saturday and, apart from pearl perch and moses perch, and the odd gold spot cod, boated jewfish and and large mouth nannygai or scarlet sea perch. Tahlija Redgard from Peregian (above) is pictured with a quality mulloway or jewfish taken late in the afternoon and Sean Sparkman from Brisbane (below left) was delighted to boat his thumper large mouth before the sun went down.
Large Mouth Nanygai or Scarlet Sea Perch Coral Trout
Closer in, The Coffees produced grass sweetlip, coral bream, mahi mahi, moses perch and, as you can see by the photo above, the odd quality coral trout. Simon Stewart from Bli Bli boated this thumper 5kg, 70cm+ trout on Tuesday's three quarter day Trekka 2 charter. It went for a pilchard floater down deep.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
North Reef rewarded the faithful (and there were lots of them) with squire, pearl perch, striped sea perch, sweetlip, venus tusk fish, gold spot cod, hussar, barracuda, mowong, coral bream, teraglin jewfish, Maori cod and, as per above, mahi mahi or dolphin fish. Tess and Grace Fernan from Bondi fished North Reef on Monday afternoon on Trekka 2 and are pictured with the day's standout, a 9kg+ mahi mahi or 'dolly'. It went for a whole squid bait down deep.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
The 'Dollies' were in numbers on North. Pere O'Connell from Buderim, Ben Whitby from Toowoomba and Craig Pritchard from Caloundra (above) were out there on Saturday's Wild Thing 2 charter when these three bruisers cruised up and started circling the boat. They eventually got them all on cast pilchards.
Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine Reef was thick with small boats, bait schools, birds and pelagics this week although the action was sporadic at times. Some anglers would bag out on spotties or small (5kg to 6kg) Spaniards in the morning and then it'd be as quiet as the grave in the afternoon. Just the luck of the draw. Judy Hutchison from the Gold Coast (above) hit the jackpot there on Friday morning's Wild Thing 2 charter when her pilchard floater was taken by a Spaniard.
Spotted Mackerel
And Brad Cecil from Brisbane and his sons Baden and Jeremy from Canberra (above) got into the spotties on Thursday morning's half day Trekka 2 charter to Sunshine Reef. Other species on the bite out there were; grass sweetlip, hussar, venus tusk fish, moses perch, cobia, lots of juvenile red throat emperor, Maori cod, pearl perch (in numbers), yellowfin tuna (on the troll) and the odd mahi mahi out wide. The northern and southern ends worked particularly well.
Pearl Perch and Sweetlip Mahi Mahi Sweetlip and Maori Cod Cobia Squire and Venus Tusk Fish Spanish Mackerel and Cobia
As sometimes happens, we didn't have room for all the offshore photos but if you click on any of the small pix directly above, you can view the slideshow.
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