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As at Friday December 30, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Apart from it being Christmas, it wasn't a terribly inspiring week, certainly as far as the offshore scene was concerned. The fishing was hard yakka and the weather indifferent earlier on. Conditions steadily improved from Tuesday onwards, however, with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable easterlies dominating. Just when everyone was getting used to the bar being relatively straight forward, it turned a bit gnarley on Thursday morning, claiming a 5.0m tinny (with no injuries reported) and scaring the pants off a few small boat owners and their crew. This morning was a lot calmer and with the boat ramps chokka block, there was an almost endless flotilla of boats heading out. This time without incident. Some of the bigger boats targeted Double Island Point towards the end of the week. Report and photo from Trekka 2 skipper Kelly Mills... "Hi Bill. Fished D.I. on Thursday for AJs, snapper, pearlies, moses, tuskies and mahi mahi. Wind 10-15 knots ENE. Swell 2.5m with a 2 knot run to the south. Peter Wilson from Sydney and Jimmy Doyle from Brisbane (below left) got a pair of solid mahi mahi. Double hookup on floated pillies."
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish Snapper
And from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished D.I. on Thursday. Wind 10 to 15 ENE, strong current to the south. We got moses perch, venus tuskies, snapper, pearlies and coral bream." Fredric Fālt from Sweden (below) and Will Alexander (above) from New South Wales, pictured with a couple of snapper.
Along the middle reef belt, Chardon's Reef was good for snapper, squire and the odd Spaniard, as was North Reef but with the added bonus there of venus tusk fish, small yellowfin tuna, Maori cod, gold spot cod, grass sweetlip, teraglin jewfish, pearl perch and moses perch. Oliver Frey, visiting family in Noosa from Perth (below) boated his Spanish mackerel on Thursday morning's Cougar One charter to Chardon's. Conditions: 5 to 10 knot easterlies with a 2.0m swell and little or no current,.
Spanish Mackerel
While young Jake Stubbs from New South Wales (below left) boated a thumper Maori cod at North Reef on Wednesday afternoon's five hour Wild Thing 2 charter. And James McDougal from Tamworth (below right) is pictured with a very colourful coral trout from the five hour WT2 morning charter which targeted Sunshine Reef,
Maori Cod Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef also produced mackerel tuna, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, brownline sea perch, squire and grass sweetlip. Laguna Bay was relatively quiet with mostly mack tuna and spotted/school mackerel (and the birds) hammering the baitfish behind the surf line along the Hall's Reef stretch and further up.

COASTAL: The surf beaches were inundated while the sun shone this week and those anglers who were after a feed had to focus more around dawn and dusk before the crowds got out. Having said that, whiting were in good numbers (if not size) from Castaways Beach to Sunshine. Further north, some of the light tackle guys have been getting smoked by tuna (they think) on cast slugs off the headland rocks while tailor were responding well to whole pilchard baits off the middle groyne on Main Beach after dark. On the Noosa North Shore, whiting were well spread while tailor were active down towards the river mouth and up above Teewah township.
Greenbac k Tailor
Young Mia Andreassen from Beerwah (above) got into the tailor on the North Shore late on Wednesday afternoon and evening while fishing with her mum and dad. She dropped one good fish, got bitten off by another but persevered and was third time lucky when this 2.5kg greenback came to the party. It went for a bonito fillet on ganged hooks. And to cap it off, Mia's great catch and beaming Colgate smile also won her this week's $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.

ESTUARY: The river mouth was well patronised this week with the holiday crowds making the most of the newly formed beach along the car park rocks stretch. Lots of good jack and jewfish holding structure gone but some good deep water and associated sand flats drawing in the bream, flathead, whiting and (following the bait schools) tailor and trevally. Further up, the Frying Pan was good for bream, flathead and tarwhine while in the Woods Bays the catch was bream, flathead and javelin fish during the day, trevally early in the morning on surface lures and tailor and mangrove jacks after dark on lightly weighted pilchards and fresh mullet fillets.
Mangrove Jack Golden Trevally
From Chloe Shaw, above.. "I caught this 53cm, 2.0kg mangrove jack on Friday night. Was pretty excited as I have never caught a fish this big in my life. Put up a good fight. It went for a pilchard head." The back of Noosa Sound saw a bit of trevally action around first light and jack activity after dark while during the day in Weyba Creek it was bream and flathead on prawns, lightly weighted small fish baits and live yabbies plus the odd trevally on live fish baits. Crystel White (above right) caught this thumper 3kg+ golden trevally in the Weyba stretch about half an hour after high tide on Monday (Boxing Day) morning. It went for a live herring bait.
Flathead Golden Trevally
Upriver, bream were in good numbers and size around the Gympie Terrace jetties and, together with flathead (on the run-out), moses perch, estuary cod and javelin fish, at Lake Doonella and around the Tewantin ski runs when there was no boat traffic. Steve Allen from the Central Coast in New South Wales (above left) caught and released this 88cm flathead up around Tewantin on Saturday morning while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. Apart from that, mud crabs were out and about in the waters from the Tewantin Ferry to the mouth of the first lake where trevally were schooling and flathead were reported prowling the boat channel. Will McCullagh from Emerald (above right) caught this golden trevally near Lake Cooroibah on Monday afternoon's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole prawn bait.
Viking Espri Fishing Kayak
Congratulations to Anne Glynn from Noosa Waters who was the winner of the $799.00 Viking Espri fishing kayak package from Davo's Tackle World.

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