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As at Monday January 4, 2016.
OFFSHORE: Ha! That was a short report week. We were already getting hammered by the strong (20 to 30 knot) south easterlies and 2.5m seas and swell as the week kicked off and it continued that way until the weekend. Laguna Bay was always an option though, especially the Halls Reef stretch. For the outer reefs, conditions improved pretty quickly from Saturday onwards and by this morning they were being gently buffeted by 5 to 10 knot south easterlies.
Spotted Mackerel
Under the circumstances, and in the short time frame, no one ventured beyond the middle reef belt as far as we know. North Reef was the most popular destination, producing grass sweetlip, moses perch, many lined sweetlip, coral bream, mowong, yellowfin tuna, spotted mackerel, Spanish mackerel, venus tusk fish and cobia. Jay Bruce from Pelican Waters (above) is pictured with an 86cm spotty, boated out there on this morning's Wild Thing 2 charter.
And John Dower from Gympie (above) boated a nice cobia on the first drop of the day on Saturday morning's Cougar One charter to the middle of North.
Large Mouth Nannygai
Moving further South, Massoud's Reef was the spot for Maori cod, squire, pearl perch, moses perch and venus tusk fish, as was Chardon's Reef but with the added bonus there of spotted mackerel, the odd Spaniard (there were lots of bite-offs) and large mouth nannygai. Thomas Weiss from Cleve in South Australia (above) boated his quality large mouth nannygai or saddletail snapper on Sunday morning's seven hour Cougar One charter to Chardon's Reef.
Red Thoat Emperor and Moses Perch
Sunshine Reef was good for some and not so good for others, but when it fired the catch was sweetlip, red throat emperor, squire, moses perch, venus tusk fish, coral bream, fusilier, dark tailed sea perch, spotted mackerel, Maori cod and coral trout. The Vella family from Camden in New South Wales booked Wild Thing 2 for a half day on Sunshine on Saturday afternoon. Margot Vella (above) is pictured with a red throat emperor and moses perch from that trip.
Dark Tailed Sea Perch Coral Trout
While featured above left we have family patriarch John Vella with a good size dark tailed sea perch and Luke Vella (above right) with a colourful coral trout.
Coral Trout
Jackson Ross (above) sent in this report and photo from his trip to Sunshine Reef on Sunday morning..."Matt and I headed out to Sunshine this morning for a few hours. Got a nice mixed bag of grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, squire and spotties but the standout was my absolute beast of a trout which I got on a whole pilchard. Was not weighed but would be around the 4kg mark if I was to put a number on it." For his quality fish and informative report we awarded Jackson this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize. Further over, about a 500m off the headland, spotted mackerel were making short, sharp raids on the bait fish schools. They were also active in Laguna Bay, as was the odd longtail, particularly along the Hall's Reef stretch, responding well to cast and trolled slugs and hard bodies. Hall's Reef was also good for the odd mahi mahi while further north of there, Spanish mackerel were on the prowl at 'Stingers'.
Mackerel Mania Competition
Attention! Davo's are running a MACKEREL MANIA COMPETITION during January. With the spotted mackerel coming on the bite you'll have the chance to win a $500.00 gift voucher! To be eligible, bring in your best spotted mackerel to be weighed, measured and photographed.
There will be points awarded for length, weight and condition of the catch and bonus points for best smile and best story. The winner will be decided on January 31 and announced as soon as possible after that date. Both Davo's stores (Noosa and Marcoola) will be accepting entries.
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