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As at Friday February 1, 2019.
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Below left. The bar crossing was pretty good most of the week although the outer bank did catch a few boaties out at times...
Above right. Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish sent me in this interesting video clip and promised he'd send the story behind it later. I didn't hear back from him though, apart from him confirming that the video was shot on Sunshine Reef, so I thought I'd just go ahead and write the story myself. And here it is.... "Theo Hewish has a secret. He's a fish farmer. Not little aquarium size fish, but honest to goodness, take home when they get big enough, reef fish. There are a select number of secret spots on Sunshine Reef where Theo's fish congregate and they don't stray far because they know that he will always come by at their designated meal time and feed them. This video was shot at his red emperor farm. He also has a coral trout farm, a Maori cod farm, a pearl perch farm and a snapper farm. When Theo's fish get big enough to be classified as 'keepers'... well, I don't think I need to explain to you what happens after that."

OFFSHORE: There were no down days this week, just the odd lumpy one due to the sometimes moderate to fresh variable easterlies. Every day was certainly fishable although the smaller boats struggled in the slop when the winds took on a more north easterly flavour. The current was also running hard most of the week but those who put on the appropriate amount of lead managed to get a feed.
From Buderim angler Kurt Reynolds, below left... "Hi guys. I caught this 91cm, 16.5kg red emperor on a mullet fillet north of the Banks on Saturday. Also caught a 6kg gold spot cod, Maori cod, a snapper, mother in-law, pearl perch and a couple of tusk fish. Left them still biting and headed home at 4pm." Kurt's outstanding red won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Red Emperor and Marlin
And young James Pursell wasn't worried about the current as he was on the move. He's pictured above right with his first ever billfish, a small black marlin. Caught and released (on the morning tide change) trolling Chardon's Wide on Monday with his dad and granddad.
While Caleb Wood (above) did well for himself on Thursday morning. Using an old Rapala (purple/blue with a metal bib) shallow diving hard body lure (was best he could describe it) he trolled up not one, but two wahoo. He was doing about 6 knots but got both hits as he picked up speed running down a following swell. He was on the way home from out wide of (near as we could figure) Massoud's Reef.
Spanish Mackerel
But most of the pelagic action was in close. From Dave Tunnington, above... "Popped into Davo's North Shore on Friday. Bought some wire trace, good treble hooks and quality pilchards. Launched my kayak off Mudjimba Beach on Saturday morning and trolled around Old Woman Island. Wasn't too long before my reel was screaming and twenty minutes after I had this 14kg Spaniard in the hatch."
We received a couple of reports and photos from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "We did a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Friday in glassed out conditions. After a couple of pick drops we found ourselves in the middle of a crazy bite, catching spotty mackerel, Spanish mackerel and cobia although the sharks got their share unfortunately. Pictured (above) is Ashley Macdonnel with a nice cobia."
Spotted Mackerel
And this one from Monday... "Perfect conditions although the current was still hanging around and the sharks were as thick as I've ever seen. We caught spotty mackerel, moses perch, trevally, cobia and pearl perch. Pictured(above) is Fin Atkins with a nice spotty." 
Yellowtail Kingfish
The kingfish (yellowtail and black) were in numbers on Sunshine. From Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour trip to Sunshine Reef on Sunday. Conditions were great apart from the two knots of current run which made things hard. We caught sweetlip, red emperor, yellowtail kingfish and gold spot cod. Pictured (above) is Adam Smith with a cracker yellowtail kingy."
Cobia, Spotted Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel
And from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We fished Sunshine Reef on Saturday in very nice conditions, although the strong current made bottom fishing a little tricky. After losing several fish to sharks we persisted and after making a few moves we came home with a nice bag of snapper, tusk fish, Maori cod and cobia. Pictured (above left) is Gerrit Engelbrecht with a nice cobia." Laguna Bay had lots of birds and small tuna working the bait schools not far out from the bar and along the Hall's Reef stretch. There were also a few mackerel on the prowl not far out from the North Shore surf line. David McGregor from Coolum Beach (above right) took out the trifecta after he launched his kayak from Teewah Beach around 5.00am on Saturday morning. Slow trolling a mix of slimy mackerel and garfish baits he hooked and boated one spotted mackerel, one school mackerel and then one Spanish mackerel. Not a bad Australia Day effort and another worthy entry in the $1000.00 Davo's Mackerel Mania Competition. Oh, and he could also get points for the shirt.

$1000.00 Mackerel Mania Competition
Don't forget! The Davo's $1000.00 Mackerel Mania Competition runs until February 28, 2019. Pop into any of the Davo's stores and get your photo taken with your mackerel catch and be in with a chance to win an amazing $1000.00 shopping spree at Davo's. The winner will be announced on March 1, 2019. Please Note: It won't necessarily be the biggest fish. Points will also be awarded for the best photo, best smile and best story. Your entry will be uploaded to our FaceBook page and the number of 'Likes' it attracts will also determine whether it goes into the final six from which the winner will be selected. Good luck!

COASTAL: Whiting were in numbers along the open beaches this week with a few elbow slappers (and the odd flathead) coming from some good close in gutters from Peregian to Castaways. Whiting were also biting at the northern end of Sunshine Beach (as were lots of average size dart) while further north, the Fairy Pools produced quality trevally and bream plus the odd tailor. Across the bay on the Noosa North Shore, whiting and to a lesser extent, flathead were active in the low tide gutters from the river mouth to up past Teewah.

ESTUARY: Whiting were also in numbers around the rock groyne sand flats just inside the river mouth and were also responding well to surface lures further up in the Frying Pan. Mangrove jacks were out and about in numbers with the Dog Beach stretch in particular producing some good fish. Michael Crowther from Eumundi (below) bought a new spin outfit (a Daiwa 6000/Shimano Revolution) from Chicko at Davo's Tackle World and was thrilled to christen it by landing this 49cm jack there on Saturday night. His bait? Mullet fillet.
Mangrove Jack
And local lad Rhys Hempsall (below left) was fishing the Dog Beach stretch last Thursday night with his dad when he got bricked and busted off so many times he pretty much ran out of terminal tackle. All he had left was one solitary jig head (which he borrowed from his dad) and a bit of mullet fillet. It was an 'anything's worth a try' moment which immediately paid off in spades when this 43cm mangrove jack came to the party. It was also a great way to christen the new rod that Rhys had recently bought from Rob at Davo's Tackle World.
Mangrove Jack and Cale Cale Trevally
The Woods Bays were another mangrove jack hot spot (around the pontoons) plus a good option for queenfish, trevally and (in the inner bay) the odd tailor. From Eddie Coronado, above right... "Hi Bill. Just a quick report from Friday morning's fishing. I fished Woods Bay from a kayak that the Resort (Skippers Cove) that we're staying at provides and had an insane session. There were bustups all morning from about 5.30 to 8.30. Plenty of missed hook ups off the top and dropped fish but I managed to land three tailor to about 50cm, a couple of queenies at 30cm and a larger one at 45 cm a stack of small GTs and a couple of cale cales. The one pictured was around the 45 cm mark and it pulled like a steam train and was actually towing me around the moored boats. All fish were released except for one queenie and a couple of the tailor that I gave to a local who was fishing for bait to take out off shore tomorrow. He was the one who took the photo and was kind enough to text them to me. The best lure for the morning was a 50mm Bassday sinking Crystal Minnow which I had just bought from Davo's a couple of days previously. Kind regards, Eddie Coronado, Melbourne, Victoria."
Flathead and Tarwhine
The back of Noosa Sound was another jack hot spot with a few trevally and tailor also in the mix while flathead, whiting and mud crabs were active in Weyba Creek. Fred Stapleton from Melbourne (above left) picked up this 69cm flathead there on Friday morning. It went for a trolled Lively Lure Mad Mullet hard body. Tarwhine and bream were out and about along the Gympie Terrace stretch and in Noosa Waters. From Charlotte Pursell, above right... "Hi, I am five and I come from Melbourne. I caught this tarwhine with my Dad and brother James from a jetty in Noosa Waters. I caught it on my pink fishing rod. I gave it a kiss and released it. I also caught a bream as well."
Mangrove Jack
There were more mangrove jacks on the bite around the Noosa Marina at Tewantin and up between the lakes. River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. This week we caught whiting and flathead in the mouth. Same for the Frying Pan with bream in there too. Jacks in the Woods Bays early morning this week as well as flathead and trevally. Tewantin and further up fished a little better than the lower this week for trevally, flathead, bream, javelin fish and mangrove jacks. Tommo from Melbourne (above left) caught and released a 40cm jack between the lakes earlier in the week, as did Summer from Brisbane (above right) on another charter.

In the impoundments, the warm water has fired up the saratoga in lakes Macdonald and Borumba with fish up to 80cm being boated. As these fish feed during low light periods, a session on sunrise or sunset will give anglers the best results. Lures have been the main pick for anglers with walk-the-dog styles including the Cultiva Zip’N’Ziggy and Bassday Sugapen 75's landing quality fish. Bass anglers have been fishing deeper schools with blades and heavy weighted soft plastics landing quality fish up to 50cm.

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