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As at 9pm Monday 12th January 2004


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OFFSHORE: Apart from Thursday and Friday when strong winds, 2.5m+ seas and a matching swell severely restricted offshore activity, it was pretty much open slather for the bluewater boys. In fact, with the bulk of the week dominated by light to moderate variable Northerlies there was a case for traffic lights at the Noosa Bar crossing with all manner of craft making the most of the fishable conditions. Most mornings were best, as is usual at this time of the year (ahead of the more blustery North Easterly sea breezes) and 'The Bay' and closer reefs were by far the most popular destinations. Squire, Parrot Fish, Pearl Perch and Moses Perch were common to most of the outside reefs. In addition, for those with the bigger boats, Southern Double Island Point produced Snapper, Shark, Scarlet Sea Perch, Cobia and Sweetlip while at the Barwon Banks the extras were Yellowtail Kingfish, Rosy Jobfish and Gold Spot Wrasse. Closer to home, Chardon's Reef was the spot for Maori Cod, Tailor and Teraglin Jewfish as was North Reef but with the added bonus of Snapper, Shiny Mackerel, Bonito, Sweetlip, Scarlet Sea Perch, Red Emperor, Coral Cod and Cobia (whew!). In close, the bait schools were being hammered hard by Mackerel Tuna on Sunshine Reef while, under them, the Spanish Mackerel were going for trolled Pilchards and deep diving lures.

Maori Cod

Laguna Bay also had plenty of baitfish activity with Mackerel Tuna and the odd Giant Trevally taking surface lures throughout the bay and Spanish Mackerel responding to deep trolled Pilchards around Little Hall's Reef. The area North of Jew Shoal was another producer with Spanish Mackerel, Cobia and Snapper chasing trolled Garfish and Pilchards. The photos above? They were from recent Noosa Blue Water Charters trips to North Reef. Above right we have Dean Krause from Brisbane with the 4kg Maori Cod he boated on a Cougar One charter last Tuesday. Dean was kitted out with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and an Alvey 725C reel loaded with 35lb line. And on the same day, John Purcell from Melbourne (above left) weighed in this weeks top reefie when he nailed the 7.1kg Snapper while on a half day Cougar Too charter. He was armed with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 reel loaded with 8kg line.

ONSHORE: The North Shore still had a bit of a 'Weed' problem although the stretch North of Teewah was less affected, producing Dart and Whiting and up around the rocks at Double Island Point; Yellowtail Kingfish and quality Tailor. On Main Beach, anglers working either of the groynes found that the Tailor responded equally well to Pilchard baits and metal slug lures. On the East side most of the beaches produced Whiting and Dart although Sunshine Beach was the standout, having the added bonus of Tarwhine and Chopper Tailor.
Mangrove Jack and Trevally
In the river, the better quality Whiting were found down towards the mouth around high tide with live Worms and Prawns the best baits. Flathead were in quite good numbers in the Woods Bays (where Trevally and Chopper Tailor were also on the bite) and the lower estuary from Munna Beach down. The Mangrove Jacks were a tad quieter although this was news to Melbourne visitor Grace Cardile Fandert (above left). Grace landed this excellent 2.5kg specimen (and a few Bream and Whiting) last Monday night fishing from the bank at Chaplain Park just up from the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. Her bait was a strip of Mullet flesh and her outfit was a Jarvis Walker telescopic combo loaded with 4kg line! The 'Jacks' were also on the bite up between the lakes (gold deep diving lures got good results) and around Harbourtown (on live Poddy Mullet) where, as you can see by the photo above right, the odd Golden Trevally was also on the prowl. Young Brisbane angler Nicholas Moriarty tempted this nice fish with a live winter Whiting on a 1/0 suicide hook yesterday afternoon. He was well prepared, being armed with a Penn rod and an Abu reel loaded with 20lb line and trace. Apart from that, Grunter Bream were going for live Worms and Prawns up around the Tewantin Ferry. On the freshwater scene, Borumba Dam had Bass and Saratoga chasing beetlespins and spinnerbaits in the bays opposite the boat ramp and around Weed Point and 'Toga' in the Kingham Arm. Like Borumba, the Lake MacDonald catch and release tally was also mostly Bass and Saratoga with the area around the Palm Farm and the end of Fry's Run best at dawn and dusk.

Oh, and congratulations to senior Davo's staffer Mark Pertot on winning the Stessl Family Bass Challenge held over the weekend at Somerset Dam. Goodonya mate, excellent effort.

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