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As at Monday February 1, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Hot, sultry, overcast, wet and at times a bit windy, we had it all this week. Not bad enough to completely shut the offshore scene down but it certainly deterred the last of the holiday crowd in the smaller boats from venturing past the headland in the latter half of the week. The bar was another issue as well. The swell wasn't all that big but at times the sets were quite random and packing a punch on the first half of the run-in. CLICK HERE for pix.
Spanish Mackerel
The wider reefs weren't really on the cards this week. The bulk of of the reports, in fact, were from the middle reef belt with North Reef being by far the most popular and productive destination. Making the extensive capture list from out way were venus tusk fish, moses perch, coral bream, spotted mackerel, gold spot cod, cobia, Spanish mackerel, brown line sea perch, slate bream, amberjack, squire, mahi mahi, grass sweetlip, striped sea perch and many lined sweetlip. Phew! Jordan Zerk sent in a report and photos from Monday's trip to North Reef... "Hey Bill. Jack Pockran, Matt Major and I fished North Reef today. It was a bit bumpy most of the day but wasn't really too bad. Jack's Spanish mackerel (above) took a Rapala deep diving hard body lure and Matt's amberjack, which he released (below left), went for a deep jigged 120gram Williamson knife jig. The rest of the catch was squire and mahi mahi. Cheers!"
Amberjack Moses Perch and Gold Spot Cod
Stefanie Schaefer from Germany (above right) is pictured with a thumper moses perch and a gold spot cod from Thursday's Wild Thing 2 charter to North.
Gold Spot Cod
Also from that seven hour charter we have Dominic Brown from Brisbane (above) with a quality gold spot cod and below, a very happy Doug Brown from London, England and Christian Dumas from Tewantin with a few spotted mackerel. Most of the spotties went for pilchard floaters in a well laid berley trail.
Spotted Mackerel
The Coffees were also worth a look. Trekka 2 targeted that area on Saturday and just as they docked at the Boat House jetty later that afternoon the skies opened up and it fair bucketed down, followed by some pretty impressive thunder and lightning. Fortunately we'd already picked a good under cover spot for the pix so that was no drama. Brendan Linney from Emerald (below) boated a quality Spanish mackerel on a pilchard floater on that seven hour charter.
Spanish Mackerel
And from that same group booking, Nathanael Prange from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast (below) was more than happy with his thumper gold spot cod.
Gold Spot Cod
The only other reports to hand were from Sunshine Reef where Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, grass sweetlip, squire, moses perch and the odd coral trout were on the bite earlier in the week. Reports from there this morning were of a roaring current and very little action, down deep or on the surface.
Spotted Mackerel
The Vale family were out in Laguna Bay chasing the spotties a few Sundays ago and while quite a few anglers bombed out due to the high level of boat traffic, they persevered with pilchard floaters and finally managed four decent fish along the Hall's Reef stretch. Young Tom is pictured here with his first ever mackerel with his standout going 73cm, a great debut for the young gun. His mum Jo got in amongst them as well with a juvenile marlin which she hooked and then lost near the boat (to see the short video, filmed by her husband Chris, just CLICK HERE) and an 80cm+ spotty to her credit. They weren't the biggest spotties weighed in this month but they were certainly voted the best presented specimens, along with the biggest smiles and best fishy story. These factors all added up and helped the mother and son team win the $500.00 Davo's Tackle World 'Mackerel Mania' prize. Well done team Vale!
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