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As at Monday February 16, 2015.

Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: Wow! This week was pretty much a carbon copy of last week! From Tuesday onwards the coast was again hammered by 18 to 25 knots east south easterlies and a 2.5m to 3m swell right through until the weekend. Laguna Bay was fishable on Saturday, if you could get over the bar, but it wasn't until Sunday morning that the offshore scene had settled enough for at least some of the bigger boats to poke their bows around past the headland.
Spanish Mackerel
Trekka 2 fished North Reef on Monday before the weather turned bad. We basically covered that in last week's report but didn't have room for all the fish pictures so here's the rest now. Megan Knust from Michigan in the USA (above) was very pleased with her quality 10kg+ Spanish mackerel from that trip.
Maori Cod Coral Trout
And from the same half day charter, Julia Pick from Michigan in the USA (above left) is pictured with a couple of good size Maori cod. Wild Thing 2's last fling on Monday, before the weather turned, was to Sunshine Reef. Raul Dahlstrom from Broadbeach (above) boated his coral trout on that half day charter.
Coral Trout Maori Cod
Cougar One fished the bottom end of Sunshine Reef and Victor Bailey's Reef on Sunday morning for venus tusk fish. moses perch, striped sea perch, Maori cod and coral trout. Ten year old Riley Coster from Doonan (above) was more than happy to pose with with a colourful coral trout from Victor Bailey's.
And Lena Jones from Brisbane (above right) did the honours with a Maori cod from Sunshine Reef. According to skipper Alex, "it was choppy but fishable".
Spotted Mackerel
Trekka 2 targeted Sunshine Reef this morning and came back with squire, bonito, striped sea perch, venus tusk fish, Maori cod and spotted mackerel. They also caught and released a number of juvenile red emperor. Nick Cullen from Port Macquarie in New South Wales (above) boated this spotted mackerel.
Maori Cod Venus Tusk Fish
Jeff Laubsch from Adelaide (above) was looking forward to a feed of Maori cod tonight and Melinda Salmon did a good job presenting this venus tusk fish.
ONSHORE: Fishing the coastal surf beaches this week was certainly a bit of a challenge. There were no reports at all from Teewah Beach on the Noosa North Shore but there was a bit of activity on Main Beach where whiting were biting on the river mouth side of the middle groyne on the run-out tide. The points of the Noosa National Park headland provided shelter for some keeper size reef fish with lots of moses perch and the odd squire on the bite from the Boiling Pot to Dolphin Point. Further around, GT's and small spotted mackerel were responding to cast metal slug lures off Hells Gate while further south, the stretch from the Dog Beach to the Sunshine Beach surf club produced legal size jewfish or mulloway in the late afternoon, along with the odd tailor.
Bream, flathead, mangrove jack, tailor and the odd school jewfish were active at the river mouth this week but it was quite patchy. There were also reports of juvenile snapper and red throat emperor in the lower system. Further up, the Frying Pan produced bream, flathead and, on live yabbies, lots of whiting.
Harris Wood from Peregian (above) caught bream to 30cm in the 'Pan' on prawn baits on Saturday afternoon. He was on a Noosa River Fishing Safari.
Flathead Golden Trevally
The Woods Bays were pretty quiet with just the odd bream and flathead during the day and big eye trevally after dark. The back of Noosa Sound was the spot for the odd mangrove jack, tea leaf trevally and tailor at night while in Weyba Creek the standouts were bream, estuary cod, flathead and lots of blue swimmer crabs. Pink Maria 50mm and 70mm hard lures worked well on the lizards. Chris Gray from Melbourne (above) caught and released this 65cm flathead there on Wednesday afternoon while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. Whiting were responding well to small poppers across the sand flats in the lower Gympie Terrace stretch. Quality mangrove jacks were finding slow hopped Fish Candy Paddle Vibes hard to resist along the Tewantin ski run at night while during the day; grunter bream, tea leaf trevally, GT's and golden trevally were going for prawn soft plastics. Davo's staffer Chris Locke (above and below) caught and released these quality trev's using Gladiator Prawn lures around the Tewantin rock bar. It was on Saturday morning on the run-in tide.
GT or Giant Trevally
Apart from that, flathead were on the prowl along the Tewantin ski run mangrove shallows and in the Lake Cooroibah boat channel. The channel edge also had whiting. The stretch between the lakes yielded bream, flathead and small (big eye) trevally while mangrove jacks were chasing trolled hard body lures.
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