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As at Monday February 7, 2011

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Fishing Noosa
Fishing Noosa

OFFSHORE: It was a pretty good week as far as the offshore scene was concerned. Not perfect, but the north easterlies were mostly light to moderate in the mornings and the swell hovered around the 1m to 1.2m mark. The afternoon sea breezes tended to be a bit blustery at times but that's quite a familiar weather pattern here around this time of the year.
Conditions were good enough, though, for the odd trip out wide. The current was apparently running quite strong but the boys from Fishing Offshore Noosa put on the heavy lead on the weekend and, after doing an overnighter at 'The Hards', came back with venus tusk fish to 4kg, quality pearl perch, snapper, amberjack, moses perch and gold spot wrasse.
Coral Trout
Closer in, North Reef produced squire, moses perch, pearl perch and sweetlip as did Sunshine Reef but with the added bonus there of venus tusk fish, mack and yellowfin tuna, Spanish mackerel and, as per the photo above, the odd coral trout. Ben Dickens from Buderim boated this 5kg specimen while out there on a half day Trekka 2 charter on Saturday.
Snapper and Spanish Mackerel
In Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal fired up as the week progressed with yellowfin tuna and mackerel tuna hammering the bait schools on the weekend. On top of that, Spanish mackerel and quality snapper were in good numbers as Fred Hammond and his mate Wayno (above) found on Sunday. The two amigos had a productive morning session, coming back with a 6kg snapper and two 6.5kg Spaniards. Apart from that, there were a few small tuna on the bite just out from the bar.

ONSHORE: The southern end of the North Shore (from the township of Teewah to the river mouth) was pretty much catfish territory this week. As a result, most surf anglers focussed their attention on the beach stretch from the camp grounds to Double Island Point where dart (in numbers), whiting (to 32cm) and the odd average size bream were active.
Mangrove Jack
In the estuary, the clear water mark seems to have progressed up as far as the first ski run at Tewantin although the waters opposite the Yacht Club seemed to be as far up as the trevally and tailor (together with the odd grunter bream and mangrove jack) were prepared to venture. Mangrove jacks were also active around the Munna Point Bridge area as Zeb Martin-Teale (above) discovered on Friday morning when his mullet flesh bait was taken by this 1.9kg specimen.
Mangrove Jack
Mangrove jacks, tailor, flathead and trevally were also well spread through the Woods Bays where they were responding well to Gladiator Prawn soft plastics, surface poppers and Gladiator Slim Jim lures. Bob Jeynes from Davo's Compleat Angler (above) did well there on Wednesday and Thursday nights, catching and releasing a dozen trevally, two flathead and four mangrove jacks. The fish he's pictured with, a 50cm+ specimen was his standout.
Estuary Cod
Estuary cod, of course, are always well spread and are fearless ambush predators. Adrian Brumm (above) was fishing in the Woods Bays yesterday morning when his live herring bait was monstered by the 2.2kg cod he's posing with. But that wasn't all. While Adrian was crouching on the jetty dehooking his fish a $20.00 note drifted by within easy reach. We suggested he might like to supply a contact number in case someone claimed the note but he somehow forgot to leave it.
Christine Ahlholm from Brisbane (above) has been catching plenty of quality bream on mullet strips from the jetty of her holiday house in Noosa Waters this week and just to prove it she popped into Davo's yesterday with a 900gm specimen.





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