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As at Friday January 27, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Holy mackerel! It was another great week for the offshore brigade and a fantastic lead-up to Australia Day and the unofficial 'Long Weekend'. Sunday's blustery 20 knot southerlies were a bit of as turn-off but even then, the relative shelter of Laguna Bay was still an option for those keen to chase a few pelagics. Apart from that, the week was dominated by light to moderate variable easterlies and a 0.5m to 0.75 swell. Not much current either, which was good for the bottom bashers.
The outer reefs were well and truly on the menu this week with The Banks and The Hards producing a nice mixed bag for those who went the distance. Heading the capture list out that way were snapper, venus tusk fish, moses perch, hussar, teraglin jewfish, Maori cod, mahi mahi or dolphin fish, fusiliers, black marlin (on the troll), frying pan snapper and pearl perch. Tim Lloyd from Cooroy (above) boated his quality knobby snapper on Saturday's nine hour Trekka 2 charter to The Hards.
Maori Cod Frying Pan Snapper
While pictured above we have Rob Webb from Hobart with a solid Maori cod and Joseph Papaluca from Melbourne with a frying pan snapper from other T2 charters.
Grass Sweetlip
North Reef was the standout along the middle reef belt, producing gold band snapper, snapper, grass sweetlip, teraglin jewfish, Maori cod, longtail tuna, squire, venus tusk fish and pearl perch. Report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished North Reef on Monday. Wind was 5 to 10 knots from the south east. Light current to the south. We got moses perch, pearlies, trag jew, squire, tuskies and sweetlip. Ben Leeton from Ashburton (above) is pictured with a cracker lipper."
Maori Cod Snapper
And Laura Harper from Barmedman in New South Wales (above) hooked and landed her quality Maori cod there on Wednesday's Wild Thing 2 charter. Report and photo from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish..."We ran a five hour charter to North Reef on Saturday afternoon. We were expecting a blow from the south east so stayed in close where we caught gold band snapper, sweetlip, snapper and pearl perch. Aaron Savage from Brisbane (above) is pictured with the standout knobby."
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
Sunshine Reef again ran hot and cold but those anglers who timed it right reported good catches of sweetlip, squire, pearl perch, mack tuna, longtail tuna, spotted mackerel, Spanish mackerel and gold spot cod. Wade Hillan from Brisbane (above) boated his longtail there on Saturday morning's five hour Cougar One charter.
Spanish Mackerel
And local angler Josh Mills (above) celebrated Australia Day with an early morning troll on Sunshine Reef and was well and truly rewarded when his slimy mackerel troll bait was monstered by this 18.5kg Spaniard. It was about half an hour after the top of the tide and with not much else happening (no bird or surface action) Josh decided to quit while he was ahead and celebrate with a mackerel fillet barbecue. His quality capture won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Spotted Mackerel Cobia
Report and photo from Jason Milne, above left... "Hey Bill. It was a perfect morning at Sunshine Reef. Loads of small mack tuna bust ups around. Warren and I had a few blistering runs on slow trolled slimies and floated pilly rigs but the hooks didn't find their mark... other than a good sized spotty. Then a gold spot cod took a liking to my Spaniard Special while I was drifting. Had to wrestle it back out of its hole to get my lure back. Happy Australia Day from the crew at Viking Kayaks Australia." Laguna Bay was relatively quiet compared to last week although there were still a few cobia, snapper and spotted mackerel on the prowl at Hall's Reef and the odd Spaniard around Jew Shoal. Local lad Oliver Wilson (above right) trolled up this 5kg cobia at Hall's Reef on Sunday afternoon. It went for a Rapala X-Rap hard body.
The latest bar crossing aerial videos and photos (as at Tuesday January 24, 2017) have now been uploaded to the website. To view them... CLICK HERE

COASTAL: What a great place to see out the last of the summer holidays! Perfect conditions on the surf beaches for a swim or a fish with quality whiting in numbers responding well to live beach worms at Peregian Beach and good size dart (going for mullet flesh and live beach worms) from Sunrise Beach up to Sunshine Beach. Tailor were active in the late afternoon at the northern end of Sunshine with metal slug lures and small stick baits working well. The only other reports were from the Noosa North Shore where whiting were biting in the surf gutters about a kilometre north of Teewah township. Tailor to 2.0kg were also on the prowl there after dark.

ESTUARY: The holiday boat traffic may have slowed the fishing down a tad but it was still worth wetting a line, especially as far as the bread and butter species were concerned. The river mouth area was popular with boat and land based anglers with whiting, bream and flathead the main attraction and the odd school of trevally filling in the gaps. Matt from Brisbane (below) caught and released an 84cm flathead on a whole whitebait near the mouth on Friday's Noosa River Fishing Safari.
And Crystal Kelly from Peregian Beach (below left) was fishing the river mouth with her family on Saturday morning when this thumper 37cm whiting engulfed her live yabby bait. The Woods Bays were another option for bream, flathead and whiting but with the bonus of tailor after dark and trevally boiling early in the morning. Cast metal slugs, surface lures and live fish baits worked well on the pelagics. Around the corner from there, mangrove jacks and big eye trevally were on the prowl on the run-out tide at night while upper Weyba Creek saw some good whiting chasing live yabbies and small Sugapen lures. The Lake shallows produced the odd flathead.
Bream and whiting were biting along the Noosaville stretch and the kids were out in numbers, making the most of the easy access to our safe, fishable waterways. From Gina and Luke Masterson... "Hello. We purchased a Clown Fish Abu Garcia rod for our son Ocean Masterson (above) for his 2nd birthday over the weekend. To our great delight Ocean caught his first fish. We used a blood worm as bait. A little small, so we safely returned it to the water. We had much fun and was awesome to see the delight on Ocean's face. The team at Davo's Tackle World were so friendly and set us up with the perfect gear to make this happen. Thought we would share the pics with you. Kind regards, Gina & Luke." As an extra bonus, and to celebrate Ocean's first fish, Peter Wells from Davo's awarded him a free fishing cap.
Mud Crab Chinaman Fish
There seemed to be plenty of action up around Tewantin with bream, javelin fish, chinaman fish and estuary cod around the marina, trevally out from the Council Chambers and bream, flathead and mud crabs around the ski runs. From local mum Samantha Broderick..."Hi Bill. Attached is a photo of Emma Broderick (above left), aged 8, who got up at 4.30am to go crabbing with her Dad up Tewantin way on Friday. Her Dad hadn't been catching any crabs so Emma picked the spots this morning and they ended up with a couple of nice muddies for lunch. Regards, Sam Broderick." While Leila Martin from Sydney (above right) caught and released this chinaman fish (a rather unusual catch for our river system) around Tewantin on Wednesday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole prawn bait.
And on that same charter, Cooper Martin (above) boated this 53cm flathead. It went for a whole whitebait in the latter part of the run-out tide. The only other reports to hand were of some good flathead on the prowl in the boat channel at Lake Cooroibah. Small fish baits, soft plastics and trolled hard body lures worked well there.

FRESHWATER ... Davo's Tackle World.
Lake Borumba is fishing well with quality bass holding mid water around the Arms. Smaller plastics like Chasebaits Curly Tails and Z-Man GrubZ working well with a slow constant retrieve. Saratoga are smashing lures during the early morning with the Strada Dancer T544 lure being a standout option.
Lake Macdonald has great bass caught on the troll around the Bubble Trail on diving minnows. The new Jackson Artist fr80 and the Duo 62dr have been working well.

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