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As at Monday January 24, 2011

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Fishing Noosa
Fishing Noosa

OFFSHORE: With 20 knots+ south easterlies forecast (correctly) for the weekend most anglers focussed their attention on the weekday sessions, with the afternoons (around the full moon) working well. North Reef was a popular destination and on most days, well worth the effort, producing teraglin jewfish, moses perch, sweetlip, hussar, cobia, pearl perch, Maori cod and, as per the photos below, mahi mahi and snapper. Jack and Rob Allen from Brisbane (below) booked a 3/4 day Trekka 2 charter to North Reef on Wednesday and were delighted to boat the 8kg 'Dolly' their pictured with.
Mahi Mahi
And this morning, Trekka 3 ran a 1/2 day charter to North Reef to check the scene out after the weekend blow. Besides the usual reefies, Brendan McDaid from Hamilton in New Zealand (below) hooked and landed a 4.5kg snapper for dinner.
There was still plenty of fresh water out as far as the middle reef belt but those who worked the murk lines or found some blue water did alright. Luke, Matt and Ben (below) spent Thursday morning at Chardon's Reef and besides boating a few squire and mackerel tuna (caught and released), came back with the 8kg mahi mahi they're posing with. Other reports from Chardon's Reef were of teraglin jewfish, snapper, the odd Spanish mackerel to 7kg and spotted mackerel to 4kg.
Mahi Mahi
Sunshine Reef was hard work at times with a lot of fresh, murky water to contend with and opposite running currents in the upper and lower levels. Despite that, however, those who put in the time reported catches of yellowfin tuna, northern bluefin tuna, sweetlip, venus tusk fish, a few just legal cobia and red emperor, plus the odd Spanish mackerel.
Please Note: As a result of the recent storms there is still a lot of debris in the water, in close at the river mouth (rope, tree branches) and out as far as the middle reef belt where trees and even a porta loo were a potentially serious hazard.

ONSHORE: Apart from catfish, there was no feedback from North Shore coastal beach stretch this week. There was a bit more activity, however, across the bay where, around Winch Cove and the Fairy Pools, spangled emperor, bream, tailor and flathead were going for pilchards. Further south, bream and tarwhine were on the bite off the rocks at the south end of Alexandria Bay while bream and quality whiting were responding to prawn baits at the northern end of Sunshine Beach.
In the estuary, there was still plenty of murky, fresh water about so the river mouth continued to produce the goods on the run-in tide with (if you could ignore the catfish) plenty of bream and flathead on the bite. Stephen Strickland from Brisbane (below left) was fishing down there on Friday when his floated whitebait was taken by the 61cm 'Lizard' he's pictured with.
Flathead Mangrove Jack
The Woods Bays fished quite well this week although the shovel nose rays were out in numbers and put any light tackle to the test. Mangrove jacks (to 45cm) were on the prowl both there and in the back of Noosa Sound and were responding well to hard body lures and live fish baits. James Orr (above right) was fishing in 'The Bays' yesterday afternoon with his buddy Bob Jeynes from Davo's Compleat Angler when his live diver whiting bait was taken by the 'Jack' he's posing with. Yellowfin bream and javelin fish were also active in the Woods Bays as Alexander Capiaghi and Kai Marshall (below) found on Wednesday. The two amigos were on the water early and tempted this 900gm 'Grunter' with a squid bait.
Grunter Bream or Javelin Fish
Apart from that, school jewfish were taken on Gladiator 'Slim Jim' lures along the second ski run above Tewantin and, as you can see by the 1.8kg 'Muddy' that Frenchy's holding below, mud crabs were on the move up near the ferry crossing.
Mud Crab





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