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As at Monday February 8, 2010

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OFFSHORE: With moderate to fresh (15 to 20 knot+) south easterlies and a 2m+ swell prevailing at the beginning and the end the week most of the offshore activity was squeezed into Friday and Saturday. Even then the bar crossing made life interesting for some of the less experienced boaties although fortunately there were no serious incidents reported. Conditions had improved enough by Saturday for wider excursions but feedback from those who visited the Barwon Banks was less than encouraging with just average catches of pearl perch, Maori cod, squire and moses perch reported.
The middle reef belt was only slightly more rewarding with North Reef producing Spanish mackerel, teraglin jewfish, venus tusk fish and striped sea perch while, as you can see by the photo below, wahoo were on the prowl at Chardon's Reef.
Darrin Marinelli from Wollongong in NSW was out there on Friday afternoon with local fishing legend Craig 'Chicko' Vella when their fast trolled live bonito skip bait attracted the attention of the excellent specimen in the photo. Darrin was armed with a 15kg Shimano Beastmaster rod and a Shimano TLD30 overhead reel loaded with 15kg monofilament line.
Sunshine Reef was once again the major hot spot and when fishable it was good for reefies and pelagics, yielding squire, spangled emperor, pearl perch, sweetlip, coral trout, cobia and, of course, plenty of Spanish mackerel, top weight 17kg.
Cobia or Black Kingfish
Tim French from Beerwah (above) was out at Sunshine Reef on Friday morning but, without any wire traces, he and his buddies were constantly bitten of by the frantically feeding Spaniards. Eventually, however, Tim got lucky when his pilchard floater attracted the attention of the less fearsomely toothed 7.5kg cobia he's pictured with.

ONSHORE: With the swell up and the south easterlies blowing the coastal surf beaches were not particularly inviting. To make matters worse the dreaded 'weed' made its presence felt so those anglers who took the trouble to wet a line had a fair bit to contend with. Having said that, for those who made the effort, whiting and dart were quite well spread along Teewah Beach and tailor (2.5kg to 4kg) were on the bite down at the river mouth end. On the east side, Sunrise Beach looked good towards the end of the week with some good gutters producing quality dart, whiting and the odd flathead.
Mangrove Jack
The estuary was fairly quite this week with most of the activity coming from the 'Jacks' and Trevs'. The stretch between the two lakes produced very well as Dave Doran from Noosa (below) found on both Tuesday and Wednesday night.
Mangrove JackDave boated two jacks (to 2.2kg) each night using live biddies and poddy mullet as his draw card. He was using a Daiwa Crossfire reel, an Okuma rod and 15lb line.
Things were otherwise pretty quiet apart from the Woods Bays where trevally were boiling on the surface in the morning and responding well to surface poppers.
As an added bonus there were mangrove jacks feeding in amongst the 'Trevs' as Ed Sweres (above) discovered on Saturday morning.
Ed was working the boils with a surface popper and was delighted when not one but two jacks responded to his lure.
And Gordan Vlkonovski (below) caught a 1.8kg mangrove jack in 'The Bays' on Thursday night using a whole winter whiting as his draw card. Apart from that, the stretch from Munna Point to the river mouth was the best option for whiting and flathead while the mud crabs were driven to even greater activity by the recent rains and full moon phase.
Mangroe Jack

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