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As at Monday January 9, 2012

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OFFSHORE: Well... they're back. The Spanish mackerel finally showed up in numbers this week and they were as close in as two hundred metres from the Noosa Bar. The weather was great and, with the lead-up to the full moon bringing the bigger tides, there was no shortage of takers ready to make the most of the predominantly light to moderate conditions.
Spanish Mackerel.
The pelagics were working the bait schools in Laguna Bay on and off throughout the week and were well marked by the accompanying sea birds. While not in big numbers, the fish were well spread, although the stretch from North Halls to the river mouth fired best with yellowfin tuna, mackerel tuna, bonito, spotted mackerel and longtail tuna the main aggressors. Dominic Hoare from Brisbane (above) and a couple of mates tried to work these boils with cast metal slug lures on Saturday morning without much success but fortunately they had the foresight to also troll a Halco Laser Pro White Red Head lure out the back. As they motored towards another boil not far out from the river mouth their trolled hard body lure attracted the attention of the very nice 15kg Spanish mackerel that Dominic is doing well to hold for the camera.
Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef turned it on although there were just as many hard luck stories as there were 'right place at the right time' ones. Sweetlip, Maori cod, venus tuskers, striped tuna and squire were active while, in close, Spanish mackerel and a few thumper yellowfin tuna put terminal tackle to the test. Coral trout were also on the bite with fish from 3kg to 4.5kg well represented, especially out wide. Alan Jones (above) is a regular customer on Trekka 2 and was quite chuffed to boat his 3kg+ fish on a half day charter to Sunshine on Wednesday morning. The bait that did the deed was a whole pilchard.
Coral Trout Coral Trout
Also on Wednesday morning, Ian Tagg (above right) fished Sunshine with his mate 'Chopper' Dave for sweetlip, venus tusk fish and a coral trout. Ian's fish, which took a whole pilchard bait, tipped the scales at 2.5kg. Looks bigger. And on Thursday afternoon, about an hour after the turn of the tide, Moet Vella (above left) nailed her trout using a live yakka bait.
Jewfish or Mulloway.
Further out, Chardon's Reef produced sweetlip, teraglin jewfish, hussar and moses perch as did North Reef but with the added bonus of scarlet sea perch, just legal red emperor, squire, spotted mackerel, Spanish mackerel, jewfish and cobia.
Jason Wood from the Gold Coast (above) boated two jewies out there on Friday's Cougar One charter, top weight 8.5kg.
Cobia or Black Kingfish
And yesterday morning, father and son team Murray and Martin Gilbert (above) worked North Reef for a bag of mixed reefies and the 12.75kg cobia they're pictured with. This fish, which they hooked on the bottom on a live yakka, beat their personal best by 250gms so both anglers were very pleased with themselves. Dad played it out and son Martin gaffed it.
Amberjack Spanish Mackerel.
Out wide, The Hards yielded quality snapper to 6kg, mowong, scarlet sea perch and moses perch while at the Barwon Banks the standouts were venus tusk fish, yellowfin tuna, more big snapper, school cobia, Maori cod, moses perch, the odd thumper Spaniard, coronation trout, coral cod, red throat emperor and, as per the photo above left, amberjack.
Darren O'Hara from Greenbank boated this 9kg 'A.J.' while out there on a full day Cougar One charter on Wednesday. Last but not least, Double Island Point provided the first Spanish mackerel (weighed and photographed) capture for 2012. Noosa Blue Water Charters fished there on Thursday and apart from mowong, moses perch, yellowtail kingfish and cobia, claimed the season's first Spaniard to appear on the report with the 6kg fish boated by Nick Bopellier, above right.
The other species boated at Double Island Point during the week were red emperor, snapper and a few quality jewfish.
ONSHORE: There were plenty of people on the North Shore and with some great gutters reported, and in the lead-up to the full moon, there were great expectations of some hot action. Unfortunately the fishing wasn't quite as good as hoped, and while there some good catches reported it was hard yakka for most surf anglers. Best results were from up around the township of Teewah where dart and quality whiting were biting and the odd greenback tailor (top weight 2.7kg) was on the prowl. About nine kliks north of there near 'Monkeys', the catch was flathead (to 60cm), whiting (to 36cm), bream, thumper dart and the odd school jewfish. Further up towards the top end there were reports of good water, but otherwise no other feedback. On the east side, the only report of note was of school jewfish at northern corner of Sunshine Beach.
In the estuary, whiting and flathead were in numbers around the Munna Flats, in the Frying Pan and, along with bream, at the river mouth. Tess Holgate from Warragul in Victoria (above) tempted her 68cm flathead with a drifted pilchard at the river mouth on Thursday morning while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. And on Tuesday morning, six year old Harrison Fitzgerald (below left) fished the same area, with the same baits and boated two 850gm lizards for the family dinner table.
Flathead Estuary Cod
Weyba Creek was good for a few bream, small mangrove jacks, more flathead and the odd estuary cod. On Saturday morning, Libby Burgess from Cleveland, Brisbane (above right) caught and released the 48cm estuary cod she's pictured with while on a Noosa River Fishing Safaris charter. It was her first cast of the morning. Her bait? A whole prawn.
Flathead and Whiting.
Ellie, Matt, Georgia and Amy (above) had an absolute ball in the lower estuary on Thursday. Using live yabby baits they managed to boat a number of whiting to 38cms and a 68cm flathead. Not to be outdone, the inner Woods Bay area was the spot for queenfish in numbers, plus tailor, school jewfish, small cobia and a few mangrove jacks. Jack Tait (below left) fished there on Thursday morning with 1/6oz jig headed Gastronomic soft plastics and came up with a 2.1kg jack.
Mangrove Jack Mangrove Jack
And Archie Attwooll from Meandarra, west of Toowoomba (above right) got the surprise of his life around 8pm on Thursday night when his live worm bait was engulfed by the 2kg mangrove jack he's posing with. He and other family members were fishing from the public jetty on Noosa Parade at the time. Apart from that, mangrove jacks were on the bite around the Noosa Harbour Marina at Tewantin. Further up from there the catch was mostly school jewfish, bream and lots of catfish.
At Lake MacDonald, the bass were feeding near the surface in the early morning and late afternoon in Bass Bay and in the weed (on spinnerbaits) in the top end of Frys Run. With a lot of anglers working the Bubble Trail with bait and lures at the moment the fish seem to have shut down. Yellowbelly were still active but much more scattered. At Borumba Dam, most of the action came from the saratoga with good fish chasing surface lures in both the Kingham and the Yabba Arms.
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