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As at Monday January 12, 2015.

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OFFSHORE: It was a bit of a sluggish start to the week with 15 to 20 knot south easterlies dominating the offshore scene until late Thursday. From Friday onwards, though, it was all go, go, go as the winds took on a variable easterly pattern and dropped back into the more small boat friendly 5 to 15 knot range.
Grass Sweetlip
The swell was a bit up from last week, hovering around the 1.2m to 1.5 mark most of the time and only easing slightly as the week wound to a close. This had an impact on the bar crossing as well with a few smaller boats falling foul of the now infamous curlers out the back. There were no serious incidents but a few boaties lost their windscreens and sustained damage to their biminies, as well as their egos. A word of caution; please make sure that your anchor is well secured if it's out on the bow. There have been two incidents in the last month where the anchor and rope have been dislodged while crossing the bar. This can have serious consequences, as you can imagine. On a brighter note, North Reef was still firing quite consistently, producing moses perch, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, Maori cod, coral bream, Spanish mackerel, striped sea perch, squire, a few spotted mackerel and lots of cobia. Joanna Treasure from Cowra (above) is pictured with a couple of grass sweetlip from Sunday's Trekka 2 charter to North Reef. Also on that charter, Alan Skinner from Alison, near Wyong, in New South Wales (below left) did very well to hold these two cobia up for the camera, considering he has dodgy shoulders. Well done mate.
Cobia Cobia
Trekka 2 got in a trip to North Reef last Monday before the winds picked up. They got their customers onto a good school of cobia too, and while they got busted off by some real thumpers, they still managed to boat seven or eight quality fish. Doing the honours with a sampling of the morning's catch, above we have: Justin Griffiths from Melbourne, Ted and Chad Brackenrig from New York and Steve Davis from Sydney. They all went home with a good feed.
Spanish Mackerel
There were a few Spaniards out that way too. Nathan Cobb from Beerwah (above) boated this 7kg specimen on this morning's half day Cougar One charter.
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was certainly worth a spot of bottom bashing for squire, mowong and venus tusk fish or a troll or drift for spotted mackerel, school mackerel, Spanish mackerel and cobia. The pelagics also responded well to floaters in in a good berley trail. Wild Thing 2 ran two charters to Sunshine Reef on Friday. Carly Wright from Melbourne (above), who was on the afternoon charter, boated the day's standout cobia and wasn't shy about letting boyfriend James know who was top dog for the day. James Roche from Griffith (below left) is pictured with a shiny mackerel from that same trip.
Shiny or School Mackerel Cobia
Continuing with their good form with the black kingies, Trekka 2 targeted Sunshine Reef on Friday afternoon, coming back with moses perch, Maori cod, sweetlip, mowong, school mackerel and nine cobia. Young Max Rohen from Brisbane (above right) boated one of the better cobes and insisted on holding it all by himself as well. And we managed to get this photo of Mandy, Molly and Jack Martin from Goondiwindi (below) with their fish before we lost the light.
A few bigger Spaniards have started to show, pretty much on schedule, and those anglers who hooked up on standouts, did so with deep diving hard body lures and deep trolled whole fish baits. Steve Hicks from Canberra (below) fished Sunshine with his brother-in-law Bruce Waldron on Saturday. They lost a few whole bonito troll baits to some big fish but managed to boat Steve's 12kg Spaniard out wide on the southern end of the reef before heading for home.
Spanish Mackerel
And the Creeley family fished Sunshine Reef and Hall's Reef on Sunday with Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World. Conditions were great but the fishing was slow. Having said that, they still managed to boat two decent Spaniards on deep trolled pilchards. Young Nathan, below, is pictured with the standout.
Spanish Mackerel
Hall's Reef was also good for the odd school cobia and spotted mackerel while across on Jew Shoal, the catch was grass sweetlip and school mackerel.
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