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As at Monday January 25, 2016.
Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: The offshore scene was pretty good (weather-wise) this week with light to moderate variable northerly winds and a 1.0m to 1.5m swell more often than not. A bit of a fresh blow on Saturday interrupted the moderate pattern but then it was light to moderate variable easterlies from Sunday onwards. The Noosa Bar was good most of the week but turned gnarly today, with a building easterly swell, and should be treated with respect for the next few days.
There were plenty of options for the blue water boys with the more distant reefs definitely worth a look. Double Island Point rewarded the faithful with good catches of squire, venus tusk fish, cobia, amberjack, hussar, pearl perch, Spanish mackerel, jewfish, Maori cod and the odd red emperor. Gerry Andersen from Sydney (above) was very happy with the cobia or black kingfish that he boated there on Tuesday afternoon's Cougar One charter.
Spanish Mackerel
And from that same nine hour charter, Jake Kither from Maroochydore (above) boated this Spanish mackerel. It went for a lightly weighted live yakka bait.
Red Mouth Cod
Chris 'Fella' Arnold from Noosa River Fishing Safaris sent us this report and the photo above from his Friday's session at The Barwon Banks... "Hi Bill. Had the morning off and shot out to The Banks with Pitzy Folk. The current was roaring, however we caught some red throat emperor, venus tuskies, moses perch, hussar, squire, lunar tail trout, Spanish mackerel and this red flush cod (or red mouth cod) which Pitzy caught on a pilly on the bottom."
Scarlet Sea Perch orLarge Mouth Nannygai
The Hards were good for squire, venus tusk fish, coral bream, slate bream, scarlet sea perch or large mouth nannygai, pearl perch and moses perch. Roy Plomp from Holland (above) boated a very surprised looking scarlet sea perch out that way on Wednesday's seven hour Wild Thing 2 charter.
Venus Tusk Fish
And Simon Linklater from Brisbane (above) is pictured with a thumper venus tusk fish from that same charter. Closer in, North Reef lost a bit of its usual bluster but those anglers who were prepared to persevere through at least one tide change reported pretty good catches of venus tusk fish, moses perch, Spanish mackerel, pearl perch, spotted mackerel, amberjack, mahi mahi, and squire. Ryan Frost from Sydney (below left) nailed a good spotted mackerel on Wednesday afternoon's five hour Cougar One charter to the middle of North. It went, by the way, for a pilchard floater. Further south, Chardon's Reef was a good option for the bread and butter reef species such as squire, pearl perch, mowong, cobia, striped sea perch, venus tusk fish and moses perch.
Spotted Mackerel Mack Tuna
Not far from home, Sunshine Reef yielded mack tuna, sweetlip, moses perch, coral bream, shiny mackerel, spotted mackerel, squire, slate bream, gold spot wrasse and venus tusk fish. Sean Hildyard (above right) sent us this report from his session there on Tuesday morning; "We got some great mack tuna casting metals. There were bust-ups everywhere but the fish were very boat shy. We managed to drift into a couple of schools and get some good fish."
Spanish Mackerel
In Laguna Bay, yellowtail kingfish and Spanish mackerel were active at Jew Shoal while at Hall's Reef the catch was Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, school mackerel and squire. Local yak angler Warren Norup (above) spent some time drift baiting from his kayak on Little Hall's Reef this morning. During the session he landed a squire, hooked and cut away a good size bull shark and got bitten clean off a couple of times. He decided that maybe it would be third time lucky so gave it another go and, sure enough, his slimy mackerel floater on ganged hooks was taken in the mouth by this thumper 14kg Spaniard.
By the way, the latest bar crossing video (as at Friday January 22, 2016) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it, just ... CLICK HERE.
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