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As at Friday January 20, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: A great week on the water although a little bit hot at times. The odd overcast day was a relief with temperatures otherwise in the thirties. Hot and humid, light to moderate variable northerlies and just a nominal swell, perfect conditions for chasing pelagics. And obligingly they came on the bite... in close and big time.
Green Jobfish
But first, the more distant reefs. Strangely enough, there wasn't much mackerel action at Double Island Point this week but the fishing was pretty good regardless. On the chew up that way were; cobia, lots of small (but keeper size) mahi mahi, snapper, venus tusk fish, moses perch and hussar. Out wide, The Barwon Banks yielded snapper, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, moses perch, Maori cod, mahi mahi, rosy jobfish, green jobfish, hussar, fusiliers and red throat emperor, The green jobfish pictured above ate a whole pilly on the surface and was boated by Andy Kelly from Bonny Hills. He was on Tuesday's nine hour Trekka 2 charter at the time.
Moses Perch Scarlet Sea Perch
And Nathan Secheny from Sydney (above) caught an absolute thumper moses perch out that way on Monday's seven hour T2 charter. On the middle reef belt, North Reef fired up, producing sweetlip, venus tusk fish, moses perch, Spanish mackerel, frying pan snapper, cobia, gold spot cod, scarlet sea perch and (close in) quality spanner crabs. Jess Pearson from St. Ives in Sydney (above right) is posing with a nice scarlet sea perch, boated there on Tuesday morning's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Also from the same five hour charter we have Warren Hennessy from Pymble in Sydney (above) with a good size cobia. And here's a report and photo from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We trolled up but dropped a couple of Spanish mackerel at Hall's Reef on our way out to North Reef on Monday morning. Once we got to North we only did one hang for the whole trip, pulling good moses perch, gold spot cod and as per the photo (below left), some super sized pearl perch,"
Pearl Perch Snapper
A bit further down the line, Chardon's Reef was the spot for snapper, moses perch, rosy jobfish, the odd Spanish and spotted mackerel and venus tusk fish. Xavier Nowicki from Sydney (above right) was over the moon when he brought up this nice snapper on the last drop for the day on Sunday's Trekka 2 charter to Chardon's.
Sailfsih and Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine Reef ran hot and cold with some anglers coming home empty handed. But when it fired, it really took off with snapper, venus tusk fish, cobia, moses perch and sweetlip in gratifying numbers and Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, mack tuna and sailfish out of control at times. Jason Milne from Viking Kayaks sent us this spectacular photo (above) of a sailfish aerial... "Hi Bill . Warren Norup asked me to share this from his Sunday trip. He targeted Sunshine in his kayak looking for Spaniards, trolling slimy mackerel, and hooked this awesome sailfish. After a short fight and some amazing aerial displays next to the the yak it was safely released. Not long after he landed a 10kg Spaniard (inset) and a cobia." Needless to say, Warren's herculean effort won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Spanish Mackerel
The small boat (and I do mean small) brigade had a ball this week as the mackerel activity exploded in Laguna Bay. The bar was pretty much 'flat as' so every man, his dog, wife and neighbour got into the action. The Hall's Reef stretch featured prominently but if you were on for the chase the Spaniards, spotties and mack tuna were happy to hit trolled hard bodies and cast slugs or if you wanted to anchor, the ever reliable Davo's pilchard floater was all you needed to get the desired result.
Report and photo from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish..."Hey Bill. On Tuesday we started out early trolling Laguna Bay. Straight away, lures in the water, we had a double hook up and boated two good Spaniards. We ended up getting two more (as in the photos above) plus a large metre long spotted mackerel. We then moved on to Sunshine Reef where we bagged a heap of nice sized pearl perch on the usual pilly/squid baits. All in all a great morning's fishing. Cheers mate, Theo."
Spanish Mackerel Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Amberjack
We couldn't fit all of the Spaniard photos on the page this week. To view the larger pix in the Lightbox Gallery, just click on the thumbnails above...

COASTAL: Fabulous conditions on the beaches, especially during the mornings before the afternoon sea breezes kicked in, meant the usual problems for the beach anglers with more humans than fish in the surf line once the sun was up. Early morning and late afternoon sessions were certainly the most productive with whiting and quality dart responding well to live beach worms from Sunrise to Sunshine. After dark there were a few keeper size jewfish on the prowl at the northern end of Sunshine Beach. Fresh mullet fillet got good results there. Trevally and small kingfish were schooling off the National Park headland rocks, chasing cast metal slug lures and small stick baits. Around the corner in Laguna Bay, the First Point corner was good for bream and whiting around first light (before the crowds arrived) while the waters below the First Cutting and opposite the Third Cutting on the Noosa North Shore produced dart and (late afternoon) some good quality tailor. Further up, whiting were biting in the surf gutters north of Teewah township and past the Camp Grounds and, together with flathead, up past the top end in Rainbow Lagoon.

ESTUARY: The river system was chokka with all manner of craft this week as everyone made the most of the great conditions. Surprisingly, the fish didn't seem too spooked by the boat traffic. The river mouth, of course, was a popular destination and it didn't disappoint with bream, flathead and golden trevally on the bite during the day and the odd tailor active after dark. Tom and Harry Hunt from Byron Bay (below) are pictured with a pair of golden trevally which they caught around the river mouth on Monday morning using whole prawn baits as their draw card. The two brothers, and their family, were on a Noosa River Fishing Safari at the time.
Golden Trevally
And Noosa local Dave Rogers (below) caught a 70cm flathead near the river mouth on Tuesday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole whitebait.
Further up, the Frying Pan area produced bream, tailor and flathead, as did the Sand Bags/Dog Beach area but with the added bonus there of the odd quality whiting.
Bream Flathead
From Brett Ritson... "Went fishing with Oscar (above left) at the Sand Bags on Sunday and got this nice bream on live herring." Just around the corner from there, the Woods Bays fired up at times as the week progressed with trevally (goldens, GT's and big eyes) and tailor hammering the bait schools around first light. Slugs and surface lures well there, accounting for the odd tarpon and javelin fish as well. Moving along, the GT's were hitting surface lures around the Munna Point bridge early in the morning and mangrove jacks were active around the back of The Sound after dark. Bream and flathead were active along the Noosaville stretch during the day, despite the fact that it was awash with kayaks, paddle boarders and all manner of hire boats. Mike Rogers from the USA (above) caught a 68cm flathead along that stretch of water on Tuesday's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a drifted whitebait. Up at Tewantin, the ski runs were good for bream, estuary cod and javelin fish during the day and trevally and tailor around first light. Apart from that, Lake Cooroibah had trevally at the top end and flathead in the boat channel on the run-out.

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