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As at Friday February 23, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: There was only a very small window of opportunity for the offshore brigade this week with an easterly swell building from Saturday onwards. By Sunday the bar was looking pretty gnarly with some serious sets in the 2.0m+ range rolling through with monotonous regularity. A couple of guys in a small tinny tried crossing on Monday morning and got tossed out of their boat in the process. It didn't flip over, fortunately, and they were last seen heading for home looking a tad bedraggled. Mal Hunt on 'Granite Express', of course, made it look easy later that morning. By Tuesday afternoon the south easterlies were up around the 20 to 25 knot mark and then the rain set in. So that was it. All in all, a pretty ordinary offshore week to say the least.
Snapper Spanish Mackerel
Before the blow, however, the fish were certainly on the bite. Report from Trekka 2 skipper Brooke Wignall: "We fished D.I on Thursday on a nine hour. Conditions were excellent with a light nor wester in the early morning swinging to the north and dropping out late morning. No swell and a slight current to the south. We caught Spanish mackerel, pearl perch, snapper, venus tusk fish, frypan snapper, moses perch and cobia." Above we have, Kym Yeates from Tewantin with a nice snapper and Dan Smith from Tewantin with a quality Spaniard. Below left, Lynsey Allen from Ipswich with the standout pearlie.
Pearl Perch Maori Cod
And this one from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We got in one last charter to North Reef before the weather deteriorated on the weekend. Conditions were great with low winds and no current run. We caught gold spot cod, Maori cod, pearl perch, cobia and venus tusk fish. Pictured (above right) is Victor, Kauri and Ryan with a three way of quality Maori cod from that five hour charter."
Coral Trout Yellowfin Tuna
And one from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "Hi Bill. Took my mate Greg from Wollongong offshore on Thursday. North and Sunshine reefs. Bad forecast but the best conditions we've had for a while . He loves to catch yellowfin tuna , so we scored some nice sushi style fish. Also coming on board were venus tusk fish and my favourite, coral trout. But we did surrender a few to Mr Noahs Ark, cheers Chicko." Greg is pictured above with his catch.
Spanish Mackerel
The yak anglers found the launch from the middle groyne quite straight forward on Saturday morning's AKS Noosa Offshore challenge. Owen Gray from Brisbane (above) was one of fifty anglers who competed. His 11.5kg Spaniard, picked up at Sunshine Reef on a trolled garfish, won him the top spot.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
And here's a long, long, longtail story from Jord Wiegerink.. "Hi Davo's Tackle World. On Saturday 17 February I participated the AKS Noosa Challenge and got my first fish ever from a kayak. I was trolling the Hall's Reef stretch when I got a double hookup. The line of my right rod got into my rudder directly, so I was towed backwards by this yet unknown fish, leaving me completely rudderless. The left rod, I took in my hands. After some time the two lines got entangled. Eventually I could get to the entanglement and I had to release my "hand rod" from its rod leash to get it all sorted out. But with a big fish pulling of each end of the two line and towed backwards this was quite a risk. If something would happen now I would probably loose a rod and a fish. I was relieved when the entanglement was out and the rod leash was back on. Because the kayak still was completely rudderless and towed backwards I couldn't prevent this from happening again, and again taking the risk of losing my rod and the fish. When it was all sorted, luckily the line released from the rudder and now I could properly fight the two fish. About 30 minutes later I saw it... a longtail of about a meter long, I gaffed it and got it in the hatch. Now I could completely focus on the second fish, who had been pulling me backwards the whole time. When the fight nearly ended I got it closer and closer to the yak, and its runs became shorter and shorter, this longtail was larger than the first. Then all of a sudden I got and unstoppable run straight down, after some time it ended up as a piece of dead weight hanging on the end of the line. I pulled it up and saw one big cloud of blood in the water. My first response was to get my feet in the yak. Only half of the longtail was still on the line, I got Sharked!! Looking at the bite it looked like a big one. At 11:00 am I found myself on the beach again with all the other guys. Only the whole longtail was counted for the competition, for the other half I didn't get any points. Cheers Jord." Other species on the bite in Laguna Bay before the blow were mackerel tuna, skipjack tuna, spotted mackerel and cobia.

COASTAL: Under the circumstances there weren't too many surf anglers out and about on the open beaches. There were a few reports before the blow, however, with bream well spread, whiting at Peregian Beach and flathead on the prowl at Marcus Beach. Further up, whiting were biting on the runout tide at the northern end of Sunshine Beach and Alexandria Bay. Apart from that, the middle groyne on Main Beach was good for the odd flathead.

ESTUARY: The new opening at the bottom of the Frying Pan seems to be attracting some good fish with bream, flathead and whiting leading the charge. Local lad Jordy Gramatikas (below) was peppering the sand flats in that area with a 90mm Zipbait Skinny Pop surface lure on Sunday morning when this elbow slapping 36cm whiting took a fancy to it. Up and across from there, the Dog Beach stretch produced more flathead plus GT's and golden trevally.
River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Fished the river mouth and Noosaville area over the weekend and throughout the week. We've caught flathead, estuary cod, trevally, bream, whiting and tarpon. We were pretty much just trying to hide out of this roaring southerly and the driving rain. Angela Szonyi (below left) is pictured with a 67cm flathead that she boated in the lower estuary on Saturday morning's charter.
And Andy from Melbourne, below right, came out with us on Sunday morning and caught a long nose trevally in the Woods Bays. He was on a two hour charter. He then came back on Tuesday morning and landed this 70cm flathead down at the river mouth. Both fish were taken on whole prawn baits."
Flathead Trevally and Flathead
The Woods Bays were also good for quality mangrove jacks. From Nathan Meadows, below... "Please enter me into the Fish of the Week Competition. Mangrove jack. Caught in the Woods Bays on Sunday. Size 48cm. Caught on Squidgy Bio Tough Curly Tail in Cracked Pepper colour. Released, as always, back into the river." As he'd hoped, Nathan's entry took out this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Mangrove Jack
And here's a nice feel good report from Nathan Toey, below... "Hi guys at
Davo's Tackle World. Levi and I came into your shop on Friday to a fantastic greeting and help buying Levi's first fishing rod and gear. We headed straight to the Noosa river and Levi was so excited to use the rod and as you can see, it worked wonders. Not only did he catch his first fish, he caught his second too and is completely hooked!!! Thanks again, Nathan and Levi."
Bream and Puffer Fish
There were more mangrove jacks on the prowl in Noosa Sound (as were quality estuary cod) and Weyba Creek while the sand crabs were out and about below the jet ski run and the top of the Frying Pan. A few trevally were on the prowl along the Gympie Terrace stretch as well. This from Shane Christall... "Just thought I'd share this pic of my nephew Max 'Drillbit' Pascoe, below left. He's only recently been getting into his fishing and landed this nice trevally at the Noosa Yacht Club on Saturday morning on a peeled prawn. He didn't get a measure on it, but it was released shortly after. Kind regards, Shane."
Trevally Mangrove Jack
The Tewantin area was also good for jacks. From Joel Broomhall, above right.. "I have been going out every weekend trying to catch a jack. Changing my tackle and lures every week. This weekend I used a Shakespeare 2/5 kg 7 foot rod and Daiwa Capricorn 2000 reel. Using a Lively Lures Micro Mullet hard body with 6 pound line I finally caught this jack. He was 46cm. Can you please enter me in the fish of the week competition. Thanks, Joel." Further up, the stretch between the lakes produced jacks on mullet and live baits (in the deeper holes), the odd threadfin salmon and a few good size mud crabs.

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