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As at Monday January 18, 2010

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OFFSHORE: Well, it was a great week for the offshore brigade, especially those chasing the pelagics. Light to moderate south easterlies dominated right through until Sunday afternoon and the cool, calm conditions couldn't have set the scene any better if it was scripted. The bottom bashers found the going a bit tough, unfortunately, with the current running hard out-wide earlier in the week which made life difficult around the 50m to 60m mark. The Barwon Banks did at times show some signs of life, producing pearl perch, venus tusk fish and, as you can see by the photo below, the odd mahi-mahi.
Rob Ward from Brisbane was out there on Friday on a full day Cougar One charter when a school of a half a dozen 'Dollies' came up along the berley rail at the back of the boat. Everyone had a go at them with baits and soft plastics but the only successful hook-up was with Rob's 8kg fish which went for a fast retrieved metal slug lure on the surface.
The Spanish and spotted mackerel were all over the closer reefs this week and just about anybody who dropped a bait or lure in the water got one or more hook-ups. Craig Morley and Dave Devonshire (below right) spent yesterday morning at Chardon's Reef and boated an 8kg and a 13kg Spaniard using whole bonito baits as their draw card.
Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel
North Reef was a good place to be this week. For the bottom bashers there were moses perch, teraglin jewfish, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, sweetlip, red emperor, scarlet sea perch, snapper, pearl perch and squire but it was hard to resist having a shot at the mackerel schools which were hammering the bait fish. Peter Williams (below left) was there with a mate on Friday when the mackerel fired up and after a hot session, came back with half a dozen good spotties and the 9kg Spaniard he's posing with. Back towards home base the Spaniards and spotties were moving around Laguna Bay at will but when the action started it was all on for young and old. Little and Big Hall's reefs produced well at times, as did Jew Shoal but there was no telling where they'd pop up next. Kevin Long (above left) was paddle trolling near the shark nets in his kayak yesterday morning when his Halco Laser Pro lure was taken by the 17kg Spaniard he's pictured with.
Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel
And that's not all folks. Sunshine Reef was also working well. While moses perch, pearl perch and sweetlip were on the bite out there, however, it was the Spaniards and spotties that demanded most of the attention. Mark Arnall (above right), like a lot of boaties, worked the southern end of the reef and on Thursday morning, trolling whole slimy mackerel baits on squid skirted rigs, was rewarded with a 7kg and an 11kg Spaniard (pictured) for his troubles.
Spanish and Spotted Mackerel
Last but not least, Matt Bedford, David Hill and Ed McPhilips (above) were out there yesterday morning trolling Halco Laser Pro lures when they hit on a school of mackerel and boated these two Spaniards (6kg and 7kg) and a 3kg spotty.

ONSHORE: The North Shore was the only coastal beach stretch we got reports from this week. It was all pretty positive, though, with plenty of whiting on the bite all over but particularly good results coming from the waters near the First Cutting and around the bottom camp ground. Quality dart were also active, especially north of Teewah township.
Mangrove Jack
In the river, flathead were chasing trolled small Gold Bombers in Weyba Creek and deeper diving hard body lures around the DPI end of Munna Point. Mangrove Jacks were in good numbers and responding well to live poddy mullet along the Gympie Terrace jetty stretch, soft plastics in the Frying Pan and Rattlin' Jackalls around the Woods Point and in the Woods Bays. Mark Pertot from Davo's Compleat Angler (above) worked the 'Woods' on Tuesday night and apart from trevally (to 750gm), grunter bream and tailor (to 1.5kg) on soft plastics, caught and released a quality 1.7kg mangrove jack using a TN60 Jackall as his draw card. The tailor and 'Jacks' were also on fire in the inner Woods Bay yesterday morning with 3" Atomic Shad soft plastics getting most of the attention. Young Owain Ritson (below right) hit the jackpot near the 'O' Boat jetty on Friday when his live poddy mullet bait was monstered by the 1.2kg mangrove jack in the photo.
Bream Mangrove Jack

Apart from that, bream were active in Weyba Creek as young Jack Doyle (above left) discovered on Thursday afternoon. Jack was fishing the Weyba Bridge area with fresh prawns when he landed this 500gm bream.
On the freshwater scene, the Borumba Dam bass (to 42cm) were responding well to Blades and Berkley MF40 Soft Vibe lures around the points of the main basin.

The latest bar crossing photo, as at Friday the 15th of January, is now posted. CLICK HERE to check it out.



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