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As at Friday January 5, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: Wow! It was another outstanding week for the offshore brigade. Rolling on from last week we had light to moderate variable winds, a nominal 0.75m to 1.0m swell and a bar crossing (typically as per the video above) which just seemed to get flatter and more glassed out as the week progressed.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish.
There were heaps of boats on the water and lots of fish on the bite although the noahs were also out in numbers, grabbing an easy feed of hooked reef fish (especially the pearlies) and spotty mackerel. Cobia and mahi mahi were also out in force, in close and out wide, with some quality fish giving the light tackle boys a bit of stick. Richie Harmon, above, sent in this report and photo on Friday.. "Hi. Picked this thumper up at the Barwon Banks. Trolling dead baits. Thanks to the guys at Davo's for the good tips and selling us the teaser. Not much bottom bashing. Had another good mahi mahi run but didn't land it. Great day." Richie's quality dolly earned him the $50.00 store credit component of this week's Davo's/ChaseBaits
Fish of the Week prize.
Cobia Pearl Perch
Double Island Point was worth a look. Report and photos from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "We did a nine hour to D.I. on Friday. Conditions were perfect. We caught pearl perch, tusk fish, grass emperor and cobia. Pictured is Liam Guthrie and his mate Tom (above) with a cobia and pearlie."
Maori Cod and Pearl Perch.
And this report and photos from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished Double Island Point on Friday. Wind was 10 knots from the north. Current was screaming to the south. We caught big pearl perch, moses perch, snapper, gold spot estuary cod, tusk fish, grassy sweetlip and some good Maori cod." Pictured above is a very happy Mike Harrington from Brisbane with a Maori cod and a pearl perch from that full day charter.
Cobia and Gold Band Snapper
And the lads from WT2 were at it again a few days later... "Hey mate. We fished Double Island Point on Monday. Wind was 10 to 15 knots and current to the south. We caught moses perch, venus tusk fish, snapper, gold band snapper, cobia, coral bream, scarlet sea perch and some nice pearl perch. We lost so many pearlies to sharks." From that charter we have Todd Sparey from Hastings in Victoria (above) with a cobia and quality gold band snapper.
Spanish Mackerel
On the middle reef belt, North Reef was good for moses perch, cobia, snapper, Maori cod, pearl perch, sweetlip, tusk fish, spotted and Spanish mackerel and mahi mahi. Jake Garlick from Breakaway Marine, above, sent this in on Friday... "Hey Bill. Thought I'd share some photos of the great morning me and my mates had at North Reef. Few nice Spanish with the biggest going 22kg and 1.4m. Also got sweetlip, moses perch and mahi mahi. Cheers, Jake." Further south, the current was roaring on Chardon's Reef on some days but the Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel and mahi mahi were in numbers.
Cobia Cobia
Sunshine Reef was chocka block with boats of all shapes and sizes. Report and photo, above right, from Trekka 2 skipper Brooke Wignall... "Hi Bill. We fished Sunshine Reef on Friday. Conditions were good with light variable winds, slight southerly running current. We boated cobia, spotty mackerel, snapper, moses perch, hussar, pearl perch and tusk fish." And again on Sunday... "Conditions were good with light NW winds and a slight current to the south. Good bait balls. Caught cobia, spotty mackerel, venus tusk fish and Maori cod. Nicholas Gourgaud (above left) from Sydney with a nice cobia.
Spotted Mackerel Coral Trout
And from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Sunday. Conditions were great with a light westerly breeze. We caught spotty mackerel (as per above left) and snapper. Cheers, Theo." And this from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished Sunshine Reef on Sunday. Wind was 10 knots max. Light current to the south. We caught grass sweetlip, moses perch, tusk fish, spotty mackerel, scarlet sea perch, snapper, coral bream and a few nice coral trout." Jo Cook from Noosa is pictured above with one of the trout. In Laguna Bay, Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel and grass sweetlip were on the bite at Jew Shoal (before the boat traffic) and on Little and Big Hall's reefs.

COASTAL: The open beaches showed a bit more life this week with a few good jewfish on the prowl in close and after dark (either side of the full moon) at Castaways Beach. Small, whole bonito got best results there, although these primo baits also attracted a few sharks. The stretch from Marcus Beach to Sunrise Beach was good for dart and quality whiting while north Sunshine Beach produced flathead and, off the rocks, cobia and spotted mackerel. On the Noosa North Shore, flathead (on the run-out) and quality whiting were biting at the river mouth end of Teewah Beach and just north of Teewah where permit or snub nose dart were a bonus. Further north, trevally, cobia and spotted mackerel were active off the rocks at Double Island Point.

ESTUARY: The river produced well this week despite the holiday traffic. Weekly roundup from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hi Bill. The fishing has been pretty epic considering the amount of people on the river at the moment. The lower estuary is full of flathead, bream and queenfish, Whiting in the shallows in good numbers if not size. Couple nice GT’s past Tewantin. Schools of moses perch pretty much everywhere. Cheers, Jimmy."
Mangrove Jack Bream and Whiting
The river mouth area was also good for quality mangrove jacks after dark. Chris Lacey (above left) caught and released this 54cm jack there on Monday night. It went for a whole ganged pilchard. And young Jack Pattinson's bream and whiting (above right) were caught there on prawn baits on Monday.
Flathead Flathead
Gina Bensley, Sydney (above left) is pictured with a 57cm flathead which she caught on Friday morning at the river mouth. And Fatimah Beydoun (above right) caught and released this 76cm flathead on Monday morning. Both fish were taken on whole prawn baits on Noosa River Fishing Safari charters.
Estuary Cod
Whiting were schooling around the Frying Pan sand banks and there were a few golden trevally in the deeper channels as well. Across from there, tailor were in numbers in the Woods Bays, responding well to surface and sub surface lures, baits and soft plastics while the Noosa Sound stretch yielded GT's and tea leaf trevally, estuary cod and, late in the afternoon and after dark, mangrove jacks. Local angler Phil Ballard and son Jordan (above) were fishing for bream in The Sound on Sunday afternoon when Phil's prawn bait was monstered by a fish which nearly spooled his 10b line and took half an hour to bring to the bank. At 6kg on the Davo's scales, this estuary cod is the biggest fish that Phil has ever caught in the river. For his stirling effort on light bream gear he was awarded the $50.00 ChaseBaits soft plastics package component of this week's Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Mangrove Jack Mud Crab
Bream, whiting and the odd mangrove jack were also on the bite in Weyba Creek. From Kylie Winson... "Seven year old Bobby (above left) caught his first ever mangrove jack on Saturday morning, 30th December, at Weyba Creek using a live herring bait." The full moon phase meant the local prawns were on the run throughout the system with a few good size bananas in amongst the. And so were the muddies. From Samantha Broderick... "Hi Bill. My girls have been at it again. Up early every day with their Dad to check the crab pots, even on Christmas morning at 4.15am and saw that Santa had been as the milk and cookies were gone but knew the pots had to be checked nice and early so left the present opening until they got back. It was a lovely surprise to get a couple of nice muddies for lunch. This is a picture of Ally (above) who just LOVES crabs. Happy New Year. Regards, Sam Broderick."
And this detailed report from local young gun Cody Van Rensburg pretty much covers the lower Tewantin stretch... "Hey Davo's Tackle World. Here’s a decent queenie (above) and my first fish of 2018. I was pretty happy to land this fish on Wednesday afternoon because of how hard it fought and how it almost had me wrapped up many times on the pylons. I got it just after 3PM at the Noosa Marina public jetty on a Keitech Holts Herring rigged with a TT HeadLockZ 1/12 jighead. Not much going on during the day other than getting busted off by a monster barracuda. We moved to the Marina where schools of mullet were hanging around which drew the attention of a few queenies. Also some big eye trevally and my friend hooked up on a good trevally, either GT or big eye but got busted off. The queenie took a little while to revive but ended up swimming off strong. Conditions were sunny most of the day until the afternoon when it became stormy. Luckily the storm just missed Noosa." Apart from that, quality bream were schooling around the oyster beds and flathead were on the bite in the waters opposite the Council Chambers. Up river from there, it was trevally below MakePeace Island and school jewfish in the deeper holes on the upper river bends. Threadfin salmon were active at the mouth of, and in the deeper parts of, Lake Cooroibah.

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