The Noosa  Fishing Report

As at Monday February 13th 2006

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OFFSHORE: Apart from a strong (25 to 30 knot) south easterly blow on Wednesday and Thursday the week was pretty much dominated by light to moderate variable northerlies, but with the murk from the freshwater run-off being unusually Sweetlippersistent and wide spread, Laguna Bay and Sunshine Reef only started to fire over the last couple of days. On the outer reefs, however, the results were a little more encouraging with Parrot Fish and Moses Perch common to all locations. For those with bigger boats, Double Island Point was the spot for Snapper, Squire, Pearl Perch, Gold Band Snapper and Rosy Jobfish while over on Chardon's Wide the standouts were Amberjack, Hussar, Snapper and Rosy Jobfish. A little closer in, North Reef produced Spotted Mackerel, Sweetlip and Squire and Chardon's Reef was the spot for Maori Cod, Pearl Perch and Hussar. As an added bonus, Marlin, as you can see by the photo below, were on the prowl around 'The Hill'. Local angler Cam Reid (left in photo) caught and released this 35kg specimen while out there on a three quarter day Cougar One charter on Saturday. He was kitted out with a Silstar Powertip rod and a Shimano 6500 Baitrunner reel loaded with 10kg line. As the week wound to a close, Hancock's Reef fired up, producing Snapper, Sweetlip and quality Spotted Mackerel while at Sunshine Reef the extras were Sweetlip, Bonito, Amberjack and Spotted Mackerel. Laguna Bay, although still somewhat discoloured, finally fired up this morning with Bonito, Mackerel Tuna, Spotted Mackerel and Northern Bluefin Tuna working the bait boils north of the shark nets, out around the drum lines and just off the headland. North Hall's Reef was the only other producer of note and although the pelagics were very quiet, the reefies were still more than ready to take a well presented bait, as local yak angler Richard 'The Pike' Pikus (right) found on Saturday morning. Richard was out there on his Perception Swing 'Angler' fishing kayak doing a spot of bottom bashing when this thumper 4.8kg Grass Sweetlip took his whole Biddy fish bait. He was armed with a Shimano Taipan 6kg-10kg 'Snapper' rod and an Okuma Epix 60 threadline reel loaded with 20lb Fireline and 30lb trace.
Marlin ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches were worth a look this week with Bream, Tailor and Whiting well spread on the North Shore around high tide, with the waters around the Cherry Venture working particularly well. On the east side, Sunshine Beach had Chopper Tailor around the rocks at the north end and just south of the surf club, while Sunrise Beach produced Whiting and quality Dart, as did Castaways Beach but with the added bonus of Tarwhine and Bream.
Bream Bream
In the river, there were some quality Bream on the bite in the Woods Bays as Brisbane angler Rick Andrews (above left) discovered last Monday night. Rick attracted the 1.1kg specimen he's posing with using a piece of sirloin steak as his draw card! He was armed with a Davo's Jarvis Walker estuary combo loaded with 8lb line. Bream were also active up around Tewantin (along with Trevally) and, the Hilton Terrace stretch and the Gympie Terrace stretch with soft plastics and, as in the case of the fish above right, live fish baits working equally well. Local angler Cayden Mount tempted his 1.1kg 'Yellowfin' with a live Herring while fishing at the slipway on Monday night. He was using a Shimano threadline combo loaded with 7lb line. Apart from that there were Tailor and Flathead chasing soft plastics in the Frying Pan and down at the river mouth (where Whiting were responding to live worms), Tailor, Trevally (surface poppers), Flathead (soft plastics) and Mangrove Jacks in the Woods Bays plus Flathead, Whiting, Mangrove Jacks and the odd Threadfin Salmon at the mouth of Lake Cooroibah. The stretch between the lakes again accounted for a few Mangrove Jack captures. On the freshwater scene, the Lake MacDonald Bass (to 45cm) were responding to Jackals around 'Three Ways' while at Borumba Dam there were Saratoga on the bite before the Timber, around the Eagles Nest and up in the Kingham Arm. The Bass were also quite active with the upper reaches of the Yabba and Kingham Arms working equally well.



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