The Noosa  Fishing Report

As at 9pm Monday 9th February 2004

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OFFSHORE: With heavy rain and 2m+ seas driven by moderate to strong (20 to 25 knot) South Easterlies it wasn't a Spotted Mackerelparticularly memorable week for the offshore brigade by any stretch of the imagination. Under the circumstances the exposed reefs were pretty much a no go until the weekend when the winds dropped below 15 knots. Realistically, though, Sunday offered the first window of opportunity for those who were keen to venture beyond Laguna Bay. North Reef, in fact, was the only outer reef that produced anything of note, although the range of species on the bite was pretty impressive with Snapper, Pearl Perch, Teraglin Jewfish, Tailor, Sweetlip, Squire, Parrot Fish, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Striped Tuna, Moses Perch and Cobia well represented. Spotted Mackerel, however, were the standout species out there in numbers this week and the 5kg and 5.5kg fish that local angler Jim Dunn is pictured with were a very good example of the quality. Jim boated these two 'Spotties' out on North Reef yesterday while on a full day Cougar Too charter. He was kitted out with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 reel loaded with 8kg line. Oh, and as an added bonus, Jim, understandably, also took out this week's 'Best Hat' and 'Best Smile' award. Onya mate! The relative shelter of Laguna Bay was the best option most of the week with Bonito, Mackerel Tuna and Longtail Tuna all targets for cast and retrieved metal slug lures. For those trolling or floating whole fish baits, however, Hall's Reef was probably the best place to be with Spotted Mackerel in quite good numbers in the deeper levels.

ONSHORE: Even though there was, apparently, still a little bit of 'weed' about, the North Shore coastal surf stretch fired up this week with plenty of Chopper Tailor wherever there was likely looking water. Whiting, Bream and Dart were also well spread and very active over there while further North at Double Island Point school Jewfish made their presence felt. The groynes on Main Beach were another good Tailor option (especially at night) and Jewfish or Mulloway were the main target species around the National Park headland rocks, which is where local angler Steve Dawson (below left) landed the 6.6kg 'Jewie' on Saturday night. Steve was armed with a 14ft surf rod and a Penn 9500 threadline reel loaded with 30lb line and 55lb trace. His bait? Mullet fillet on 3x4/0 ganged hooks. Further down the coast, Marcus Beach yielded Dart, Whiting and Flathead while Castaways Beach was the pick of the bunch, producing Dart, quality Whiting and, at night towards the end of the week, Chopper Tailor to 1.5kg.
Jewfish and Trevally
In the river, with plenty of fresh still in the system, Whiting were concentrated down towards the river mouth while Trevally and Chopper Tailor were most active in the Woods Bays and around Munna Bridge, where Bream, Grunter Bream and the odd Mangrove Jack were also on the bite. And it was in the Woods Bays on Friday morning that local angler Manu Roberts (above right) found his Storm surface popper hit from all sides by a boisterous school of 'Trevs'
(to 1.6kg) during a hot one hour session. Manu's outfit was a Wilson rod and an Abu Garcia reel loaded with 8lb braid and 20lb leader. The 'Jacks' were also in numbers up around Harbourtown at Tewantin and between the lakes. Apart from that, Flathead were taken on the drift in the Noosaville stretch and Weyba Creek wasn't a bad option for Bream. On the freshwater scene, the Lake MacDonald Bass were chasing jig-spins and spinnerbaits around the lily pads and over the weed beds.



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