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As at Friday February 2, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: It's a long time since we've seen such a gnarly bar for any extended period. Fresh to strong south easterly winds and a 2.0m to 3.0m swell shut the gate on the offshore scene from late Saturday afternoon onwards and it looks like staying that way until early next week. Only one boat took a shot at crossing on Sunday morning and that was a close run thing. And local surfer/angler Mal Hunt (above) entertained us with his effort on Tuesday.
The winds did drop off briefly on Wednesday but with the swell still up on the bar, and the lack of any lulls between sets, even the desperates and die-hards gave it a miss. Those who got out before the blow, however, did ok, with cobia and Spanish mackerel responding well to floaters and trolled rigs. Under the circumstances, there weren't many reports though. From the middle reef belt, we got this one from
Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hi Bill. We fished North Reef on Saturday in deteriorating conditions. Wind was 15 to 20 knots, swell 1 to 1.5m and building. We caught grass sweetlip, moses perch, trevally, tusk fish, cobia and a huge gold spot cod that was released and swam away." From that charter, from Wavell, Queensland, we have Phil Corvo (above) and Tony Corvo (below) with a couple of nice cobia. Mark Corvo (below right) caught and successfully released the thumper gold spot.
Cobia Gold Spot Cod
Closer in, Sunshine Reef was a bit more productive. Report and photos from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished Sunshine Reef on Friday. Wind was about 10 knots with no current. We caught venus tusk fish, grass sweetlip, moses perch, pearl perch, trevally and a cracker darktail sea perch." Pictured below from that five hour charter we have Ashley Taylor from Toowoomba with the quality darktail sea perch and a grass sweetlip.
Dark Tail Sea Perch and Grass Sweetlip
And below right, from that same charter, is Kelly Davidson from Toowoomba with a venus tusk fish. Then we have this report and photo from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Saturday morning. Conditions were sloppy but the fishing was pretty good. We caught coral trout, spangled emperor, pearl perch and venus tusk fish. Pictured (below left) is Aaron from Brisbane with a nice trout that came in on our floater which was certainly a nice bonus. We picked up two decent size spangled emperor on the floating rig as well. Cheers mate, Theo."
Coral Trout Venus Tusk Fish
Yak angler Jarrad Rodgers (below) celebrated Australia Day with a paddle in the bay and then out to Sunshine Reef where he picked up this nice 13kg Spanish mackerel on a trolled sauri. In Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal was good for the odd Spaniard while Hall's Reef was the spot for cobia and grass lipper.
Spanish Mackerel
While the weather is a bit ordinary we thought we'd run another 'Guess the Weight' Competition on our FaceBook Page. The rules are quite simple. Just guess the weight of the spangled emperor in the photo below and you'll be in with a chance to win two seven hour offshore fishing charters with Noosa Charters. Value: $400.00! Now that's a great prize! To enter, just CLICK HERE or on the photo below.
Noosa Charters 'Guess the Weight' Competition.

COASTAL: The open beaches were pretty much a no go zone from Sunday onwards. Prior to that whiting were biting in close at Marcus and Castaways.

ESTUARY: River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Still a lot of fish around pretty much everywhere. Heaps of bait around the Woods and Sound areas in the early morning before the traffic heats up. Went out about 5:30am the other morning and the trevally were on the hunt early. Picking up some great numbers of flathead at the mouth, the odd queenfish around the Coast Guard and the Woods Bay on either tide. Javelins have moved back further up the river around Tewantin. Had a flick in the ski run the other day and landed a few nice GT’s around the 50cm mark. We should see the fish life ramp up again after the full moon Wednesday. Everyone will just have to try and stay out of the stronger tides."
Mangrove Jack
Mangrove jacks were also active at the river mouth rock wall and, together with flathead in numbers, along the deeper snaggy waters of the Dog Beach, the Sand Bags and the Woods Bays. Local angler Murray Sharp (above) got off to a bad start on Wednesday morning when his unsecured five metre Quinnie slid forward on its trailer and smashed in his tailgate window. After a quick stop at Davo's Boating and Outdoors for a tarpaulin to cover the damage he popped next door to Davo's Tackle World and picked up some worms and fresh mullet and went fishing on the river. He was back later that afternoon with this nice mangrove jack, caught in the Woods Bays (on the run-out tide) on a mullet strip bait. Partly because of his bad luck story, but mostly because of his quality fish, Murrray was awarded the $50.00 ChaseBaits soft plastics prize in this week's Davo's Fish of the Week Competition.
Blubberlip Bream Shovel Nose Ray
Whiting were biting in the Frying Pan and across the Munna Flats shallows while trevally and the odd queenfish were active at first light in the Culgoa Point/Munna Point stretch. There was also the odd surprise capture. This from Cindy Sutton... "Hi Bill. On Sunday we went fishing under Munna Bridge with our son Lochie. He was using his Tackle Rat fishing rod from Davo's Tackle World, and managed to pull in this whopping 68cm Blubberlip Bream, using old prawns for bait. He reeled it in on his own. We took some photos and released it back into the water. He asked to go straight to Davo's to show everyone his photo!." Lochie's monster blubberlip, his biggest ever fish, won him the $50.00 store credit in this week's Fish of the Week competition.
Apart from that, there were still a few jacks on the prowl after dark around the back of Noosa Sound. Further upriver, the Noosa Marina area at Tewantin was good for trevally and queenfish while the waters out from the Council Chambers yielded flathead and the odd shovel nose. From Steve Matthews, above right... "Landed this monster up at Tewantin boat ramp about 4:30am on Friday morning. What a great fight!! Was released to fight another day."
Golden Trevally
And from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Jules from Noosa is pictured (above) with a 51cm golden trevally which she caught around Tewantin on Sunday afternoon's charter. It went for a whole whitebait." Further up, threadfin salmon were active at the top of Lake Cooroibah on the incoming tide while the deeper waters in the top end stretch between the lakes produced mangrove jacks and jewfish from dusk through till dawn.

FRESHWATER: Lake MacDonald... Bass around the Bubble Trail and deeper holes and drop offs. Spinnerbaits and small hard bodies are working well, as well as 2.5"-3.5” plastics including Z-Man Slim SwimZ and Fuze Tripple tail on 1/6th jigheads. Borumba Dam... Bass and saratoga are on the bite in the Yabba and Kingham arms with Entice Assault Vibes, Ecogear ZX35 blades and spinnerbaits from Bassman and OSP Dunk and Daiwa Silver wolf hard bodies working very well. Early morning and late afternoon surface bite best on Cultiva ZipnZiggy, Strada Zedia walkers and Jackson Risk baits.
Jackson Lures Prize Winner Heath Robinson with Peter Wells from Davo's Tackle World
What a Ripper! The latest Jackson Lures/Tackle World Competition was won by local angler Heath Robinson. What a Prize! A Bucket of Jackson lures and a beautiful Quon rod. Worth a whopping $1000.00! Well done buddy. That's going to keep you on the water for a while.

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