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As at Monday February 8, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Bit of a slow one this week with the latter half dominated by 20 to 25 knot south easterly winds, 1.5m to 2.0m seas and lots and lots of rain. When conditions were fishable earlier in the week it was still (at times) a bit marginal which discouraged a lot of the smaller boat owners from giving it a go.
Pearl Perch and Maori Cod
Under the circumstances, the out wide reefs weren't really in the running and even the middle reef belt, under the slightly sloppy conditions, seemed that little bit 'too hard basket' for all but the larger charter boats. It was also quiet around town with the holiday crowds down in numbers which is pretty much the norm for February. Having said that, the bar was flat and the fish were still out there, and those prepared to put in the time usually came home with a feed. North Reef went off the boil this week with just average catches of squire, moses perch, slate bream and many lined sweetlip reported. The Coffees were a better option, however, producing pearl perch, Maori cod, mowong, sweetlip, squire, snapper, moses perch, Spanish mackerel, venus tusk fish and gold spot cod. Kiaras Karayannis from Sydney (above) did the honours with a pearl perch and Maori cod from Wednesday's Trekka 2 charter to The Coffees.
Maori Cod
And pictured above, we have Chrissy Hannelly-Kakias from Orange in New South Wales with the standout Maori cod from that same seven hour charter.
And Ashley Ramm from Tackle World Miami, West Australia (above) boated a couple of snapper on Thursday morning's Trekka 2 charter to The Coffees.
Spanish Mackerel
It was pretty quiet otherwise with just the odd squire, monocle bream, coral bream and grass sweetlip on the bite at Sunshine Reef. Laguna Bay was already murky from the previous week's rains so a bit more wasn't going to change anything. The edge of the murk line was still worth a shot though and the Hall's Reef stretch was a good place to start. Local angler Jason Alsop crossed the bar around 6.00am on Tuesday morning in his tinny and made a beeline for Hall's Reef. Once there he rigged up a whole pilchard on a squid skirted troll rig and worked the waters for about an hour before hooking up with this 10kg Spaniard. He was back at the boat ramp by 8.00am and then it was a quick stop off at Davo's for the obligatory fish photo before heading for home to fillet his catch. Jason got an 'A' for effort and having nailed the only mackerel this week, also took out the $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.
Grass Sweetlip
Kelvin and K.H. Sham (above) have been holidaying in Noosa and were quite determined to have at least one fish offshore (despite the weather) before they returned home to Hong Kong. So determined, in fact, that they booked Trekka 2 for a private charter on Sunday morning. The T2 lads were hoping to pick up at least one mackerel on the troll in the bay but it wasn't to be so they dropped the pick at Hall's Reef and boated these grass sweetlip, a couple of small reef sharks and a few moses perch. Of course the rain came bucketing down just as they docked so we had to take our pix in the covered jetty walkway.
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Red Emperor. Guess the Wight Competition
The red that Geoff Phillips from Noosa Charters (above) is holding was boated on a nine hour Wild Thing 2 charter to Double Island Point. Just imagine, this could be you in the photo some time in the not too distant future. Simply CLICK HERE or on the photo above to get your entry in.
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