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As at Monday January 19, 2015.

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OFFSHORE: Wow! With all this fantastic weather, the charter boat crews are starting to run out of steam, with back to back charters one day, full day trips the next, and hardly a day off. You must admit though, this has been the best run of summer weather we've seen on the Sunshine Coast for a long time.
The bar? "What bar?", was the catch cry this week with the swell steadily dropping away until the bar crossing was almost like a mill pond over the last few days. It looked a bit overcast and stormy at times and with temperatures climbing past the 35 degree mark you needed to be well hydrated and covered up, but if you could take the heat, there were good fish to be had on most of the reefs. Laguna Bay produced best at dawn and dusk when the boat traffic was light. The Hall's Reef stretch was good for cobia, school mackerel, sweetlip and mowong. Twelve year old Kai Tipley (above) fished Little Hall's around first light with his dad on Sunday and was very excited to land a 3.5kg mowong around 7.00am. For his efforts he won a $25.00 Davo's Gift Voucher.
Spanish Mackerel
Jew Shoal was like Piccadilly Circus earlier in the week and even more so over the weekend. Having said that, those anglers who got out at or before dawn did well. Local angler Mark Bisman (above) decided to hit the bay when it wasn't quite so busy so he headed out early this morning (reasoning that the bulk of our holiday makers would be on their way home) and fished The Shoal from 4.45am. It was nice and quiet, with only two other boats in the bay, and he reaped the rewards, boating one Spaniard, three schoolies and one red throat emperor, all on unweighted pilchard floaters. He also released three sweetlip.
There were also a few spotted mackerel reported on the prowl around Jew Shoal, but they were in much better numbers on Sunshine Reef and further south at Arkwright Shoal. Sunshine Reef, however, was by far the most popular 'in-close' destination, although on some days the boat traffic was so thick that the fish simply shut down all over. There were also a lot of instances of over eager boaties 'charging' and overrunning the surface boils, much to frustration of those already working the mackerel schools. Trolling was the next best option when there was no bird sign or surface activity. Eleven year old Jack Anning from Brisbane (above) was fishing the southern end of Sunshine Reef with his dad on Tuesday when this 5kg cobia monstered his trolled Saurie bait on a Davos' Special troll rig. It was Jack's first ever black kingfish and the smile says it all. It also won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Spotted Mackerel and Venus Tusk Fish
Other species on the bite at Sunshine Reef were; coral bream, venus tusk fish, moses perch, mowong, grass sweetlip, Maori cod, squire, coral trout, striped sea perch and Spanish mackerel. Father and son team Justin and Lochy Zakaras from Brisbane (above) are pictured with a spotted mackerel and venus tusk fish which they boated on Thursday's Wild Thing 2 charter while Bun Han from Caloundra (below) boated his Spanish mackerel on Friday's charter.
Spanish Mackerel
And Max Baudains from Jersey in the UK (below) boated this colourful coral trout on Sunday morning's half day Cougar One charter to Sunshine Reef.
Coral Trout Pearl Perch
North Reef was still the top performer, producing a wide variety of fish such as moses perch, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, gold spot cod, scarlet sea perch, pearl perch, sweetlip, northern bluefin tuna, squire, mowong, cobia, Spanish mackerel and spotted mackerel. Jonas Pascoe from Mt. Isa (above) is pictured with a quality pearl perch from Friday's Cougar One charter to North Reef. Melbourne angler Danny Lee's spotted mackerel came from that same charter.
Spotted Mackerel
Trekka 2 did well with back to back charters to North Reef this week but they also ran a couple of trips to The Coffees. Father and son team Karl and Liam Horan from Brisbane (below) nailed the standouts on Tuesday morning's half day charter; an 8kg gold spot cod and a very colourful 4.5kg scarlet sea perch.
Gold Spot Cod Scarlet Sea Perch
And Dieter Riley-Burnett from Lennox Head (below) was happy to pose with one of the two 7kg+ mulloway boated on Thursday's three quarter day charter.
Jewfish or Mulloway
Also on the bite at The Coffees were; cobia, teraglin jewfish, venus tusk fish, grass sweetlip, moses perch and pearl perch. Further south, Chardon's Reef was pretty quiet but when it fired it was the spot for teraglin jewfish, mowong, Spanish mackerel and the odd catch and release juvenile black marlin.
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