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As at Friday February 3, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Fabulous conditions this week. Light to moderate variable easterlies, a 0.5m swell and not much current to speak of on the local reefs. The bar turned a bit gnarly on Tuesday around mid tide. One boat took a hit, and its motor stalled just outside, but it was towed back by the Coast Guard without incident or injury.
Maori Cod Red Emperor
It was the end of the school holiday and the lack of boat trailers clogging the back streets of Noosaville certainly showed that. There were still plenty of anglers keen to take advantage of the great run of weather, though, and they weren't disappointed by the quality of the reef fish and pelagics they encountered. For those with the bigger boats and larger fuel tanks, Double Island Point was sure worth a look with moses perch, big hussar, snapper, venus tusk fish, red emperor, spangled emperor, mahi mahi and Maori cod all on the bite. Hugh Cameron from Richmond, Victoria (above left) is pictured with a good size Maori cod which he boated there on Friday's Wild Thing 2 charter. Report and photo from Bobby Jeynes... "Hey Bill. Sammy Ladd (above right) and I just got back from a weekend trip to Double Island Point. The fishing was slow. The scaly buggers were not hungry and very finicky. We started north of D.I and ended up east of Wolf Rock. Most fish we found that were hungry were nor east of D.I. We caught good reds, mangrove jacks, big Maori cod, pearlies, good moses perch, spangled emperor and snapper. By the way, I bought some cheap hooks off ebay. Sammy wasn't happy when his hook snapped and a 12kg red got away. Looks like I'll be throwing 200 hooks in the bin!!!! Cheers, Bob."
Snapper Snapper
Out wide, The Barwon Banks produced snapper, pearl perch, splendid perch, venus tusk fish, red throat emperor, mahi mahi, coral cod, wahoo, Spanish mackerel & trag jew. Bobby Mathers from Caboolture (above) and Justin from Brighton (above right) boated a couple of standout knobbies there on Saturday's Trekka 2 charter.
And local angler Gary Norris, above, sent in this brief but informative report on Wednesday morning: "Wahoo. 5.00am this morning. Barwon Banks. Trolled pink skirt."
Coral Trout Gold Spot Cod
The middle reef belt fired well this week. At The Coffees the catch was squire, pearl perch, moses perch, cobia, venus tusk fish and coral trout. North Reef was the same (minus the trout) but with the added bonus of gold spot cod, sargent baker, coral bream, hussar, Maori cod, frying pan snapper, grass sweetlip, mahi mahi and jewfish. Robin Sandberg from London (above) boated his thumper 74cm coral trout at The Coffees on Friday's Trekka 2 charter. While local lad Alec Aird-Cardiff sent us this report... "Hey Bill. Headed up to North Reef early on Saturday morning with my dad. Didn't really get any action and didn't find much bait but I managed to jig up one yakka and on the second drop got smashed by this big cod. Released successfully after a quick pic." For his efforts in managing to fight and boat such a thumper fish, and then to successfully release it, Alec was awarded this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize. Click on his photo above for the full size pic.
Pearl Perch Jewfish or Mulloway
As you can see by the photos, North Reef was very popular and productive. Matt Blake from Cooroibah (above left) is pictured with a nice pearl perch from Saturday afternoon's five hour Wild Thing 2 charter while Matt Benham (above right) boated a quality jewfish or mulloway there and Saturday's five hour Cougar One charter.
Jewfish or Mulloway
Further down the line, Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover fished Chardon's Reef on Monday morning. His report... "Hey mate. Wind was 10 to 15 knots from the east. Little or no current. We got grass sweetlip, tarwhine, flathead, cobia and jewfish. Joe Pilgrim from Victoria (above) boated the standout... a nice jewfish or mulloway."
Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine Reef ran hot and cold with some anglers swearing it wasn't worth the bother. Then Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World send in his report... "Morning all. We sneaked out lunchtime Wednesday thinking coral trout session on the run-out tide. After slowly gathering up live baits, we perched ourselves in the zone. The first fish was a Spanish, then the cobia came on the bite. The fishing was frantic, even involving triple hook-ups. After releasing a few we came home for an early happy hour. Richard Beason (inset above left) landed his first Spaniard for the year. Sonny Stevens with a 14kg model." And from Andrew Clucas, above right: "Was very happy to get my first Spanish on Saturday morning. Trolling a Halco Diving lure near Sunshine." Oh, and there were a few coral trout on the chew there as well.
Grass Sweetlip Spotted/School Mackerel
Laguna Bay was fairly quiet but for the early birds, Jew Shoal was the spot for the odd quality Spanish mackerel and Hall's Reef yielded spotted/school mackerel and sweetlip. From local angler Dave Reynolds... "Hi Bill. My brother in law Damian Chegwyn and I fished Halls Reef on Friday morning for three nice spotties and two big grassy sweetlip. The lippa in the pic (above) was 65cm. The sweetlip were loving the mack tuna flesh bait and the spotties hit the floating pillies. Regards, Dave."

COASTAL: Great weather and great conditions on the local surf beaches. Not so good for surfing but as good as it gets if you wanted to wet a line. In the southern stretch, Peregian Beach was the spot for some good dart with peeled prawns and pilchard pieces accounting for the better specimens while Castaways Beach stood out as far as the whiting were concerned with live worms attracting some quality fish on the run-out tide. Further up, tailor were chasing metal slugs off the rocks at the northern end of Sunshine Beach and there were unconfirmed reports of just legal size jewfish on the prowl there after dark. In Laguna Bay, Little Cove produced whiting, dart, bream and tarwhine early morning and late afternoon while the middle groyne on Main Beach was good for big eye trevally and small tailor at first light. The weed on the Noosa North Shore slowed things down a bit but whiting were still biting a few kliks north of Teewah township and tailor were on the chew after dark.

ESTUARY: The river was quiet this week but there was usually a feed to be had at the river mouth with bream and flathead active during the day and jewfish going for fresh mullet strips and live fish baits after dark. Golden trevally were in good numbers in the lower estuary with the hot spots being the Frying Pan, The Woods Point (along with flathead and, after dark, mangrove jacks), the Woods Bays (where bream, javelin fish and flathead were active) and the back of Noosa Sound. Les Szonyi from Brisbane (below) caught and released a golden trevally around The Sound on Sunday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole prawn bait.
Golden Trevally
And Sarah Boyce messaged the lads at Davo's Tackle World on Saturday... "Hey Guys, Matt & Sarah from Laguna Boating here. Thank you so much for the help and advice on Friday. There were no jacks caught that night but we caught and released a nice shovel nose ray/shark. Our son Bailey in photo, below left. Cheers."
Shovel Nose Ray Mangrove Jack
Further upriver, flathead and whiting were biting in the waters opposite the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. Live worms and Goat Island yabbies got the attention of a few good fish there. Last but not least, at Tewantin it was bream, flathead and javelin fish during the day and mangrove jacks at night. Local angler Shaun Reynolds (above right) caught this 57cm mangrove jack in the vicinity of The Noosa Marina on the last of the run-out tide on Thursday morning. It went for a live biddy bait.

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