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As at Friday January 11, 2019.
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Below left. With the swell still coming from the east and hovering around the 1.8m mark, aerials were par for the course...
Above right. The swell on the bar peaked around mid week and then dropped below the 1.5m mark over the last few days...

OFFSHORE: It was a bit ordinary on the offshore scene this week with moderate to fresh variable easterlies the norm rather than the exception. Certainly fishable most of the time but Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday were definitely the pick for the smaller boats. Having said that, the pelagics were on the chew when conditions permitted and it was a 'make hay while the sun shines' scenario.
Spanish Mackerel
Laguna Bay, Sunshine Reef and the middle reef belt were the performers this week. Report and photo (above) from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We fished North Reef on Thursday morning on a seven hour charter. Couldn't have asked for better conditions and the fish were chewing! We caught cobia, pearl perch, moses perch, tusk fish, gold spot cod and Spanish mackerel."
Pearl Perch and Maori Cod
And we received this report from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour trip to North Reef on Thursday morning in beautiful conditions and no current run. We caught some big pearl perch, snapper, gold spot cod and cobia. Pictured (above left) is Julia Ashton with a pair of cracking pearlies." Plus this one from earlier in the week... "Hey Bill. We ran a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Saturday. Winds were 10 to 15 knots from the east. We caught cobia, sweetlip, moses perch, spotted mackerel and (above right) Maori cod. There were also lots of sharks around so it was a battle at times to get the fish to the boat. Cheers, Theo."
Spotted Mackerel
While on Sunday we received this report and photo (above) from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "My two days off has coincided with fishable conditions, so on Sunday we smashed our way through a confused and quite lumpy bar, headed towards Sunshine North and it was ON!! Bait fish balls on the surface, mackerel, tuna, sharks and cobia, gorging themselves... so we replaced the bait fish with 30gm slugs and had a ball. Love this time of year. Never know what mother nature will dish up!! Cheers, Chicko."
Spanish MackerelAnd on the following day, this report and photo (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour to Sunshine Reef on Monday. The sharks were still hanging around and making it hard to get fish to the boat on some spots but we still managed to put some good fish in the esky. We caught venus tusk fish, grass emperor, painted sweetlip and Spanish mackerel."
And from Wednesday, this report and photos (above and below left) from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We fished Sunshine Reef on Wednesday morning on a seven hour charter. Conditions were pretty good with a slight current to the south . We caught coral trout, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, cobia and quality pearl perch. Here's a couple of the standouts."
Pearl Perch, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel
Thursday was certainly the pick of the litter for the small boats and yak anglers though. Scott 'Shoulders' Davis, above right, got the trifecta at Sunshine Reef yesterday morning. Trolling slimy mackerel baits (squid skirted I think) behind his kayak he hooked and landed an 11kg cobia, an 8kg Spaniard and topped that off with a 4kg yellowfin tuna. Not a bad morning's work.
Spanish Mackerel
Adam Hempenstall (above) has been trying to catch his first Spanish mackerel in his fishing kayak for quite a while now and when he finally succeeded, he did it in style. Trolling a Halco Laser Pro 'Red Head' hard body around north Sunshine Reef about an hour before high tide on Thursday morning he was delighted to hook up on his target species... and even more so when he saw the size of his capture. This thumper Spaniard weighed in on the Davo's scales at 24.5kg and that's a good fish in anyone's book.
In Laguna Bay, the Hall's Reef stretch was good for cobia while spotted mackerel and small tuna were on the bite around Jew Shoal..

ESTUARY: River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We fished the Frying Pan early mornings this week for bream and whiting. We left most of the river mouth untouched due to the wind and larger tides. The Woods Bays produced bream and golden trevally with the odd queenfish surfacing there but not into our lines this week. Middle of the day around the jetties of Noosa Sound we caught moses perch and spangled emperor with the odd javelin fish passing through. Up in Tewantin towards the top and bottom of the tide was very productive for javelin fish, bream, tailor (which snipped is off time and time again) and some big flathead. We were fishing the bottom of the tide around the marina over the weekend when a 1m+ flathead came to the surface chasing a javelin fish we had hooked up, it grabbed our fish and took off, we also had plenty of bust off’s and got spooled a couple times there too, was great to see the action. Eight year old Delta McLean (below) came out on a four hour charter with us. We were on our way back home through the Sound when I pulled the throttle back to throw her line out towards a jetty for her. About 30 seconds later she was pulling in this 57cm javelin fish. Her dad Christian grabbed the net and scooped the fish up for a quick piccy then we let it swim off."
Javelin Fish or Grunter Bream
Flathead were still on the prowl in the deeper channels towards the river mouth, mangrove jacks were active around the snags at night from the car park rocks to the Woods Bays while the current line, along the edge of the outer bay, produced the odd GT and golden.
And Munna Point was good for the lizards. From Ollie Gettinby... "Hi Bill. My name is Ollie. I went fishing with my mate Dory near the 6 knot sign at the Coast Guard on Thursday. My Holt Production Prawn lure was just sitting on the bottom and then with five quick flicks I felt a smack! I was using 8lb leader and 6lb braid on a 1000 size reel with a 1-3kg rod. She was released unharmed. Cheers, Ollie."
Golden Trevally and Whiting
The back of Noosa Sound and Weyba Creek were worth a shot for whiting (live worms, yabbies and small surface lures) and the odd trevally. Taylor and Katie Lower from Beaudesert (above) fished the Noosa Sound area with their dad on Saturday afternoon and, as you can see, did very well. Live yabbies were their bait of choice and the golden trevally and elbow slapper whiting they're pictured with were their standouts. Their Colgate smiles and quality fish won them this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
And from Alex Archer, above left... "Hey Davo's. I caught this 40cm sand whiting off a jetty around Witta Circle on a squid bait. Cheers, Alex." Flathead were also on the bite in Lake Weyba while the Noosaville stretch yielded more whiting. From Ange Coren... "Hi. My seven year old daughter Sophia (above right) was fishing near the Boat House on Thursday with her brand new Shimano combo. On her first cast, she caught this 34cm whiting that was attracted to the juicy sand worms from Davo's. This is the first catch for Soph and I think she's hooked! Soph decided the whiting was a keeper and I'm crumbing it and cooking it for her dinner. Thanks, Ange." Further upriver, the mangrove jacks were active around the Noosa Marina pylons at Tewantin while small threadfin salmon were reported up towards Lake Cooroibah. Apart from that, more jacks were on the prowl between the lakes and (along with tarpon) in Kin Kin Creek.

FRESHWATER: The dams have been quiet with the early mornings and late afternoons the better times to get out there. Fishing off the top, the larger lures in the 90-110mm size were calling up the bigger saratoga along the edges. Make sure you're running 14lb leader or more to ensure they don’t bust you off in the submerged timber. In the deeper water, the smaller spinner baits, vibes and blades were getting the hits from the bass with reports of mid 40’s coming from Borumba deep in the trees around the entrances to the main arms.

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