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As at Monday January 13, 2014.
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OFFSHORE: It wasn't a particularly exciting week as far as the bluewater boys were concerned with moderate to fresh (15 to 20 knot) east south easterlies dominating in the run up to the weekend. The blustery conditions limited all but the bigger boats to the relative shelter of Laguna Bay until Friday morning.
Yellowfin Tuna
The Noosa Bar had its moments and a few boaties got their noses slapped when the apparently modest sets stood up on some mornings. There were, however, no mishaps reported. Double Island was an option over the weekend but those who made the long run reported mostly average size reef fish such as sweetlip, snapper, pearl perch, hussar, Maori cod and the odd mahi mahi. Peter Klarie from the Noosa Boat Fishing Club and a mate fished the Barwon Banks on Sunday and came back with venus tusk fish, gold band snapper, hussar, pearl perch and red throat emperor. Mostly average size fish but at least they were keepers. The current was running at about 5 knots at The Hards. Closer in, North Reef produced sweetlip, moses perch, squire, Maori cod, cobia and venus tusk fish. These were mostly just legal fish with no real standouts in the mix. Sunshine Reef ran hot and cold and it was often a matter of 'the right place at the right time' for many anglers. Most were chasing the Spaniards, but they had made themselves scarce. Tuna were on the boil at times, though, and Joe Spagnolo (above) and his mate Steve managed to get close enough to a good boil on Friday to cast metal slug lures. Joe's yellowfin (pictured) took his slug as soon as it hit the water and proceeded to give him curry for the next thirty odd minutes. He didn't get a weight, but it would be about 14kg-15kg.
Spotted Mackerel
There were lots of boats working the bay this week. Jew Shoal produced the odd mulloway and a few Spanish mackerel around first light before there was too much boat traffic. Apart from that, mackerel tuna, yellowfin tuna and spotted mackerel were hammering the baits balls about 500 metres out from the river mouth and out around the Halls' reefs stretch over the weekend. Cast metal slug lures, trolled hard bodies and drifted whole baits all got results but, again, it was patchy with some anglers bagging out in half an hour and others going home fishless. Peter McCorrkol from Melbourne (above) and his mate Chris Arnold from Noosa River Fishing Safaris fished Big Hall's Reef yesterday morning and boated a couple of spotted mackerel using drifted whole pilchards.

By the way, the latest bar crossing video (as at Saturday January 11, 2014) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it... CLICK HERE

Juvenile whiting were in mega numbers in the shallows all the way along Teewah Beach on the Noosa North Shore this week. Hopefully a good sign for future seasons. Chopper tailor were on the bite at the river mouth end around dawn and dusk while keeper whiting, bream and tarwhine were active either side of Teewah township. Dart were also in good numbers north of there. Further south, Marcus Beach was good for chopper tailor, dart and whiting.
In the estuary, the river mouth was fairly quiet earlier in the week but picked up as the high tides coincided more with late afternoon and dusk. Tailor (to 50cm) were responding well to surface poppers at the car park rocks around dusk and after dark. Mangrove jacks (to 54cm) were going for live baits. Other species on the prowl were jewfish, flathead, trevally, bream and a stargazer. Grant Budd (below left) caught and released a small 'gazer' there on Thursday.
Stargazer Cobia
There was also the odd mystery bust-off, one of the lads almost got spooled by a large spotted ray and Nicole Enders from Brisbane (above) caught and released a cheeky little cobia while fishing the river mouth on Tuesday's Noosa River Fishing Safari. She was using a whole prawn bait as her draw card.
Hairtail Flathead
Whiting were biting around the sand flats opposite the Dog Beach and (together with bream and tailor) in the Frying Pan. In the Woods Bays, tailor, hairtail, trevally and mangrove jacks were going for live fish baits and River2Sea Rattlesnake Vibe lures. Mikeeley Enders (above left) caught and released a thumper hairtail in the outer Woods Bay on Tuesday's Noosa River Fishing Safari. She was using a live herring bait. The Woods Point current line was good for the odd flathead as local lad Bryce Francis (above right) found on Friday afternoon. Bryce tempted his 70cm lizard with a well jigged Gastronomic soft plastic.
Tea Leaf Trevaly
Birdman from Pomona (above) took good care of the 2kg tea leaf trevally he caught in the Woods Bays on Tuesday morning. He tempted it with a live winter whiting on the last of the run-out tide and popped into Davo's for a pic on the way home. His quality fish won him this week's Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Mangrove Jack
Moses perch, estuary cod, bream, tarwhine and flathead were all active in Weyba Creek, while the Gympie Terrace stretch yielded whiting and average size bream. Apart from that, mangrove jacks were going for live fish baits around the Munna Point Bridge, the stretch between the Tewantin ski runs and up between the lakes. Justin McNab (above) boated his 1.8kg jack between the ski runs around 8.00am on Friday morning. He was using live biddy baits.
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