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As at Friday January 13, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: The week got off to a rather ordinary start with 15 to 25 knot south easterlies chopping up the local reefs until late Sunday afternoon. So not much joy for the weekend warriors this time around. From Monday on, though, it was pretty much full steam ahead with light to often very moderate north easterlies prevailing. The bar played a little bit rough on the odd day with the last of the run-out causing as few problems for the unwary boatie. One rescue, but no rolls, and no one hurt.
Red Emperor
The only feedback from the outer reefs was from The Hards where the catch was mahi mahi, venus tusk fish, gold spot wrasse, rosy jobfish, pearl perch, goat fish and moses perch. Closer in on the middle reef belt, Chardon's Reef produced squire, moses perch and pearl perch, as did North Reef, but with the added bonus there of coral trout, cobia, teraglin jewfish, gold spot cod, grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, Maori cod and red emperor. Rick Holzgrefe from Sunshine Beach (above) boated a quality red emperor at North on Tuesday's Wild Thing 2 charter. And below, Bob Pilkington from Brisbane caught his coral trout on Tuesday's Cougar One charter.
Coral Trout
And last but not least, Lauchlan Pullar from Noosa (below) is pictured with a couple of quality moses perch from Tuesday's Trekka 2 charter. While at The Coffees it was cobia, moses perch, grass sweetlip, pearl perch, Maori cod and teraglin jewfish. Amy Veach from Gladstone (below) landed her Maori cod on Wednesday's trip.
Moses Perch Maori Cod
Not too far from home, Arkright Shoal produced squire and grass sweetlip, as did Sunshine Reef, but with the added bonus of pearl perch, moses perch, coral trout, spotted mackerel and Spanish mackerel. Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World (inset below) fished the outer bay and Sunshine Reef on Monday... "Well, its about time. Our first Spaniard for the year. We've had our chances but the loss rate has been high. It was tough 'n rough on Monday but it settled down as time passed. We only managed one live yakka. After trolling hard bodies, we sent the livie out. It only hit the surface for a few moments, then the stinger rig came into action. Today was a first for me catching a Maori sea perch. Kissed and released. We're back out on Thursday, catch ya on the action." Pictured is Ryan Crealey with the Spaniard.
Spanish Mackerel and Maori Sea Perch
And below we have a report and photo from Chris Walter from the Noosa Offshore Fishing Club... "Hi Bill. Photo from trip with my son Eddie on Thursday. Current was running hard on Sunshine and only managed one fish…. picked up this 6kg trout on a ganged mack tuna slab from the freezer. Been in there a year! Happy with the one fish …what a cracker! Cheers, Chris." His quality trout and positive attitude won Chris this week's $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.
Coral Trout
Apart from that, there were a few big Spaniards prowling Laguna Bay, with a couple of thumpers dropped around Jew Shoal and reported along the Hall's Reef stretch.
If you haven't seen them yet, above are video clips of the standout offshore fish taken in December and latest 'Around Noosa' pix to round off the year.

COASTAL: Nice conditions on the surf beaches after the weekend blow meant plenty of holiday makers and more effort on the part of the surf anglers to find a quiet spot to wet a line. Sunrise Beach was worth a go with some big dart chasing live worms on the incoming tide. Middle of the day, no worries. At Sunshine Beach it was whiting, with a few elbow slappers in amongst the many juveniles, plus the odd tailor off the rocks at the northern end. Pillies and metal slugs worked equally well there. On Main Beach, the corner of First Point produced bream and whiting before the crowds arrived while the middle groyne was good for small tailor and whiting.

ESTUARY: The river mouth was one of the favoured spots this week with lots of casual holiday anglers happy to wet a line and just absorb the good vibe of being in Noosa. There were also fish to be had, of course, with enough bream, flathead, whiting and trevally to keep most fisho's happy. Suresh Mahendran from Toowoomba (below) is pictured with a nice 74cm flathead which he caught and released near the river mouth using a whole whitebait. He was on a Noosa River Fishing Safari.
And Mark Higgins (below) caught a long nose trevally near the river mouth on Thursday afternoon's NRFS charter. It went for a whole prawn bait. Just up from there, the Frying Pan was good for bream, flathead and tailor. Alex Schonell from Brisbane (below right) caught and released a 66cm flathead there on Wednesday morning.
Long Nose Trevally Flathead
There were a few mystery bust-offs and near spool-outs around the Sand Bags at the Woods Point (after dark) and flathead in the current line near the rock wall. Joel Platt (below left) caught and released this 67cm flathead off the Woods Point on Tuesday morning. It went for a 4" Ecogear Power Shad on the last of the run-in tide.
Flathead Golden Trevally
Bream, javelin fish, flathead and trevally were active around the corner in the Woods Bays while the back of Noosa Sound and lower Weyba Creek yielded mangrove jacks after dark on the run-out tide and bream and whiting (on live worms and yabbies) during the day. Further upriver, the Noosaville jetties had plenty of bream fo9r the young ones to target with the odd golden trevally the mix. From Chris Topovsek... "Popped into Davo's Tackle World on Sunday and got some prawns and worms. This golden trevally (above right) jumped at a prawn thrown in by my son Sam (10 years old) down on the river. He was very happy with the catch! Regards, Chris."
Mangrove Jack Mud Crab
At Tewantin, the mouth of Lake Doonella was the spot for the odd flathead and some keeper whiting on the run-out tide, mangrove jacks near the Noosa Marina plus bream, javelin fish, flathead,chopper tailor and trevally (mostly big eyes) in the ski runs. From Mark Greentree, above left... "Got a couple of 50cm jacks up around Tewantin on Tuesday night. Went for live baits on the run-out tide." The mud crabs were out and about in that area as well. Local lad Charlie Drew popped into Davo's Tackle World on Thursday morning with this thumper mud crab which he caught up around Tewantin. Nice one Charlie. That's a family dinner right there mate.
Mangrove Jack
Last but not least, Lake Cooroibah was the spot for bream and flathead while mangrove jacks were on the prowl in the stretch between the lakes. Fourteen year old Flynn Sinclair (above) caught and released this 51cm mangrove jack in that area last Sunday week. It went for a Z-Man Slim SwimZ, calico candy colour soft plastic.

FRESHWATER ... Davo's Tackle World.
Soft, weedless plastics fished close around the weed edges in Lake Macdonald have been producing bass. Wriggle tails and paddle tails have been working well with the new Keitech range getting some standout fish. Holts Herring are now in and were tested on the local bass population with great success. Trolling small 40-70mm diving lures with a wide bib ensures great action at lower speeds. The new Duo Total Shad, trolled along the weed edges and the drop offs, has had good results.

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